Friday, December 28, 2007

Just another day in the office...

I have so many stories, I don’t even know where to begin. But I guess I can start with an ordinary day. This is what I call a typical Thursday afternoon…

My three o’clock walks in. It’s "Tony" from Philly. He’s been here before, but I wouldn’t call him a regular. He has business up here in Easton, so he stops in once in a while. I booked him for a thirty minute session, then showed him to my room. I told him to get comfortable then left him alone so I could finish booking him in. We don’t keep track of names or anything (for obvious reasons), but Audrey (my boss) insists on keeping strict records of every customer and their time.

3:00 phone-in. 30 minutes.

Since there’s no one else here, I locked the front door and put up the “Back in … minutes” sign on the door. I quickly washed my hands and then went into session. Tony was lying naked on his stomach on the table. Since I hadn’t seen him recently I went over all the options: topless for $70, g-string for $90 and nude for $140. He took the g-string and then fumbled in his pants lying on the floor for the money. I took the cash without counting it (I never count the money in front of the customer) and put it on the shelf next to the aromatherapy candle.

I told him to relax and then asked if he wanted hot oil or baby powder. Most guys prefer oil. Now you can tell the guys with wives or girlfriends at home because they don’t want anything that smells, or is hard to clean up. That’s why we rarely bother with scented massage oils, unless a customer asks for it or brings it in themselves. Single guys don’t care what you use. Tony asks for oil. Now truckers won’t use oil unless you have a shower on site. It’s usually the first thing they ask about when they call the business for the first time.

Now Tony is kind of a boring guy and doesn’t say much, just the occasional “oooooo” or “ouch” when I crack something in his back. Since this is my last customer of the day before Trina (my cute but lazy co-worker) gets here, I rush the massage part a bit and after a few minutes of deep tissue tell him to roll over onto his back. I don’t feel too guilty about rushing it since he’s not talking anyway. Some guys just love to chat and will keep going on and on about their day, their family, their boss, their girlfriend, their job – whatever’s bugging them. But this guy was just lying there so that usually means they just want you to get to the Release.

Since he’s not a regular I feel obligated to give him the speech – “If there’s any part of your body that you would like massaged at this time, please indicate so by placing my hand there.” He takes my right hand and guides it to his semi-erect dick. I give it a quick squeeze and smile (they love that) then I grab the baby oil which has been warming up in the crock pot and lube up my hands. You never apply it directly to their cock. I learned that the hard way.

Now let me explain something at this point – I AM NOT FULL SERVICE. I don’t fuck guys. I don’t suck cock. I don’t let guys finger me. I don’t let anyone go down on me. I don’t even keep condoms in my room. I am also not a stripper! I don’t dance. I don’t do a striptease. I won’t even pose for a client. I am a licensed massage therapist certified by the State of Pennsylvania. I give therapeutic massages with the option of a hand release. So I do it naked – so what? If some guy wants to see my landing strip for $140, why not? But if he wants anything other than a hand job, he knows he can go to any of the other girls here.

I work the oil gently over his shaft while he stretches out flat on the table. I steal a glance at the clock… Damn, it’s only 3:30 – where the Hell’s Trina? Tony finally starts to become hard and I start working his cock with my right hand while massaging his thigh with my left. I realize I’m out of sandwich bread, so I need to hit the store before I go home. I was going to make sloppy joes for dinner, but that will depend on whether my boyfriend Mike is coming over tonight or not.

Tony’s breath finally starts to quicken. I move my left hand from his thigh and start to stroke his balls. He sighs loud and tenses a little bit on the table. Now when was the last time Mike actually cooked for me? We’ve been dating now for 4 months and it seems like ages since he last did anything romantic like that. I hope he’s bringing a movie. I better call him when I’m done here so I don’t have to make a stop at the movie store too. Anything but another kung fu flick.

“Ooooh baby yeah…” I finally hear. Almost forgot you were there Tony! I start working his shaft a little faster. “I like that… faster…” I add a little more speed and throw in an obligatory “You are soooo hard… you gonna come for me?” Some guys like it when you talk, some don’t. Some like to talk dirty, some want you to instead. I can usually read them and Tony is a bit too uptight for anything beyond the typical. I look at the clock again, but then I finally hear a noise outside – Trina is here. About time bitch. Hope you have that twenty you owe me. Not that I’m really mad at her or anything, it’s just that after borrowing $20 for gas, bumming cigarettes off me all day, and those drinks I spotted her on Saturday I get kinda sensitive about the money thing. She also promised me stories of her date last night. I hope she got laid because she needs it to calm the fuck down.

I’m really working Tony’s shaft now. I can always tell when a guy is about to cum – the cock gets really hard at the last second so you need to be paying attention. I can hear Tony breathing heavy, but it’s steady which is not what you want at this point. I can’t wait to ask Trina about last night, so I play my ace… “You wanna grab my ass?”

That worked. He quickly moves his left hand off the table and grabs my right butt cheek. He squeezes it a couple of time before I hear that louder moan, “Yeah that’s it… harder now… harder… that’s it…” I can tell with my right hand that it’s time, so I slow down and ease off so he doesn’t shoot his eye out. He stays pretty quiet as he shoots a couple of small streams of cum onto his belly. I continue to work his dick gently now as his breathing slows. Other girls usually walk away at this point and toss a towel at their client, but not me. I keep going for that extra minute, gently massaging them while their dick shrinks. THAT is one of my secrets for repeat customers. That and always cleaning them up afterwards. Guys seem to really appreciate that part.

I dab a fresh towel in the crock pots hot water, then towel Tony off. He seems a bit winded, but not surprising for a guy his age. He mutters a “Thank you” then slowly sits up. I wipe my hands off then start to put my clothes back on. Oddly enough, the guys don’t like to dress in front of you, so I always make a quick exit at this point and tell them I’ll see them outside. I close the door behind me and take a quick look around in case Trina is booking another customer. Rule #1: Customers should never see other customers - it’s just awkward. I don’t see her so I quickly run to the back room to say hi before I show Tony out.

And that’s just another day in the office. Any questions?


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ever wonder what REALLY goes on in a massage parlor?

Welcome to my blog! My name is CJ, and I'm an Erotic Massage Therapist. Now if you don't know what that is - I work in a massage parlor. Ever drive by one of those places with a red neon sign that says "SPA" and wonder what goes on behind those blackened windows? Well I'm gonna tell ya!

Stop by later and I'll start sharing some of my stories.