Thursday, October 30, 2008

The "Extras"

You're not gonna believe this one... I was working with Rose the other night - just chilling in the back office watching some gory documentary about the Detroit ER room on the Discovery Channel - when I hear the pitter-patter of naked feet coming down the hall.

There was Rose, wrapped only in a towel. I know she's a newbie, but now what?

"Uh CJ... I got a really weird question for you."

I sent Rose into session about a half hour ago with a Regular I trust, so she must have been almost finished. She's obviously not upset, so I assume nothing is wrong. So by a "weird" question for me, I guess she means she just got a weird question herself. "What's wrong Rose?" I ask in a why are you interrupting my favorite show tone of voice.

"That guy you gave me... Well, he asked me to do something really weird, and I wasn't sure if it was allowed or not." She looked down at her feet. "I mean, normally I would have just said 'no' but he offered me like A LOT of cash to do it." Now she looked up at me all embarrased. "I just wanted to see what you'd do" she asked hopefully.

Wow. A moral dilemma that she actually wants my help with? I feel so wise all of a sudden. I'm wondering what it is since she's already performed a few "extras" including a Double and nipple play. "What... Did Ronnie ask you to blow him? He knows the rules, so if he did I'll throw his ass out right now." I was serious! I don't need this shit - at least not on my shift.

"No, it was nothing like that. We were like right at the ending when I asked him to relax and close his eyes just like you told me to do. That's when he asks if I'd mind doing a 'thigh release.' I was like 'What is that?' and he was like 'Get on all fours and I slide it in between your legs.' And I was like 'uhhhhhh... I don't think so!' And he was like 'I'll pay you $200.' And that was when I decided to come ask you."

Talking to Rose is like pulling teeth. I hope I captured some of that here. Anyway, I told her it was fine if she's comfortable with it, and no - it's not sex if he slides it in between her thighs. Actually I was feeling a bit put off since Good Old Ronnie hasn't asked me for a thigh release in ages.

When they were done, I sat Rose down and explained the "birds and bees" of the extras. Girls wandering the hallways in towels to ask me questions isn't good for business. So here is a beginners guide to "Extras" or the variations to the happy ending. And remember - anything above and beyond the hand release costs ya extra.

Breast Release
Basically titty fucking. My technique involves the guy lubing up his own dick while he sits on the edge of the table. Then I lean over him while cupping The Girls with my hands. Since my hands are dry, I can control them better while I work them up and down over his shaft. A variation of this involves me lying on my back, or in a chair, while the guy stands or leans over me. In this position, he does all the work. I prefer the one where he lies down since I won't end up with a load of semen in my hair.

Butt Release
Here the guy's dick is rubbed in between the ass cheeks. I've also heard this called an 'Italian' I think. Anyway, the first time I was asked about this, I was a tender young newbie. Hell, I thought he wanted anal until he explained it to me. My very first reaction to this concept was "Ewwwwwwwwww... won't you get shit all over it?" The wad of cash he showed me convinced me it was quite sanitary and perfectly normal. The guy usually finishes on the ass or back.

Thigh Release
While bent over and legs together, the guy humps in between the thighs from behind. A variation I'll do is me on my back while he lies on top and pretends like we're fucking. Needless to say, the 2nd variation I will only do with guys I'm really comfortable with. Good breath helps too. In this position, he'll usually finish on my stomach or breasts.

Dog Humper
The guy basically dry humps the lower leg. Also called 'leg humping.' Usually ends with the guy finishing on your calf or foot. Another variation is the guy humping the back of the thigh. Guys especially like this when you have a nice muscular back where you can see the dimples on either side of the coccyx (yes, I'm rather proud of my backside). In this case the guy almost always insists on finishing on my back.

Foot Release
Self explanatory. Stick it in between the feet and hump away. I get a LOT of these. I normally charge an extra $80 just for the release, or $120 if they want to finish on my feet. Some guys will bring in pantyhose or thigh highs for me to wear (or in some cases, to tie around their pricks). Lingerie MUST be new with the tags, and I charge an extra $100 for wearing outfits.

Probably the weirdest one of these I got was a guy who brought pantyhose - but not for me to wear. He stuck them in his mouth while we did a standard foot release. When he finally came, I thought he was going to choke to death! And in case you were wondering, I didn't charge him extra for bringing lingerie.

Prostate Massage
In this extreme technique, you stick a finger up the guys ass and massage his prostate while jerking him off. I DO NOT DO THIS NOR WILL I EVER. But girls I've known who provide this can make mucho $$$. They wear rubber gloves and lube their finger up really good. Personally, that's just something I can do without.

However, when a customer brings in other assorted devices or paraphenilia to simulate my finger - then we'll talk! LOL Heck - I can do a whole talk just on strap-ons alone!

Hope this clears a few things up with you guys. Any questions?



Anonymous said...

Seems like the ass and thigh release have the risk of the guy "slipping" in to a more... traditional mode of sex. What prevents this? Are you wearing underwear?

AR said...

you're hot CJ!!

Anonymous said...

hey cj..thanks for writing this awesome blog..quick questions...

you can always wash your hands after a hj...but how do you clean yourself after the other techniques youve explained? do you have a shower there?? also i can understand a regular maybe ..but most of these guys arent coming there because single women are beating down their doors...what about hygiene and disease or open sores like herpes or crabs??..ewww..i shudder at the thought..even without penetration just the thought of those possiblities are gross..please be careful but im sure you are as much as you possibly can

cj said...


Believe me - I can tell where he is and if he's getting too close for comfort. As for underwear, that depends on whether I'm doing a nude option or not.


We have a shower in each room. Now there's always a danger of someone coming in with some kind of disease. I just use common sense. First, if a guy looks unclean - I won't even take him as a customer (even if it looks like he just has a cold). Second, all bodily fluids are quickly wiped up with a towel, which is then sent to a cleaning service. My hands get washed and sterilized after every customer. Plus, I'll shower if I've gotten cum on anything other than my hands.


cj said...




Anonymous said...

What is a double or nipple release?
Do you post or can you post a price listing? Do you mind facials? Some girls I know like them for the view, some are so what and others were no way. Does doing these "extras" impact your private or personal life or what you do with me, or is it completely separate and wild woman or easy going?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. It's interesting to see how other segments of the sex industry work.

Greg Voltaire said...

Well, I think the question would be obvious. You ended with the sentence "I can do a whole talk just on strap-ons alone!"

Would you mind? It seems like it would be an interesting story to hear about the first time a guy asked you to shove something up his butt.

Anonymous said...

It confuses me a bit where the massage thing ends and sex part begins. What if someone comes in and just asks for a tit-fuck? Will he get it, or would he have to go through the regular procedures? Or what about a handjob? I seem to recall that a guy once payed you to watch him jerk off, or something like that.

cj said...

Hey guys,

To answer some of your questions, a Double is when the customer wants a hand release at the beginning and end of the session. Nipple play is when they want to play with or suck on the nipples. We normally allow touch of the breasts "within reason" which is supposed to be just gentle rubbing and squeezing. Anything beyond that we may charge extra.

I don't want to do a whole price list thing here, but you can read through some of the older posts to see what I've charged for things in the past.

As for facials and other extras, I don't really mind them or I wouldn't do them. And what I do in the room really has no impact on what I do in my personal life.

As for the massage/happy ending transition... Remember that we are a "massage parlor." You're supposed to get a massage with your tip - after which we grant you a hand release. Now I've had guys come in and want to jump straight to the end - well, it's their time so that's OK with me. But if a guy wants to do something else instead of a massage (i.e. role playing, etc.) then the session becomes something else and I'll charge accordingly.

One of my quickest sessions involved a guy who just wanted to see me take my shirt off while he jerked himself off. It was the most money I've ever made in 5 minutes!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for explaining.

I can see the benefit of a double if you've saved up a few days for a big load.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one of my favorites. Simulated female superior [cow girl]. Where the nude masseuse straddles the client, sitting on him above the pubic mound so that his penis is near the crack of her ass. Then placing her hands behind her simulates vaginal intercourse. The view for man looks just like real sex, but since the penis is cupped in her hands it is no more risky than a regular hand-job. In fact, women who are really good at it can make the cupped hands feel just like a pussy. Even contracting palm muscles so it feels like contracting kegal muscles.

The only place I've experienced this down really well has been in Russian massage parlors. A provider in a place in Totowa, NJ was particularly good at it.

Dr Zibbs said...

Haha. Classic

Anonymous said...

> My very first reaction to this
> concept was "Ewwwwwwwwww...
> won't you get shit all over it?"

From a butt release?

Don't you wipe after going to the bathroom?

Anonymous said...

> someone coming in with some kind
> of disease. I just use common
> sense. First, if a guy looks
> unclean

"Looking unclean" is *NOT* a test for any kind of STD. You can be totally "clean looking" and still have 12 STDs.

You can be "unclean looking" (whatever that means) and never had any STDs in your lifetime.

"Looking at someone" isn't an STD test.

Anonymous said...

Besides the foot release, do a lot of guys simply want to lick your feet? How do the girls normally respond to those requests?

MelissaBlade said...

I wish all guys knew about the options before they come in.

I like the part about touching breasts "within reason." I allow the same but some guys want to grab and pull from the second they get in until they come. That is my definition of NOT within reason.

Anonymous said...

What you call "Thigh Release" is called "sumata" in Japan and is a mainstream activity there in the sex work business. While prostitution is illegal in Japan, it is defined very narrowly as vaginal intercourse so sumata is a legal activity there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you get what you pay for! You work in a pathetic lower middle class suburb of NYC! Can't wait til you become my cleaning lady in a couple years! Face it, you mention servicing truckers, it doesn't get much lower... Like a worn out tire....HAHA. Fat-ass.

Anonymous said...

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