Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Early Bird Special

Now that I'm not spending most of my free time at Derek's place, I have no excuse not to write stuff for the blog. In fact, I think I've gotten over my slump and I find it fun to talk about things at work again. So first, a quick update about The Business.

Numbers are up as we enter the 2nd quarter of 2012. Around here, that's just a fancy way of saying we must be busy because my arms are tired. According to Maude, our session numbers are up, but session times are down compared to last year. This basically means that more guys have disposable income, but they're not paying for extras and options.

I'm not complaining since we're seeing the return of some Regulars who had to give up our services a couple years ago in exchange for food, rent and gasoline. And with the extra customers, Audrey is bugging me to hire someone permanently. She still doesn't know that Cindy has been moonlighting for me, but even that hasn't been enough to cover the extra work.

Let me put it to you this way, if you walk into a massage parlor and you see the waiting room actually being used by another customer - then business is booming. One of the cardinal rules of any parlor is Never Let The Customers See Each Other. I guess for some guys it's embarassing enough that they have to use our services, so letting other guys know they're using our services even though those guys are also using our services is just a no-no. So our front area is set up so we can sit at the most 2 customers without them facing each other.

Trina and I have been alternating shifts during weekdays and then working together on Friday and Saturday nights. Cindy has been providing us with relief on night shifts to avoid Maude. But where we could really use help now is Wednesday and Thursday day shift. This is when we get most of our "mature" clientele.

In fact, we get so many seniors on those days that I'm thinking of running an Early-Bird Special. I am not kidding. When the older gentlemen get their social security checks, they all want 60 minute sessions. Not that it's a bad thing. It's just that some of these guys just want to keep talking and talking and talking. Before I know it, a 1 hour session keeps me unavailable for 2 hours.

They talk before the session. They chat during the session. They gossip after the session. And when it's just me on a Thursday morning, it's not unusual to finish an appointment and find 2 more customers waiting, while a 3rd is chatting up Maude! Speaking of which - Maude is great with the old timers. She's old enough to relate to them, but young enough to still be addressed as "Young Lady."

Now don't get me wrong - I love these guys. Some of my older customers have been Regulars since my first employer. Not THAT'S loyalty. And they can be the sweetest guys on the planet. I just don't need all of them to show up on the same day right before lunch.

It doesn't help either that they usually require longer happy endings. So by the time I get one out the door, I barely get any time to rest and freshen up before Maude is stuffing the next guy in my room. And to make things worse (and I am not making this up) old guys on average have the biggest penises. I don't know what it is - I can only guess they keep growing with age. But the biggest ones I've ever had to work with were attached to really old men who were in no condition to use them properly.

Maybe this is just proof that God has a sense of humor.

Anyway, this is why I'm seriously considering a "Senior Special" on Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe offer 30 minute sessions at half price. In the room we could bring back the "fully clothed" or even "bra" option so I can get ready for the next guy in a fraction of the time. Washing my hands and throwing a shirt back on is soooooo much quicker than having to rinse off in the shower, dry off, and completely dress up again. I'd do the fully clothed session for $40 and the bra option for $60. Touch within reason would be an extra $20. I swear that most of the older guys don't even notice that I'm naked, so why bother paying for it, right?

I can start offering the cheaper clothing options now, but I'll need Audrey's approval for a reduced door fee. I know she's gonna bitch about it, but we'll see. In the meanwhile, let me go find my bottle of White Diamonds and catch up on the news so I know what everyone is complaining about.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trina is a dirty fucking whore

And I thank her for getting me out of my depression...

Sorry if it's taken me a while to get back to my old self. But that's the problem with just blabbing about whatever happens around here - either it's interesting or it's not. And for a while there I really had nothing to say.

I've said it a dozen times before - I'm really no good at making anything up. So if I have nothing to say about work, then I have nothing to write about either. Then by the looks of the comments, you guys get bored and restless. But as they say... shit flows downhill.

So to all you guys out there that are bored of me bitching about my own personal heartache - go fuck yourself.

And with that said, let's poke more fun at Trina! She laughed when she read what I said about her the other day. In fact, she thought I was being kind for not going into the gory details. Too bad I'm not feeling kind today...

It really was a total revelation to me that Trina touches herself FOR REAL at work, let alone actually gest off on it! And yes, I do realize I confessed a long time ago that I ONCE (and only once) got off during a session. But that was unintentional and even surprised the shit out of me.

And for those of you who are too lazy to try to dig up that old story, I was once doing a session where the customer basically wanted to do a dry hump. Not an unusual request, and I do offer it as an extra to guys I'm pretty sure aren't serial rapists (boy do I have high standards!). In this case, I was doing a "cowgirl" where he lies down while I ride him. Anyway, we had established a very soothing rhythm where my clit was just barely being stimulated by the grinding motion - certainly not enough to bring me to orgasm if it were actual sex.

I really wasn't worried since it wasn't a hard grind. But what I should have been worried about was his voice. He started off with the "sexy" talk... "Hey girly... You're so hot... you like that..." etc. But then he switched over to a more romantic talk, and THAT is what got me. "You're soooo beautiful... I just want to make you happy... I want to look at you..." Well before I knew it, my legs started to tremble and what I thought was a stomach cramp started to move waaaaaaaaay down south. Before I knew it, I was actually cumming on top of my customer.

When I finally realized what was happening, I literally jumped up off the table - leaving my guy in mid hump. I was so self conscious about what was happening to me that I just grabbed my clothes off the floor and ran out of the room - completely naked. I'm so bad that I don't even let my boyfriends look at me when I'm cumming. I'm that kind of girl that grabs the guys head and pulls it to her, or I'll pull a pillow over my face, ANYTHING to hide my expression.

But apparently Trina is the complete opposite. She told me that not only does she not mind showing off her O-Face, but she doesn't really care what the guy is doing, saying, thinking, whatever at that moment. So I asked her exactly what goes down during one of her sessions when they request the Takin'-Care'-O-Business option.

I mean I know what I do. I'll sort of rub my fingers across my lips, but not really directly on my clit. I'll then curl up a finger or 2 and pretend to stick them inside my pussy. Seems to make most guys happy. And toys - forget it.

Trina said bring it on. Not only does she REALLY rub her clit, she will also finger herself (for an extra tip), and even use toys (for a really big tip). If you just want the basic masterbation show, she'll charge an extra $50 or so and she'll really bring herself to orgasm while the customer watches. She said the best part about it is that the guy usually takes care of his own happy ending, and it makes the session more enjoyable for herself.

Now what about the toys you ask? She said for an extra $100 or so, she'll use a toy as long as it's new in an unopened box. I asked her exactly how a toy session works and Trina likes them better than a standard session because the massage goes out the window. She doesn't let the customer use the toy on her, except for a few special guys that she's really comfortable with. Then she'll spend the time fucking herself with the dildo while the guy watches and jerks himself off. I had to know if she can get off doing it with a toy, and she said usually not - unless it has a vibrating component that works the clit like a rabbit or something.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Trina is like a sister to me. If I had a dirty, slutty sister.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Trina Enigma

There are things I talk too much about and things I don't talk enough about. And one of those things is Trina.

Trina is like wallpaper. She's just there. That's one of the things I love about her. She just shows up, does her job and goes home. No drama. No complaining. No craziness. Makes for a great coworker and a great best friend. And that's probably the reason why I never really talk about her. Everything that happens to her happens to me. My stories are her stories.

Or so I thought.

We were still close when I left The Business. But I was gone for so long that I kinda lost track of what she was up to at work. For a long time there she was The Business. It turns out that Audrey brought a couple of new girls in every now and then, but for the most part Trina held everything together while I was gone.

In the past, Audrey was always the busiest girl with roughly half the appointments. Then there was me, and finally Trina. She has her Regulars, but where she made her money was with the walk-ins. I guess you could say that where she lacks in Regulars, she makes up with in newbies.

When The Business was in full swing a couple of years ago and we worked with Audrey, Cindy and others, each of us had our own little thing going.

For example, Audrey considered herself the resident "Rocker Chick." She wore a little too much makeup, and kept her clothes a little too tight. And that hair style was just a tad bit too big for her head. I personally thought of her as the "Slutty Grandmother." Hey - some guys are into that. And from what I heard from the customers, she actually looked kinda hot with a cock in her mouth.

Cindy with her tattoos, funky hair and sleazy clothes was a "Dirty Girl." And after the implants, she became the "Stripper Girl." Not that she danced - but between the fake boobs, massage skills, and low sense of morals she became a triple threat.

Then there's yours truly. I've always considered myself the "Hot Chick" at work. Turns out I was only partially right. Based on what a lot of customers told me, I was known as the "Hot Chick I Used To Know In High School But Would Never Ever Give Me The Time Of Day But Oh How The Tables Have Turned" Girl.

Now Trina is the perfect example of the "Girl Next Door." She doesn't have the tattoo's of Cindy, Audrey's sluttiness, or even my rack. But she is really really pretty. And the customers tell me that what makes her so appealing is that she's "get-able." At least that's the word I've heard used. So I guess what I'm saying is that Trina is like the girl that didn't get away. I've always said that what guys want is a girl that looks like a slightly hotter version of their current or ex girlfriend/wife.

And she likes to masterbate in front of the customers.

Oooops. Did I say that? It's OK - Trina said I could talk about it. She confessed this to me just recently - that she does a little self gratification show for her "special" customers. All this time and I had no idea. Not that a girl touching herself in session is a surprise - in fact I offer that as an extra myself. Except that I don't do it for real.

Now here's the shocking part. Trina says she does it FOR REAL. At least for real most of the time. She admitted that one of her biggest perks at work is getting paid to jerk herself off. I guess most jobs don't include that. Personally I don't think I could actually bring myself to have an orgasm at work, but Trina says she does it all the time.

And why not she argues. She gets off. He gets off. Everyone wins.

I guess. The idea just kinda creeps me out. I just don't think I could ever get that relaxed at work. Especially in front of a guy I barely know. For me an orgasm is not something I can just whip up in 2 minutes. I think I admitted this before, but one of my little quirks is that I simply cannot show my "O-face" to anyone. Even the guy I'm fucking! And now I hear that my BFF does it for tips!

Oh well. Learn something new every day. There were even a couple of Trina stories that I was kinda shocked to hear, but I'll share those later. I'm just glad I'm able to actually talk about something other than the obvious.