Friday, June 6, 2008

Boycott Asian Massage Parlors!

I was bitching with Audrey last week about how hard it is to find a decent person to hire. Then it dawned on us how in all the years we’ve been working in the Business that we’ve never worked with anyone who came from an Asian massage parlor. EVER.

Now that doesn’t mean we’ve never worked with Asian girls before, but with 4 Asian places within 15 miles of here you would think that eventually you’d bump into someone who worked there. I mean it's not like we have national conventions or anything, but fact of the matter is that the girls that work in those places NEVER leave. And when I say NEVER leave, I mean they usually live inside the Business. The 4 Asian places near here are all houses with the windows blackened out.

One of the comments I got the other day from the boys was about how he doesn’t visit Asian places any more since they’ve been associated with human trafficking. That got me thinking about the conversation Audrey and I had. I’ve never met one of their girls, but I have spoken to lots of customers over the years about what goes on in those places (plus I saw a special on TV about it).

Apparently someone with connections to organized crime will scope out a neighborhood in the suburbs and find an inconspicuous place to set up shop. Then his crime buddies will bring in girls from China or the Philippines or wherever – either legally or illegally – to staff the place. A house mom sets the prices for all the options, so there’s very little room to negotiate. She also handles all the money, and what from what I understand the actual girls don’t see any of it. I guess they’re told (or threatened) that they work for their citizenship which never comes. Eventually the girls either get rotated out to other parlors, or end up back on boats to China (or worse). And that’s why we NEVER see them working at the regular places.

I don’t know how it is in the city, or anywhere around the country for that matter, but that’s what I’ve seen here. So if you guys wanna start a nationwide boycott of the Asian massage parlors in the name of political correctness – you have my support!

One of the weird things about working in the so-called sex industry is that there are basically 2 fundamentally opposite reasons for working in it. The first reason some of us are here is because it’s the EASIEST way to make lots of money. Let me tell ya... when you find something that gets you mad money - no matter what it is - it’s hard to walk away. Why should I pump gas for $50 a day after taxes when I can bring home $500 a day in cash?

The second reason some of us are here is because it is the ONLY way we can make any money. No training or experience necessary. There’s a reason why they’re called Crack Ho’s and not Crack Accountants. And if the only thing between sleeping in the alley and sleeping in a motel room is blowing some trucker - that blowjob ain't looking so bad after all.

Now the transition from the 1st reason to the 2nd is real obvious. You know you’ve done it when 2 things happen. First, you realize that you just did something out of total desperation that you would never have done before. And second, you did that desperate thing not for a luxury of any kind, but just to feed yourself or pay the rent. I don’t know how many friends I’ve seen go that way over the years, and I don’t like to think about it.

Luckily I’m still firmly rooted in Reason #1. When it comes my turn to work for reason #2, I think I’ll start pumping gas. At least I'd like to think that.



Anonymous said...

You just confirmed what I've always thought and, yes, AMPs creep me out too. I get the impression that the "employees" of the local AMPs in my town (New Orleans) are owned essentially as slaves and rotated between severals AMPs in the Gulf south.

jz said...

thanks, cj. Re: AMPs; are you a behavioral economist? Clever.

Your comment re: working for the $, and not because you have no other choice would have been more convincing if you had described your Plan B.

jope said...

Hi, im currently in Pottsville and was wondering if you´re services would be available. Don´t know exactly were you residing but let me know.

/ Jonas

cj said...

Sorry Jonas, but the idea of actually meeting customers through this blog thing kinda freaks me out. Know what I mean? No offense.

I like to look at my computer as a sort of diary that talks back to me. Putting actual faces and people to their blogger names would kinda ruin that illusion.

Anyway - that shouldn't prevent you from trying the Businesses in this area! Who knows - you may get lucky! LOL


jope said...

Hi again, I understand completely but could you give me a tips how I can get some good service of that business of yours somewhere in my area thats Pottsville-Frackville.

/ J

cj said...


Where you're talking there's like 6 Businesses which I can't name for obvious reasons. Anyway, read my earlier blog on how to find a parlor. The weekly entertainment rag is the best place to start. Then try to avoid the Asian places since I'm now becoming politically correct in my old age.

Call them up and first ask what kind of massage they offer. If they say "relaxing" then ask where tipping starts. You can probably get that much info out of them over then phone. Then head on over and be totally cool with whoever you get because it's all about attitude. The nicer you are, the nicer your masseuse will be. And DON'T DON'T DON'T assume they are full service. Always wait till you're in the room to ask. I guarantee, you follow these tips, you'll have fun.


Anonymous said...

I just found that my boyfriend/best friend for more than 12 tears has been going to asian parlors for the past year without me knowing. To be honest, I've never heard of "happy endings" etc until yesterday when he came home smelling of strange musky perfume and oddly had to take a shower at 3pm in the after noon after he got "a massage" for his "back pain"> I'm not an idiot, I've just been sheltered from a lot of reality. My mother was a feminist. I should be mad at him for engaging sexually with another stranger. We've always had a monogamous relationship and also we are each others firsts (I know maybe both cute and pathetic). Anyways, I'm not mad or angry or anything like that. I just feel really sad that he seems to have a disconnect from the real lives of the women who he is paying to service him. He doesn't care if these women/girls are able to have equal opportunities, education, health, stability etc. I'm having a really hard time wrapping my head around that particular aspect. I'm trying not to make him feel badly but I feel weirded out. I'm curious to know what your thoughts, being that you are someone in this industry. Thanks :)

cj said...

Put it this way... I would NEVER approve of my boyfriend getting an erotic massage. And I do it for a living!

Listen, how you define cheating is up to you, but I define handjobs as cheating. So every married guy who comes in here, I consider a cheater. But the added problem of the Asian place is that the girls are probably there against their will, and the money he spent is going to organized crime - NOT the girls pocket.

Also, you don't know what else he did in this place. If it was full service, then there's a good chance he got more than a handjob. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

I can be such a "nerd" but seriously, god bless you!

Right now I'm still feeling pretty shitty and unable to bring myself to talk to anyone I know about it.

We live in nyc and he said it was done by middle aged asian woman wearing everyday leggings and lounge shirt. He said they were not attractive and that he got showered down, put into a dark room and that it was "all very clinical" and he only goes when things are super stressful at home. He's probably bs'ing me isnt he?!

Obviously I feel like the intimacy thing is my fault but I just cant get over his lack of conscience and why the _ _ _ _ I have been with him for all these years. Especially know knowing a lot more about this other side of the asian parlors (after reading your post I looked more up). I have never y life felt so sick and my and empty stomach. I'm sorry to all of these women and girls for shitholes like my boyfriend/most likely ex who are keeping this going.

sorry for the downpour :/

Anonymous said...

Anon. I am one of those guys. I am married. And I'll tell you this straight up:

If your guy had what he was looking for at home there is no reason whatsoever he would go and pay for it.

The question is- can you deliver? For example:

1. Maybe you are overweight? You can fix that - lose 20 lbs.
2. Maybe you are a lazy lover? You can fix that - start moving your ass in bed. Give him anal every once in a while. Learn how to ignore your gag reflex. Extra points: bring a girlfriend home once in a while. Trust me, your husband will worship you.
3. Maybe you are too old for him? You're screwed on this one. Can't go back in time.
4. Maybe he is gay? You're screwed here too.
5. Maybe he is just an asshole? Then just dump him.

Bottom line - talk to him. Tell him to be brutally honest and tell you what lack makes him do this. If you can and WANT to fix it, try. If you can't or don't want him anymore - dump his ass. But don't sit there like a victim and let both of your lives pass by.

BTW, I am not putting this all on you at all. But if you think that it is all him - you are probably wrong as well. Every infidelity has 2 sides.

Marius said...

hey anon im in nyc aswell..
and asian massage parlors here are everywhere esecially in the asian town of queens ...i recently found one in my neighborhood but had no happy ending... or was offered one
but they did give me a card with like a stamp on it meaning .. if i get 10 massages there i would get a "free one" now... is that code for happy ending? hmmm... but the setup to the place is a basement converted to a spa type asian doors and stuff works.. w/ ambient chinese music in the background..a almost to none speaking asian masseuse who only said "mister mister ..massage yea yea"? o and a metal door in the front to buzz you in.. im not sure if the desk woman gets all the money but i made sure the masseuse got her tip!
thanx cj Great Blog!

SOoo anon up above im not sure but maybe there are some legit asian parlors in this city ??? well i plan to go a second time to see if its legit or not..

Anonymous said...

Ugh, where do I start? So much misinformation and ignorance here it smacks of racism, not simply feminism and PC BS.
On a massage blog, it's a real letdown.

There's so much to say about Asia, asian women, massage parlors, customers and their SOs... but I don't want to hijack this so I'll be as brief as possible.

1. Out of all ethnicities, and immigrants here, Asians are likely among the most secretive. They don't do anything alone and stick together. That generates a lot of speculation, most of it wrong of course, but helps explain why a white girl can "never" mix with the AMP gals. They won't apply to work at your parlor and would reject you. Nothing to do with slavery, or the mob, or... the Tooth Fairy, and everything to do with 1st generation girls intimidated by non-Asians (and some racism on their part too - hey, they're uneducated, what's your excuse?). Some clubs and parlors don't admit non-Asian CUSTOMERS (try parlors in Japan). They find Westerners loud and rude. They say that our women look like cows. I'm sorry to say that I mostly sympathize with their point of view.

The ONLY other ethnicity I have seen Asian masseuses associate with is Hispanics. Many Korean AMPs have Latinas on the staff. I think that they can share some of the same ethics and code of silence.

2. Some AMPs ARE run by traffickers - usually Koreans. The (illegal) girls keep being moved from one location to the next or even town to town, while the (front) businesses open and close every few months. And some girls do live on the premises. Yes, they are illegal, were often doing the same thing in their country, and are paying off a debt. This is a temporary situation for them, unlike some latinos that I see waste away in REAL slave jobs such as bussing or gardening for their whole lives. Do you boycott Mexican restaurants because of possible mafia ties or illegal labor concerns?
Most Asians are resourceful, organized, and ambitious so don't feel to high-minded and sorry for them. I have seen very young masseuses shop on Rodeo Drive with their handfuls of cash. I have seen them dropped off by their BMW and Lexus-driving boyfriends at the AMP.

I must say I never went back to a place I thought was run my traffickers. But they are NOT the majority that the media want you to think. Human-trafficking is a windmill. Politicians are after image-boosts, and governments after the millions in unpaid taxes, period. Aren't there "victims"? I'm sure. Just as everywhere else in our society. Haven't met one in a parlor yet, I think. Do slaves own homes and nice condos?


Anonymous said...

3. Not ALL AMPs provide the same service! Some are full-service (whorehouses), others hand-job factories, and others yet LEGIT, so please don't generalize: the "good girls" don't appreciate being lumped together with the whores.
There IS a degree of crossover and I know that makes a lot of (rookie) customers confused and frustrated. And outsiders are left to make up what they THINK goes on inside.

4. That business about crank-calling AMPs and making fun of their accents is juvenile at best, I'm sorry.
Many customers, to address our local feminist's concerns, ARE racist and chauvinistic jerks who either can't get laid in the real world or have a SO who wears the pants (so frequent in the West).
But being an AMP regular doesn't mean you're scum. It may mean you're sick of feminists, though.

5. Background? I have gone to DOZENS of AMPs. I befriended girls and "dated" others. I have nothing but respect for them and the owners. What they do is not easy! Especially when the posts here confirm all the prejudice against and misundertanding of Asia in the West at large.

Yes, I did get therapy in every sense of the world from them: from Thai massage (=yoga) to fantastic foot rubs and backwalks. Of course, I also did get more "happy endings" and GFEs ("girlfriend experiences") from those exploited and heavily-accented pros than from ANY of the snickering AMATEURS out there.

Let me address that other bit about the slave owner who forces poor women to prostitute themselves against their will... Many owners are former providers themselves who saved enough money to open their own parlor. It is NOT for nothing that the girls call them "sister" or "mother". It's very much a woman's world.
I know that people like to think otherwise, but most Asian men, if involved at all, are only investors in the business (some legit doctors illegally "rent" their business license).


Anonymous said...

6. That question of choice is a good one. Who has a choice? Find me two philosophers who agree on this. We're all slaves and victims, mostly of ourselves.
These girls do make a choice to deal with traffickers in order to get to America and earn a better life here. Yes, they could keep breaking their back covered in leeches in a rice paddy and for peanuts. But beware of stereotypes: I met one who had studied in France. The money's good and we can all fall on hard times.

7. If your boyfriend/husband has discovered parlors, especially AMPs (they are omnipresent, easy, cheap, and a limitless supply of girls easier than you)... You're done. Once a monger, always a monger. We all go through phases, but the temptation will always be there. AMPs are ADDICTIVE. I have seen a guy destroy two marriages because of that. And yes, both parties are at fault.

8. So why are we talking about them so much, or putting them down and threatening boycott of this "unfair" competition to non-Asian parlors and relationships?
Why do non-Asian women HATE Asian girls (forget Asian providers) so much? What is the appeal to your men and customers? Are these guys all closet pedophiles and irresponsible jerks who condone human-trafficking?!

I'll give you my very personal answer here. And I'll pass on calling western females castrating and gold-digging harpies, lest YOU call me prejudiced (wink).
Asian women are feminine in their physicality and manners. They remind one of a different world where men were men and women, women. They create in those, yes, modest, darkened rooms (you can keep fancy decors, state licenses, and western attitudes) a one-hour haven, a respite from gender-wars and a sex-obsessed and frustrated society. They sell human touch and they sell it cheap. I have made more than one very happy by giving her what she saw as an outrageous tip, and what I described as the wage she would rightfully earn if her skin was white.

Is it always so rosy? Um, no. Win some, lose some, you know? It's a woman's world - deal with it. Sometimes the magic isn't there, and sometimes it's because the customer before you was a cheap jerk. Sometimes the girl is clearly burnt out. You move on to the next experience. Cheap and addictive, I tell you. The crack of the physical realm.

Now few first generation Asians (the others have been westernized and therefore corrupted by our "values") would even talk to a pie-face like me. And a lot of Asians can be materialistic and superficial. So I leave the "good girls" alone and thoroughly enjoy the society of the "bad" ones found in AMPs. I am not the only one... Sorry.

Anonymous said...

cj said "Anon,
Put it this way... I would NEVER approve of my boyfriend getting an erotic massage. And I do it for a living!" You mean handjobs you to men on a daily basis while having a boyfriend without their knowledge? who's cheating who?

BigDog said...

This blog post is written entirely on suspicion and the author has no idea what she's talking about. Sexworker that has "no experience" in anything else...i.e. Lazy and needs to exploit the male urge.

Anyhow, here's the deal. I'm sure there may be a couple places in the country that are entirely unethical and may send the women back (or worse) although this would be in the tiniest minority you could imagine! Are you kidding me?! They aren't just donking these girls off after they don't bring in a tip one day or if they close down. Give me a break and stop promoting your own little slutty business.

Many of these girls get out and see the real world. They are brought in under debt, that they agreed to in order to have somebody else pay for their transportation and initial establishment in the United States. This is how they work it off and many of them work it off quite quickly which is why regular customers see quick turnover on girls working in the establishments. Not because they were shipped back "or worse." Its because they paid off their god damn debt that they agreed to in the first place, and they are living in the states.


Unknown said...

I go a to a AMP about once a month. I have about 4 AMP's in my area and go to different ones..they charge from $60 to $80. My question is the tip...what is the avg tip? I have about 3 different Koreans that I see..all do a great job....what is the avg tip...?

MrMike said...

My understanding is the $40 is the normal tip for manual release in an AMP. I usually give $50 or $60 if I am pleased with the service, and that usually produces a pretty big smile and often a nice hug, so I think that makes it a little above what they anticipate.

Anonymous said...

The Calloway spa in Phillie is the Best. I got Mimi a leggy Korean model in a skimpy Bikini..VERY Friendly! Asians work as strippers too. At "Spanky's" in West Orange NJ Hot Dog Shannon deep throated hot dogs in her act for YEARS. I put a ten in her g string and got a wet kiss (and jealousy from other customers!) always afraid the poor girl would choke. NJ has them and my current town of Myrtle beach has them

Anonymous said...

Men... she charges way too much...go to a asian massage parlor...not a brothel but one that does the exact same thing she does at a fraction of the cost...and that is why she is so against them...not for illegal trafficking etc but they are competition... learn how to safe time and money getting your happy Ending @

Chinese Clare said...

If you've got clients willing to pay above market rates... you're obviously doing something more than right....
I don't understand why so many seem so enraged by that?

Anonymous said...

Wow. A lot of ignorance when it comes to trafficking here. A lot of John's that have no idea what they are talking about what so ever. Just trying to justify their own sick obsession. Do some research. Educate yourselfs. Please. As a former trafficked victim it makes me sick to hear that we pretty much deserved it because we owe them money from a debt. No we don't, we don't agree with being sex slaves, and were not let go after our "debt" is paid. It's never paid. I'm a lucky case where the law and luck worked for me. But some of the girls I met along the way were not so lucky. Has vanished without a trace never to be heard from again. Tell that to their family. We don't owe them any debt that's their way or trying to keep us from escaping because we have something to work up to. Usually we die. Were not some sluts who agreed to this life. We have no clue what's going to happen to us. And we don't deserve to be beat and raped so you can get your Dick wet.

Anonymous said...

Bigdog. Your the biggest idiot of all. A couple places in the country? Educate yourself before you talk about something you have no clue about. I can see you have no respect for women what so ever.

XC said...

Morons defending the AMPs have got to get a freakin' clue.

You think its a cultural issue on how they bond and don't mingle in the society? You are an idiot if you do.

The reason they don't mingle in the society is because they are here illegally, don't speak english and they are afraid of the LE.

All of this crap has nothing to do with culture. Educate yourself, you morons.

Also, calling CJ a slut makes you look a big douchebg. After all, I bet you got your share of happy endings, you fucking hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree they dont mingle in society because they are here illegally and cant speak English and are workin slaves for the ones who got them here! who knows how much of the tip money is solely for them and what amount goes to the traffickers? a lot of investigations going on in the northeast its very costly to do them and cops gotta do other things than just bust massage parlors looking for illegals and traffickers. they, meaning the workers, shut up when cops come anyway.

Anonymous said...

So you consider a married man getting a handjob cheating, but you don't consider a woman with a boyfriend giving a handjob cheating?

Because I'm all for woman being whores but I want them to at least know they are whores.