Friday, August 15, 2008

Outcall Massage

I just wanted you guys to know that I try to answer all of your questions. But sometimes when I get started on an answer I realize that the little comment box is way too small. So once again, I'll answer your questions here. What can I say - I love to chat.

Anyway, I got a couple comments last week about "Outcall massage." I used to know a couple girls who did outcall massage but I'm not going to pretend I know everything about it. For those of you newbies out there, "Outcall" refers to businesses that you call up, and a girl comes over to your house/motel. There are 3 types of outcall services:

1) Therapeutic massage from a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) - done on a portable massage table.
2) Non-therapeutic "Relaxing Massage" with happy ending - usually done on a bed.
3) Full-service escort agencies that advertise under the name "Outcall massage" - also done on bed, but ain't no massage going on here!

What I do know is that outcall LMT's are available for people who are truly bedridden. It's a decent career option for LMTs, and it can be a gold mine if you hook up with an agency with lots of clients. I was never crazy about the idea because you basically have to be on call for hours at a time, work with people who are sometimes really ill, drive all over town, lug your massage table around in the trunk of the car, and give half your $$ to an agency. No thanks!

Someone left a question the other day about whether a friend of hers was giving happy endings since she does outcall massage. Well - it depends. If she's working regular business hours of 9am to 9pm, and her agency works with LMT's ONLY, then chances are there's no funny stuff. If the hours are late, and some of her co-workers are not LMTs, then your friend may be doing the old rub-n-tug.
I knew a girl at another business that did outcall massage, and the rules were very weird. Apparently, they had their own secret code to separate the therapeutic clients from the happy ending ones. She would tell the clients to put on a towel while she "freshened up." Then she'd ask them if they wanted the massage "with or without the towel." This was apparently the code for whether they wanted a happy ending or not.

No towel = options with happy ending :)
Towel = therapeutic massage with no happy ending :(

And she added that the towel thing also determined what kind of masseuse she would be. A towel meant that she put on her "serious" face and gave a proper therapeutic with very little chit-chat. No towel meant she could be flirty and give a "girlfriend" type massage. But either way, she said she always wore very conservative outfits since you never knew what kind of client it would be.

And that's prety much all I know about the world of Outcall Massage. If any of you guys can add to this, feel free. That reminds me - If anyone out there is interested in a never-used portable massage table, I'll make you a deal. It's been taking up space in my mom's basement ever since I graduated massage school.



Anonymous said...

So I am a man who loves massages (regualar ones at the local spa) and I have a question. When they say, get as undressed as you feel comfortable with, do most men actually get totally nude? I never have due to the possibility of a hard on. Do the masseuse's actually prefer men to be naked or does it not make a difference to them?

Love your blog by the way. Once I started reading, I just had to look in the yellow pages and show my wife the difference between a real massage place and a "happy ending" kind of place.

cj said...

Dear anon,

I would say about 2/3 of my therapeutics ditch the underwear. Guys really don't have to worry since they're covered with a towel anyway, but some guys are just uptight. And let me tell ya - that tiny piece of fabric ain't gonna hide your woody.

As far as the massage goes, underwear interferes with our access to the lower back, but that's about it.


Anonymous said...

So back in your therapeutic days, did guys sport woodies? How did you handle that?

cj said...

Dear Buddy,

As a professional you learn to ignore the wood. On the other hand, if a guy has an "accident", that's different. I've known girls who've walked away in disgust, and others who just offer a towel and a few reassuring words. Either way, the session comes to an end.


Unbroken said...

I never expected to learn so much from your blog. First it was all about taxes and why the police leave you alone. Now a lesson in Outcall Massage. You should write a book and call it Massage for Dummies!

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm learning a lot here.


Anonymous said...

A book? Uh, maybe not. CJ gives some insight to the lost souls found here (so much innocence!), but there's much to be desired. Case in point:

"What I do know is that outcall LMT's are available for people who are truly bedridden."
On this blog alone, a customer related hiring the services of such a LMT, only to find out that she offered happy endings. Not unusual with the sick, the bed-ridden, and the elderly(!). She had a kickass rate, too, if I recall correctly.

The notion that LMTs only do legit, incall or outcall, is a fantasy. Some even do full service.

Anonymous said...

So...if you are dealing with an outcall "topless therapist" from the internet - and she asks you to text or call her for appointment - is it appropriate to ask for a picture or something??
I really don't want to be rubbed down by a 300 lb topless girl - how is this handled?

Anonymous said...

This past week I tried the "relaxing massage" with Happy ending in Paris ( it was great. Like you said: it was done in the bed and she was fully nude and so was I. An experience to repeat next time I am there. Thanks to you and your blog I knew what to expect.

Anonymous said...

I have been jumping around different licensed massage places for years. I have always gone for my lower back problems. I have several times run into masseuses who are working on their LMT, but either failed the test or are still going to school, the establishment just pays them a lower fee or cut they say. As we all know times are very tough right now and I always tip at least 10-20 for a hour massage with a rate of or around 60 an hour. Recently I have found a very established business with no happy endings, except for one masseuse who after many visits provided a hand release as a thanks for the loyal package buys example 12 visits for price of 10 etc.. This now has turned into a regular masseuse for myself. I even told a friend about her, but she wouldn't even entertain the talk about hand job. So CJ what is your opinion on this?? I love your blog and thank you!

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Balam said...

Hey CJ. Thanks for your blog! I just found it tonight and have been reading non-stop for the last four hours. I am a massage therapist and just wanted to add in, too, that although I don't know of many people doing outcall massages for bedridden clients, I do know many people (and have been one of them) who either solely or mostly does outcalls because there is no overhead and they don't have to go through the trouble of finding an office. I really don't like it, personally. I usually charge $25 extra to come to you because of all the extra work it is for me. But I also live in a town that is saturated with LMTs, most self-employed, and I think they appreciate being able to give that little bit more so the client can have the massage in their own home, and not drive afterward, etc.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hey CJ, great blog. Fascinating stories. Just have a question about outcall massage on '', there's a section under 'erotic services' for body rubs, etc. they have adds, listing their phone number, a picture and promote stress relief, obviously happy ending services. Do you think its safe to contact these people? Or are they undercover cops waiting to sting people for just calling? etc.

Anonymous said...

What about someone like myself, who is interested in an outcall massage from a female, but is too scared of the legalities of getting arrested? I know there's a low likelihood, but knowing it's illegal makes me not participate, though I'd like to.