Thursday, September 17, 2009

Options and Extras

When I was answering all your questions, I noticed that there seems to be some confusion between "Options" and "Extras." I thought it would be helpful for me to talk about that because I also want to comment on the recent massage parlor experiences some of you guys have shared with me.

When I talk about "Options" I'm referring to the clothing options that I offer during session. Basically, when you come to The Business, you are offered 3 different clothing options for your erotic massage: 1) Topless, 2) G-string, and 3) nude. All of them come with happy ending, and you don't have to even ask.

The 4th option is the "Mutual" massage, where the customer gets to massage me. But I don't include it with my options nowadays because I only offer that to Regulars that I like. It's just not worth chancing it on a guy who's only going to dig his knuckles in my back for a minute, then spend the rest of his time pinching my breasts... Ugh.

This is how the options thing works... When you arrive at The Business, the only thing you discuss at the front desk is the amount of time you want in the room. This is when you pay the "House Fee." Once you're inside my room, I will then offer you the options. There is no code or secret handshake here - I break the ice by telling you up front that I will take my top off for a tip of such-and-such amount. The happy ending is implied at this point, so if any of you guys out there reach this stage, relax - you found an erotic massage parlor!

Remember - the hand release comes free with the option. If you decline an option, and just tell me to leave my clothes on and give you a massage - then you're getting a therapeutic only with no happy ending. At The Business, I make my money by what I wear (or not wear). So if your masseuse has not offered any options by your 4th session, she's not going to.

Now this brings me to your recent stories. What some of you boys have been telling me is that you've been getting a hand release at the end of a massage with NO clothing options offered. I have to tell you that THIS IS NOT an erotic massage parlor. What you've discovered is a massage provider who's giving you a happy ending "on the side." If no clothes are coming off, then it is definitely a hush-hush situation. Just consider yourself lucky and please don't ask her coworkers for the same treatment!

So now you're wondering why she's giving you a free handjob. Well for starters I HOPE you've been tipping her well for superior service. Second, you're probably going to see her again real real soon. And third, why on Earth would you want to switch masseuses when you've hit the jackpot?

It's just a little thing we call marketing. We used to joke about it in massage school. The gag was something like "with a technique like that, she better give a good hand job..."

This brings us to "Extras." These are basically anything above and beyond a hand release. So other releases like breast or thigh are extra. Also, any other kink like lingerie, dirty talking, doubles, etc. are extra. And if you're lucky enough to find a full service girl, then maybe you could try a nice blowjob.

As for me, I don't always offer extras, especially if you're a newbie or I'm just not comfortable around you. In fact, I usually don't bring them up - I don't have to. I mean, if a customer is obviously into feet then I may offer my laundry list of foot-related kinks. Typically a customer may ask what else is available after they've had a few regular sessions.

Now back to you guys who've found a free-lancer. You might be able to squeeze an "extra" outta her if you ask nicely. Ya see, here's the situation... She's providing you a little bonus that the boss doesn't know about. So she might be up for other things in the room that no one else could catch her at like dirty talking, doubles, etc.

But ya know what? I've lived such an insulated life here in my neck of the woods, that I may be totally off on how other parlors work. Who knows - maybe there are some parlors out there that include a hand release without any clothing options. If any girls out there work at a place with different or no options, please let me know!



Ed Bass said...

This is unrelated, but I've seen you say that you've "posted pictures", but I sure can't find any. Where do you post your pictures to?

This is related. I've only ever gotten a happy ending where the masseuse is at least topless. I've certainly wished for one from my regular clothed masseuse though....Love your blog - thanks!

Sam Sneed said...

Yeah CJ, where's the pictures? I sure hope you don't turn out to be a middle aged man living in Poughkeepsie.

Wack said...

Thanks for the heads up CJ! I'm pretty sure I dont attend an erotic massage parlor, as its a pretty big franchised operation. That doesnt mean that I'm not secretly wishing that there's someone there who is doing the release on the side...

I guess we'll wait and see.

em jay peeee said...

Sam Sneed- if she is a faux fraulein, I don't want to see the pictures of the real CJ (mustache, beer gut, back hair, manboobs.)

Have Morpheus send over a blue pill and let me go on living in my fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,
I have this notion (sorry, society gave it to me) that if you're in this biz and you were born and raised in North America, you must have had an absent/addicted/abusive parent(s) with no education and no prospects. What about your upbringing? Did you have a normal, middle-class childhood with two married-parents? No addictions, no abuse? I really don't mean any disrespect by this, I am sincerely curious. Hope you don't take it the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

Anon here again, do you inflate your expected earnings when quoting customers in hopes that it's a newb who doesn't know better? Personally I let the MPA tell me what the options/extras are available and let her quote me a price. I then offer her 50% of her asking price. I would say this works about 2/3rds of the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ, I'm still enjoying your blog. Very informative.

Anon, 11:24 PM, I think that offering these women less money is a disgusting practice. How would you feel if you went to work tomorrow and your boss suggested you work for less? And let's say you're in a position where you worry that saying no could cause you to be sent home for the day, so you say yes... are you HAPPY with your employer that day? These women hate your fucking guts. I guarantee it. Not that you care. You get yours... why should you?

Unknown said...


I know that you have mentioned several times in your blog that you would like to own your own tanning salon one day, have you ever thought about owning your own massage parlor one day?

From a pure business perspective, it's much harder to differentiate your business from the competition as a tanning salon. (Ie. they can buy the same tanning beds, spraying machines as you) On the other hand, the difference b/w a good and bad massage parlor can be huge.



Anonymous said...

Well Charlie, if I ask my employer that my wages be twice the going rate, he'll just hire someone else. What makes you think that I'm in the wrong here? I never offer a different amount if the MPA is asking for the spa's published rate (be it the website or the signs in the spa) I'm sure CJ can attest that some women do this, and it's never a little more, it's always like twice the normal fee. If you don't like the prices at a comission-based business, do you give whatever the salesperson is asking? Or do you negotiate? Do you give the car salesman the amount he's asking?

Erotic Music said...

interesting information about you ;)

cj said...

SWFan and Sam,
The only pic I'm posting is the profile pic. I'll change it soon, so stay tuned.

Normal upbringing as far as I can tell ya. No, I wasn't abused by an uncle growing up.

Other Anon,
No - our prices are fixed. And when ever I catch any of the other girls cutting their prices I tear them a new one. We've been getting way too many cheap ass guys in here lately doing the old "I only have $50" bullshit. Either you pay full price or no happy ending. It's remarkable how they suddenly "find" an extra bill in their wallet. I don't put up with that shit.

You go!

It occurs to me time to time. Even Audrey has suggested going partners. But just wayyyy too much work and risk. Besides, keeping a parlor open will be more difficult soon since the state will be cracking down on parlors big time next year.


BeenThereDoneThat said...

I've been to a few different massage parlors and there are quite a few that don't offer any clothing options and a HJ doesn't necessarily mean topless or that option is "extra"...on top of any other fee.

Also, CJ, you have the perfect right to turn down someone who wants to negotiate for a lesser fee. There are a few girls out there that will start off quoting fees that are super high to catch a newbie into paying something crazy - $200 for a HJ with no clothing options. In that case, I think a guy is going to try to negotiate and then not come back because for most guys, negotiating kind of spoils the mood.

Thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

"But ya know what? I've lived such an insulated life here in my neck of the woods, that I may be totally off on how other parlors work."

Glad you admitted that because it was becoming painfully obvious to me. What you talk about on this blog is not about the massage business, but The Business, just like your intel on AMPs is completely off.

In the rest of the world outside YOUR parlor... there are no set options and things are not discussed like it's a freaking menu (well, streetwalkers tend to do that...). And a HJ IS an "extra". A masseuse who doesn't offer extras is legit, period.

ALL the jack shacks I went to (not to say it's an absolute rule, but that's a lot of different parlors) had masseuses wearing pants and regular clothing. This is most likely because jack shack owners don't want the girls to go FS on the side (they still do on occasion, and hide it from their co-workers just like at The Business).

CJ, you should tape those boobs down and dress as a man one day, then go to a parlor other than The Business. Seriously.
All the stuff that you descriobe as "the way it is", is really "the way we do it or call at The Business".

Anonymous said...

BeenThereDoneThat clearly has the appropriate handle, BTW.

Negotiating REALLY kills the mood.

And cheapskates suck, but so do ROBs (rip-off bitches)- that's the hobby for ya.

Curious said...

So you automatically bring up the Options? What happens if it turns out that person was just lookin for a regular ol' massage? Is that awkward? Do you ever worry that someone MIGHT just be some oblivious townsperson who'll freak if you start saying you'll take your top off for them? What do you do in that situation? Obviously you would still hope that they're there for the specialty, for the tip, but how do you play it safe? How do you stay discrete, but still clear?

Anonymous said...

What's an average 1h topless price?

yakuzapunk said...

I haven't seen this discussed CJ but do you let your clients suck your breasts? Interesting blog by the way it's pretty entertaining.