Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Business As Usual

Remember last fall when I told all you guys that the parlor crackdown would end by election day? Well I was more or less right. I mean, what's the point of raiding a place if it's too late to help anyone get re-elected?

A bunch of girls and "mama-sans" were arrested. Now they're finally making their way to court and having their wrists slapped. I'm sure most of the girls arrested will start showing up at other businesses pretty soon.

According to my customers, possibly 2 or 3 different Asian Massage Parlors (AMPs) busted last year are now back up and running. I don't know if they're in the exact same locations or moved or whatever, but the rumor I hear is that the competition is back in town. And believe me - it's a lot easier to reopen than you think.

After a shutdown, the owner just pleads in court that "I had no idea" and will get the OK to start up again with the remaining girls who were NOT arrested. Then they'll just rely on Regulars for a couple months until the whole thing blows over. Heck - that's kinda what we did when the crackdown was in full swing.

Actually, let me back up and here and point out that a business isn't necessarily ordered to close it's doors AFTER a raid. Just because 2 scared girls got hauled away in handcuffs in front of a news camera in the morning for offering a handjob to an undercover cop, doesn't mean the afternoon shift gets the day off. In fact, an owner will want his place to stay open to prove to a judge later that it really is legit, and the girls who got arrested were just BAAAAAAAD girls.

My girlfriend who runs her own place was lucky enough to avoid the crackdown. But in her neck of the woods, the towns are hitting them with new ordinances to limit their hours, force inspections and review their hiring records. Basically it's the same crap they're supposed to be doing but just never botherws to. Any parlor that's halfway careful (like us) won't have any problems.

In other words, the new laws won't do shit. The girls are returning to work. The busted AMPs are reopening. And it's business as usual. Nice job guys.



Advizor54 said...

I just love local politics. In our area it's head shops and adult toy stores. It's not that they are doing anything illegal, but the local politicos and blue-haired old ladies want to get "that element" out of town.

Its completely pointless, wastes the time of our fine policement, and is an embarassment to those of use know shop there. :-)

MelissaBlade said...

It doesn't matter what the politicians or police do, men will always pay for handjobs and women will always be able to charge handsomely to do so.

SoreAllOver said...

Sounds right, there were busts here a week or so ago (http://www.ksl.com/?nid=960&sid=14677636), before noon the parlor had adds on Craigslist and Backpage giving discounts for female clients. I guess they were trying to shake the "all male clientele" stigma.

Marcus Myself said...

Politicians - why should they give a shit if some guy wants his willy wanked? Ok, so maybe they can make an argument for interfering with full service but come on, a hand release or breast release? Who cares - where is the harm?
As for full service, I am very liberal so I say why the he'll not? I know there can be all sorts of abuse but I am sure the abuse is worse when the sex trade is illegal.
That's my two cents any way.

Anonymous said...

It burns me up the way law enforcement has been all over this. There are plenty of worse crimes happening out there and the police are cracking down on massage parlors for prostitution which I maintain is only illegal because the government can't tax the money made off of it.

Trevor said...

Your blog is very informative. Crime around Buffalo NY is out of control. The cops have better things to do than stings on MPs and internet working girls, but it makes for sensational news.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,

How about a new pic? The previous green t-shirt was ok but a new updated pic would be much appreciated :] thanks.


Marcus Myself said...

Sure, pics are great but I am thinking I need to make a trip to SEPA. It isn't too far and I have many friends in NEPA so I should be able to arrange it but managing it without the wife - that's the tricky part. :-D