Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cindy's Clientele

Well it's happening. Trina and I have divided up Cindy's shifts and we're finally starting to see what her life here was like. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, but I think a good example would be the TV news story where all the neighbors are saying "...but she was always so quiet..."

Not that Cindy was a serial killer or anything, but her customers... Whoa. I'll give it to that girl - she definitely had her own fan base. I will concede that there are a few men out there who apparently like girls with tattoos, piercings, and giant fake breasts . I don't understand the appeal, but then again I don't understand why Jesse James left Sandra Bullock for that tattooed nazi girl either.

But I think the most suprising thing about Cindy's Regulars is that she wasn't fucking all of them. I mean, we've heard her going at it in the room (when Maude's not around). So we just kinda assumed that she was totally full service at this point. Turns out we were wrong.

Cindy left us with a list of guys she wanted to give her number to. Over the last week or so, I've managed to cross a couple names off her list. Two guys left when I told them she wasn't working here anymore, but the rest stayed. And I even welcomed back a couple of my old Regulars that she had managed to steal. These were the ones that gave me the real scoop on what Cindy was like in session.

Apparently some guys are really into the "Suicide Girl" look. Cindy automatically got all those customers. Most customers prefer the "girl next door" look, and a lot of guys were really turned off by her. So she had a relatively small but loyal fan base.

I asked a couple of guys why they left me for her. Most popular answer - her ass. They said it was her round, bubble-shaped ghetto booty that brought them back. Mine is relatively small and shapely, but Cindy had a little junk in her trunk. Apparently her most popular option was topless because it stripped her down to a never-ending parade of sexy panties.

Then I asked what, if anything, did she do in the room that was special. I fully expected to hear that she was offering blow jobs or at least finger banging, but no. Most popular answer - butt release. Turns out she was offering butt releases for only $50 and thus cornered the market (and I was wondering why none of my customers were asking for them anymore!). As one of my informants put it, "There was nothing hotter than having her bend over the table, drip lube down her ass-crack, then beg us to shoot a load on her tramp stamp."

Personally, I don't know why you guys find that so hot. I mean, don't you get enough of that at home?

I've been talking to Cindy almost everyday and she's still upset about what happened. She hopes to see some of her Regulars outside of The Business, but that's always tricky. It's surprising how some customers can be nicest guys at work, but the minute you see them outside The Business they become raving assholes.

So I eventually just straight up asked her who she's been fucking in the room. She laughed and confessed that she had 2 sugar daddies. When I suggested that number seemed a little low for all the noise she had been generating, she said the rest were just guys she thinks are hot.

That's my girl.



Lost.in.Idaho said...

At least she was honest.

And I see the interest in butt release. Sure, we get it at home pretty regularly, but there are some ass aficionados out there.

Painting an ass, to some, is like a dog & a fire hydrant. For this instant, this ass is ours. We claim it.

Glad to hear you didn't get stuck with a long list of creepers!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Hey more for you, right?

Anonymous said...

Good post! I guess it's what they are into. It would be like all the guys that prefer you because you offer a boob release!

Now to me, that's hot!

Farrah Reed said...

Wow... your stories never get old:) Always entertaining

David said...

So if Cindy is the "Suicide Girl" look, and you are the "girl next door" look, how would you characterize Trina, Maude, and Audrey?

Mr Mike said...

I just discovered your blog yesterday, and I've been jumping around in it a bit. Your writing ability, vivid descriptions and dry wit are very enjoyable.
I've been to a number of massage establishments that offer manual release, and its very interesting to read the other perspective.Although, I'm wondering whether, the next time a young woman has my organ in her hand, stroking it, I'll find myself wondering if she is going over her shopping list. I may lose the illusion.

I also have found your tips and etiquette suggestions to be right on. I have one question, if you don't mind. I make a conscious effort to limit myself to places that offer only hand release. In a place like yours, where there is more on the menu from at least some of the masseuses, is there a way to be sure I am getting someone who is not likely to tempt me by offering extras?

Advizor54 said...

"Personally, I don't know why you guys find that so hot. I mean, don't you get enough of that at home?"

We don't get any of it at home. if we did, well, we wouldn't be wandering through your door.

I can't stand the Suicide Girl look, but my friend loves it.

MelissaBalde said...

$50 sounds like a bargain for a butt release....I think I would be paranoid about getting pregnant by an overlying Olympic sperm or a cruddy std.

H said...

I really love reading you blog, makes me want to go for a massage.

Anonymous said...

"There was nothing hotter than having her bend over the table, drip lube down her ass-crack, then beg us to shoot a load on her tramp stamp."

Good lord.

Poetic, repugnant, and hot at the same time. I love this blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping you can help me here... I live in central PA. There's nothing much here... nothing in the yellow pages, internet, etc. Surely, someone offers massage. How do I find her?

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I don't know why you guys find that so hot. I mean, don't you get enough of that at home?"

Coffee alert!