Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey Guys!

Today's my birthday, so please forward flowers and gift certificates for Tiffany's to:

c/o The Business
Reading, PA

For my b-day, Audrey got us tickets to see the Nutcracker in Philadelphia in December. I know that sounds totally corny, but I just love that kind of holiday stuff! And while I'm in Philly, I'll burn up all those gift certificates I know I'm going to get flooded with.

I ended up working on my b-day, but that's what happens when you don't have a boyfriend. The Brad Pitt clone wanted to take me out, but he's been such a pain in the ass ever since he discovered I've been doing the online dating thing. I worked with Trina today, so when she showed up she had this giant bouquet of flowers for me, plus a bag of presents. Then she took me out to lunch.

I even got gifts from customers today! Sugar Daddy Brad (SDB) had balloons delivered to The Business, and 1 of my Regulars stopped by with some DVDs and a really cool card. Another Regular just tipped me an extra $100 at the end of the session (I think he felt guilty for not getting a card).

Tonight - cake and ice cream at mom's!



Athena Marie said...

Yeah!! Happy Birthday. I go no cake where I work for my last birthday and it was my 30th!! Live it up and have a great weekend.

RIV said...

well, happy birthday!!!!
i will drink a couple of beers as a toast to you tonight.


Unbroken said...

Happy Birthday CJ!! I'll toast with a beer this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!

Zeratul said...

Happy birthday, my favorite blogger.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns, CJ. Hope you enjoy your day.

Blowpop said...

Happy Birthday! As an erotic massage enthusiast from Texas, I love your Blog.