Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

I'm totally ashamed about what I did for a Klondike Bar...

Anyway, you're probably all wondering how my "date" with Sugar Daddy Pete (SDP) went. Well lets just say that we both got what we wanted... LOL

Well if you remember, we had agreed on dinner and a visit to the new vacation house. It turns out that this place is kinda out there in Amish country, so I ended up meeting him in town early Friday afternoon and then jumping in his car for the ride. I discovered to my surprise that he already owns a condo near where the house is being built, and that was where he was taking me to dinner. The ride was kinda long, but it gave us plenty of time to talk and get comfortable. SDP is one of those guys who puts you at ease and can talk about any topic. Our conversation went from the election to the best place to buy womens shoes (DSW).

The condo was gorgeous (except for the tiny little bathrooms). SDP dabbled a little bit in real estate and got this place for a song. This was well before he decided to upgrade to a full vacation spread nearby. With the house almost finished he's either gonna sell this place or transfer it to a friend of his. I made a joke about that friend being "me" and he laughed - politely.

SDP cooked a wicked good pasta dish. The bottle of wine we polished off wasn't too bad either. Let me tell ya, I coulda just hung out at his place all night. I had a little buzz going, it was cold outside, SDP was quite charming, and the flat screen TV didn't hurt things. But eventually he suggested we take a ride out there since it was already getting dark. So we jumped into his Range Rover (did I mention he has a Range Rover? His other car is a Mercedes and his wife drives a Lexus) for the short drive out to the house.

The house is located on the edge of some woods, overlooking a little valley - absolutely gorgeous views, even for the Amish country. It looked more or less done, except for all the construction trash lying all over the bare dirt yard. I have to tell you, it was probably the biggest house I've ever been in. I think I counted 6 bedrooms and probably as many baths. It's hard to remember since one room kinda blended into the next. No furniture yet, but most of the fixtures had been installed.

We ended the tour in the kitchen, and you know what they say... "The party always ends in the kitchen." This was no exception. I knew what he was thinking - remember, my last boyfriend was a contractor. And when you're a contractor there's nothing like breaking in a new house! I don't know what it is with men and empty buildings. If you knew how many times I've "christened" a bathtub, kitchen floor, garage, and even fresh carpeting in some poor guys house, you'd never look at your builder the same again. Weird stain on your new hot tub? And you thought it was just glue...

Well in this case, Pete was eyeing the new granite kitchen countertop. Yeah - like that's soooooo original. Granite is cold and freakin hard on the knees, but at least it's easy to clean up afterwards. We were just standing there making small talk when his hand started playing with the side of my Fuck-Me skirt (which perfectly matched my Fuck-Me heels). I pretended not to notice or care, which I think just made him even more bold. After a minute of running his fingers up and down my hip, he just sort of casually worked his way lower and lower until they started to brush the bottom of the skirt.

Then without warning, my skirt was up and over my ass. I stopped talking and just gave him a big smile as if this was most welcome. He didn't grab my ass right away, but instead used his other hand to lift the front of my skirt. I have to admit, it was pretty kinky to be standing there underneath those super bright construction lights with my skirt raised, all vulnerable like. I decided right there that I didn't want him to dominate the moment.

I looked straight into his eyes, and very slowly dropped to my knees, the fabric of my raised skirt moving gently down across his fingers. First the back of the skirt fell free, then the front. I kept going until I almost reached the floor. In my heels, my face was more or less even with his belt buckle. Without taking my eyes off of his, I deliberately moved my hands up his pant legs until they reached his zipper. The front of his pants were becoming visibly tight at this point. I playfully rubbed my nose against the fabric as I tugged his zipper down and pulled out his

Boy you guys are suckers! Did you really think I'd suck the dick of a guy I barely know for money? Hell, I don't even like doing that with guys I'm dating. Anyway, we DID end the tour in the kitchen (which was to die for if you like kitchens). I told him what a lovely house he has, and that it shows off his tastes. He said if I play my cards right we could be enjoying the outdoor jacuzzi later this winter. Then he took me back to town and to my car. No - we didn't stop back at the condo for more wine. We chatted for a bit longer about just stuff in general - nothing really serious - when he finally handed me an envelope.

"Here... This is to help you with your bills."

I didn't open it, but thanked him. Then he gave me a little peck on the cheek and told me he'd be back this way soon. And that was it - he was a perfect gentleman. The thing you have to understand about the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship is that it's about 90% business and only 10% personal. It's basically a business transaction - actually having chemistry is just a bonus. That's why I really never expected him to make a pass at me. And also another reason why I know he's done this before.

I didn't open the envelope until I got home. It was a more than generous "donation" to the charitable cause which is CJ. Hell, if I get this "just because" I can't wait to see what he does for Xmas!

And that was my "date" with Sugar Daddy Pete. Sorry if my story didn't give you guys the money shot you were hoping for!



TomboCheck said...

Hook, line, and sinker. :)

em j. peeeee said...

Ha! The story ended with a money shot all right, but your bank account was the only one having an orgasm.

Thorn said...

I wasn't expecting a money shot. The sugar daddy thing is what it is. Most experienced men will pay it forward for good will but if nothing happens at some point they write it off and move on. For the truly moneyed it is simply a bad investment. They don't stop to think about what the woman was thinking, because they don't particularly care. Its business and they've made bad investments before.

However, as a detective type {retired]myself I see it from another angle.

A grifter plays on the greed and expectations of the mark. If you want into this looking for a payday, knowing what the Sugar Daddy expected for his investment but not planning to deliver than you own a grifter's sensibilities.

Not judging you on it [like I said, "IF"], just stating a fact.

I've done the Sugar Baby thing any number of times myself. I'm probably no where near as wealthy as the man you are dealing with but investigative skills and corporate consulting fees for sensitive security matters pay well.

I've always known that this is a service industry and you don't pay for services until they've been rendered. Which causes me to call into question just how experienced this gentleman of yours actually is. Though maybe he's just so well off he doesn't particularly care. If so, lucky you.

wishing well...

AR said...

great post CJ. you had me going!

Wild Bill said...

Wow, this blog is like watching a great TV show and you are just waiting to see next weeks episode. So, I wait all week end thinking will she or won't she. Yeah, I was completely leaned over with my bag of pop corn going oh man is she going to make his night. Then the twist ending it was all a dream. No happy ending. I will just have to wait until later in the season to see if SDP keeps given without gittin or if CK gives a little....
Same time, same place, same website

Anonymous said...

Great story. Gotta be honest, the whole "forbidden" part of your business is what brought me here, but your writing is excellent. Great story, but more importantly, well told!

p.s. I agree with Trina, you should sleep with him.

Anonymous said...

This guy, and everyone like him out there, is a complete moron and a total pussy. What the hell is wrong with this idiot? What kind of moron gives money to women for not doing anything? How pathetic is that? No "sugar baby," or any woman period, could ever respect a man with self-esteem so low that he believes he must pay for his time with them. Total douchenozzle.

Anonymous said...

CJ - Great writing as always, but I'm having a very difficult time not being judgemental. I have a lot of thoughts about your situation(because obviously I'm too bored to just think about my own life), but I'm not sure about sharing them since I don't wish to hurt your feelings or simply come accross as an asshole.

So I'm asking you flat out: Do you want an honest opinion, or have you simply heard it all before?

Thorn said...

To ReflexVE: CJ seems, and I say seems because I don't know her other than her writings, to share a POV with a lot of the strippers I work with in the private party scene in NYC. "I'm not really a sex worker. I don't blow guys or fuck them, I just jerk them off." :D

Its funny thing, rationalization and the use of situational ethics. As long as nothing of the ugly that can sometimes travel along with it, drugs - theft, etc - there is nothing wrong with sex work, or they shouldn't be anyway. You decided to do what you do, cool, but own it as what it is.

This is what I tell them, face to face, so I say the same thing to you. Society makes no consideration for the differences between those who prostitute by selling oral sex and those who do so by giving hand jobs. Under the law it is all the same thing.

So spit in society's eye and acknowledge what you do if it is your personal choice to do it. If not than protect your psyche and leave because it is in your own best interest to do so. Don't play mind games, lying to yourself in the process, and pretend it is anything else but what it is.

Celebrate what you do if your heart says its right and your mind is in a good place with it.

I figure its just a healthier way of dealing and its my two cents on the matter.

I'm truly sorry CJ if you, or anyone else, gets the feeling I'm piling on. I just get a sense of hypocrisy coming from much of your writing and it tends to push a button that makes me desire to comment on the Empresses having no clothes. :)

Candidly I don't think you are being honest with yourself, and if you aren't being honest with yourself how can you be honest with your readers.

I hope you figure it out and close,

Truly wishing well...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a great time. I really felt like he would treat you well because, you probably wouldn't have said yes, otherwise. You know I'll keep reading to see where this all leads. Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you had me right up to the part about your skirt getting hiked up--couldn't see you allowing that out of the blue. The rest read like a letter in Penthouse. But it was good reading, I must admit.

Anonymous said...

Thorn - I have difficulty taking your judgement seriously when you have repeatedly reffered to your experiences around strippers, prostitutes and others of that moral caliber. In my experience, those who spend extensive time around those they consider to be 'moral inferiors' typically have their own morality problems.

Not trying to be insulting, but you are coming accross as a moral judge when the hints about your own background appear to call into question your standing to be such a judge...

Anonymous said...

Thorn - Just clicked on your username and it took me to a website for an escort service. Are you here to render moral advice, or are you simply hoping to do some recruiting?

Anonymous said...

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DD said...

I've never understood the whole sugar daddy thing. I've known a few guys who've played sugar daddy to strippers, or girls they've met online. They spend lots of money, but never seem to get a very satisfying experience out of it.

If they're looking for a friendship or an affair, why include a financial transaction? Why not just go out and find someone who isn't expecting to get paid for their time?

If they're just looking for no-strings sex, then why go for an ambiguous paid relationship with a sugar baby, when they could hire an escort and know what they'll get for their money?

The whole dynamic doesn't make much sense to me.

Thorn said...

To reflexve: I would very politely point out that you are not particularly observant, which calls into question conclusions you make based on your observations.

If you read carefully you will note that I make no judgement about sex workers. That would be pretty silly as I am a user of their services. I'm the other side of the same coin. I can't judge them without judging myself. I'm a lot of things but a hypocrite isn't one of them. In fact, hypocrisy tends to make be break out in a rash, which is why I politely point out Ms CJ's small offenses in that category here.

Secondly, the site in question you make reference to is NOT an escort site. It is Utopia Guide. A male oriented [but female members are certainly welcome] website catering to everything men are interested in. Politics, sex, cars, sex, electronics, women, sex, food, sports, humor, sex, loving relationships, paid for relationships, etc, etc, etc.

If its fun and its in or around NYC [though we are branching out to other areas] Utopia Guide will show you how to find it and what to do with it when you have.

Think of it as a Maxim Magazine/Time Out rip off on both steroids and acid.

It has around 150,000 members in the NYC area.

I comment as I do because I have been, done, seen just about everything one can be, do and see in and around this business. I've heard all the BS and know the straight shooters from the grifters. Therefore I call 'em as I see 'em and make no apologies for it.

I have a skin thicker than a rhino's and, admittedly, a head to match but am generally well respected in my parts because in it is a lot of experience and a bit of the old know how. Guff, therefore, rolls off my back like water off a duck's ass. :)

I'm one of those horrible, obnoxious, pompous people who knows what I know and can articulate precisely why I know it. Who some small handful would love to shoot down but because I can back up what I say they wind up either living with it or walk away. {LOL}

Just tweaking... well, maybe...

wishing well...

Thorn said...

To DD:

The Sugar Daddy "relationship" provides the man involved with a couple of things which make it superior to other paid for sexual encounters.

1) The woman in question is almost certainly seeing one only a very small amount of "special friends", not an assembly line of clients like many escorts.

2) Because many women enter into this kind of arrangement because it specifically allows them to think that this isn't actually prostitution. "I'm not a hooker! I'm a DANCER! I don't take money for sex. I have a few special friends who give me things, and help me with bills when I get short on cash but they are CUSTOMERS and I'M NOT A PROSTITUTE!" :)

Of course there is nothing wrong with it if a mentally capable person wants to sell access to their body to an equally well meaning and capable individual wants to purchase it but...

The upside to the Sugar Daddy in this is that because the provider is in a state of denial they can't very well treat the relationship as commercial in nature, because to do so would be to admit to themselves that they are selling sex.

So, the man gets the best parts of a no strings attached paid escort with the best parts of a much more strings attached mistress situation. Boyfriend like sex and a "relationship" of sorts but with greater flexibility than the standard mistress/girl-friend on the side.

The problem, of course, is when the people delude themselves too deeply and someone(s) start believing their own BS. Such are the makings of misunderstandings, too much info about each other being exchanged and potentially hurt people contacting wives, parents, employers, boiling bunnies, etc. Usually taking place at the point when one wants either the sex or the money and the other is attempting to walk away. Care must be taken to prevent such mishaps and both need to know that its good while its good and its over when its over.

As to your other observation. Smart Sugar Daddies make sure that while a little carrot is shown upfront to show good will and intent, REAL rewards are always post coitus.

Experienced souls give after they have received, then do so freely with an appreciative and glad heart. :)

Anonymous said...

"Utopia Guide
Escort Reviews, Incall and Outcall Forums"

Thats a nice advertisement you have going there for a general 'lifestyle' website. Whatever, you can justify your hangouts just as well as those you seem to be bashing for doing likewise I suppose. If that makes you feel better, I guess there is no harm...

DK said...

Seems like a recipe for misunderstandings and complications to me, especially when there's dishonesty from one or both parties.

From what I've seen there's often a fine line between the sugar daddy relationship and a gold digging girlfriend. Some guys definitely think they'll get more from that kind of relationship than just companionship/sex for money.

I don't think that's the case with CJ and SDP. It doesn't sound like SDP is naive about what's happening, or that CJ is pretending that it's anything it isn't.

I've seen a sugar daddy relationship get pretty fucked up because of lies and unrealistic expectations.

The woman (a stripper/escort) made up a hard luck story about wanting to escape from an abusive drug addicted boyfriend. The guy bought it 100% and it worked a little too well. Rather than just helping her out with money, he ended up getting it into his head that she needed saving, and that they'd have a future together afterwards. She strung him along and fed that fantasy while the money was still flowing.

Unsurprisingly it all went FUBAR, with him stalking her and parking outside of her house, unable to accept reality. Even when it was all over, he still blamed her 'druggy boyfriend' (actually her husband), not his own gullibility and cluelessness, or even her for playing him.

I guess the sugar daddy thing can work for some people, but I think I'll stick with more straightforward relationships.

Thorn said...

To ReflexVE: I'm not bashing anyone. I am simply advocating calling a spade a spade. Justification? That's for the other guy. I stopped feeling the need a long time ago. Life is what it is, you do what you do and try to be fair about it, and just keep moving so as to avoid rip tides and unfriendly currents.

To DK: There is nothing dishonest in how I handle the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship. I am very straight forward about limits, and my expectations are nill going in to any of these situation. My behavior is simple Pavlovian reward/withdrawal. I get what I want, I reward. I don't, I withdraw. It is easy to understand and leaves minimal room for misunderstanding. The Sugar Baby exercises free will and defines her own limits and tolerances which I respect.

If each gets what they want out of the situation we move forward and continue. If not, we both withdraw, no harm - no foul.

Lohansappendix said...

It was all a dream...

Great! Give me wood and then give me flashbacks of St. Elsewhere. There's nothing quite as disturbing as realizing you have a boner while the picture of an autistic kid enters your mind. Yeesh.

Wild Bill said...

Ok I know it is CJ not CK. It must have been the butter from the popcorn and my finger slipped over to the K.

CJ just let Thorn and Rflexve battle out their hang-ups with the girl - sugar daddy thing.

I am waiting for the next episode and am looking forward to see what he gets you for Christmas and what you might get him. But I have to say you have been very up front with him and he knows where you stand. I do think that he would like for you to stand a little closer. He probably still remembers the time you jumped up on the table with him after the happy ending and that is still rattling around his mind. I know it is rattling around in mine ha ha.

Well I will keep reading to see what happens

Thorn said...

To Wild Bill: I don't know why some folks around here seem to have reading comprehension issues. :)

Its not a war... I gave an opinion. When a couple of someone elses countered opined I responded politely. That is called a dialog or "discussion". {geeze}

Posting info and opinions on blogs frequently begets such exchanges of dialog. Hence the need for a comments section in the first place.

Now go back and flirt with the girl while the grown ups talk. :)

[Sorry, I couldn't help being smug since your post was so "smuggly" itself that the over flow of "smugliness" sort of set the tone for my response] :)

Anonymous said...

Please consider writing a trashy romance novel. It would be a great start, you can finish your kitchen story (even if it's not true) and I guarantee if you put "published by CJ, the erotic masseuse" you'll get a ton of sales.

Love it
girl in Chicago