Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Wow - would you believe I've doing this shit for a whole year now? The other day I took a peek at my first few attempts at writing on the internet and realized how much things have changed... Boy I sucked! How could you guys read that crap? I was cringing as I went over some of my first blog entries. And Gawd was I dramatic! It looked more like something out of the National Enquirer rather than the factual tell-all I wanted.

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time for me to talk about this blog and how it's affected me over the past year. That's what you're supposed to do every December, right?

Let me start off by saying that you guys have all been great. I've had so much fun talking about and sharing all this crap. I've had the opportunity to chat with fellow masseuses about the ins and outs (no pun intended) of The Business. And I've been able to give personal advice to guys about to try their first erotic massage (Where did ya go? I'm waiting for your stories!).

When I started doing this, I really didn't know what to expect. At first I figured this would be a quick and easy way to get some stuff off my chest (again no pun intended) and maybe get a couple of laughs. It was just so much easier (and safer) than having a real paper diary. And even better - I could confess whatever I wanted, and get real advice and feedback from others.

One of the best things I got out of all this was questions, comments and advice from people totally outside The Business. Before this blog, I would NEVER EVER EVER have considered telling any non-masseuses about work. You can't really appreciate what an incredible relief it was for me to suddenly have this outlet - where I could tell a story about a customer, or bitch about my boss, or just admit the real reason why my left hand is always sore. Now I feel totally free to complain about a bad day at work and not worry about being judged, and maybe even find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. I can't thank you guys enough for being so nice to me!

Then I discovered another benefit of talking about work online - I got insight and feedback from other people in The Business! I mean I've been doing erotic massage for about 10 years now, and I thought I knew everything there was to know. But then I started to hear from girls all over the country who made me realize that I still have a lot to learn and to share.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that I've had the opportunity to chat with not only fellow masseuses, but dancers and escorts as well. After listening to some of their stories and advice, I would like to say right now that I've softened my stance on other types of sex workers and I'll apologize right now if I've offended some of you (one working girl to another!).

A few months ago I put my e-mail address on my profile so you guys could ask private questions if you wanted. It was great hearing from you - particularly the ones who were about to try their first erotic massage. But one thing I wasn't expecting were the requests by some of you guys to come see me at The Business. WOW - was I flattered! I mean, it NEVER occurred to me to use the internet to advertise. For real! I've since learned that a lot of other Businesses use Craigslist and other websites to advertise their servcies (did I have a lot to learn!). We have always relied on classifieds, billboards and word of mouth. Now I discover that most people look to the internet first, and Craigslist has become the worlds biggest pimp daddy.

Let me tell ya, considering how bad business has been recently, I WISH I could have seen all of you. But I learned a long time ago that in this line of work, anonymity is absolutely essential. I would never be able to write about work, the boss, and especially my precious "Freak of the Week" if I wasn't anonymous. I hope you guys can understand that. But boy, I would love to drum up new business if I could. If only there were a tiny little version of the internet that only existed in SE PA and I could instantly banish any stalkers and weirdos... Oh well.

One last thing I wanted to share is that when I first started, I wasn't sure what to write about. I figured you all would ask questions and I'd answer them, or I'd tell you about some freaky customer I just had. I never would have guessed that I'd eventually be talking about politics, human trafficking, or my own personal faults and weaknesses. After re-reading a few of the old posts, I saw how I went from less than honest on a few topics - to total confessions a short year later. In fact, I've admitted a few things on this blog first that Trina later yelled at me about for not telling her.

And there ya have it - a year of secrets and confessions from the world of erotic massage. I hope somebody out there was paying attention and learned something! And here's to another year... may it be filled with Freaks, Sugar Daddies, ditzy co-workers, and bitchy bosses to keep you entertained.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great writing and the great stories, miss. Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, CJ!

em jay peeee said...

Yay CJ! Happy anniversary. Like a true idiot male, I forgot to get you something.

Too bad none of us will ever get to experience a happy ending by your hands. I just hope if I were to stumble into your shop somehow (won't happen; I live in a southern state) I would end up with you and not one of those weirdos you work with...

Greg Voltaire said...

You said in the seventh paragraph that, and I quote

"I would like to say right now that I've softened my stance on other types of sex workers "


Do you think it has increased your likelihood to ever do it?

Anonymous said...

well i sure hope it's still filled with crazies! :D how else would i entertain myself haha in a noncreepy way i assure you! happy 1st :D

requiem said...

I hope you'll continue to write in your blog. It's one of the funniest and most interesting I got on Google Reader.

When guys read about what you do and see your picture, it's natural that they get ideas and want a session with you.

Anonymous said...

You have a year's worth of posts on a single page. How about archiving some of them? Eventually we are going to be downloading megabytes worth of text just to read the latest post if you don't.

Anonymous said...

CJ, this site is really informative. Today, at 39, i had my first professional massage ever. I was confused at first, i was told to take all my clothes off and lay face down. This was not an erotic massage. But, after the massage I realized I better read about what is appropriate by surfing the net (That is how i found your blod). Anyway, I am not interested in the erotic part, but I had a sense that this place would have obliged. Anyway, Is it common to be instructed to take all your clothes off and lay down? And, since i only had back massage and not front massage, what should i expect when i get a front massage? will i have something covering my twig and berries? Anyway, I absolutely enjoyed the massage and told my wife that I will not go another 39 years until my second one. Thanks for the informative site. I may have more questions later.. Thx

cj said...

Dear Greg,

Let's just say that I "understand" what they go through better nowadays.

I've also learned that not all dancers are skanks. They may be in Reading, but not necessarily elsewhere.


cj said...

Dear Anon,

1 - I've spoken to my techno-nerd about the archiving thing and he's working on it.

2 - For your information, it IS appropriate to get nude for a full body massage.

Perhaps I should do a post on legitimate massage. I don't think I've made it clear here that not all massage places give you a happy ending! LOL

Anonymous said...

CJ, Thanks for response on "IS EXPECTED to be Naked even in Legitimate Massage" and it would be great if u did a bit of write up on legitimate massage protocal. I had several chuckels with my friends in the last day since my FIRST Massage. Guess It was typical first timer response, and while i am definatley no prude, guess I shoulda been a bit more informed prior to my first experienc. PS, just in last weeks they had several raids here in Pittsburgh on illegitimate massage parlors with several arrests and a few places shut down. All were asian massage parlors, which, or course was the type of parlor taht i had visited..LOL.. thx much

Daren said...

I love your blog! I stumbled upon it through a friend, and its funny and its sad and its strange and its utterly addicting. I hope you keep with it, CJ.

Anonymous said...

CJ - I'd still like your advice on how to get an asian massage parlor shut down.

cj said...

Dear Reflex,

I answered you the first time...

Call the police and complain about the place. Get all your neighbors to call too. Say that you see cars driving in and out of the place at all hours of the day. If the cops ignore you, call city hall. If they claim there's no proof that they're doing anything illegal, have your wife try to make an appointment. If they patently refuse, then it's a brothel.

But if that business does manicures and pedicures, then you just made a huge mistake! LOL

The Asian places exist by laying low in the last place you'd expect - in your case a neighborhood. Once you get attention focused on them, they'll split overnight.

True story - there was a mexican brothel 2 towns over that got busted last year. It was located in a house in the MIDDLE of a neighborhood! The only reason it got busted was someone complained about the bright lights they used in their driveway.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, apparantly I missed it the first time. Thats kind of the approach my brother and I were discussing. Some flyers, knocking on some doors, maybe a letter to the local newspaper.

Good to know they will leave once that happens, I hope it does turn out that easy.

Anonymous said...

If I ever get busted while inside an AMP... and find out who's behind it... [comment removed by the author in the name of the 5th].

Why don't you go drown a kitten or step on a puppy? I hear they can give you rabies. And don't forget to give in church.


Anonymous said...

If you're a girl who's jerking guys off for a living I don't understand how you would be against girls who would take it a little further...either you're against guys paying women for sexual release or you're not. Live and let live-its none of your business what a person decides to do with their body.