Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Blues

I'm fucking pissed off at Audrey right now. I reminded you all that Thanksgiving week is the Mother of All Massage Weeks. Well, two things happened. First off, I can say with proof that the economy is in the shitter since business overall was less than half of what it was last year. This Thanksgiving, I had customers half the customers, and those that did come in were lousy tippers. It felt like another typical week - as if there was no holiday at all. It's almost eerie that no one has the extra cash anymore.

Second, that mother fucking bitch asshole Audrey worked through all my shifts!!!! In other words, whatever few customers came in, I had to share them with her. I would have had more if that bitch cunt hadn't sat there "helping" me with the few guys that bothered to show up. Fuck - I really needed that extra money for Xmas. Oh well.

But the final insult began this week. I typically work nights at the beginning of the week (because they're the worst shifts and Audrey doesn't want them). Usually we're dead, but the beginning of December is what I like to call "my little secret." This is the beginning of hunting season here in PA. It's a HUGE deal around here - so huge that it's kinda like a national holiday for us. In fact, I've even heard that some of the smaller towns actually close their schools for that first day of the season.

Anyway, I can usually count on the phone ringing off the hook, and the doorbell going non-stop. I guess when you get a bunch of guys with an excuse to get out of the house unsupervised for several days at a time, all that testosterone has to go somewhere.

That's where I come in (no pun intended).

For the most part, they're local guys that I don't see regularly. But once deer season starts, they're all in here with good moods and ready to party. The usually take shorter sessions (since they gotta get back on the road), but the tips are usually good. So I can usually clean up big time in a night if I can schedule them just right.

I've kept this surge in business away from Audrey for years now. I kinda flub the numbers in the log and I make sure all answering machine message are deleted before I go home. This way, she's never figured out how busy it actually is. Well, somehow that stupid bitch slut pig figured it out. So for the first time she actually sat in with me for the first 2 nights this week.

The good news is that I got to stick her with a bunch of therapeutic massages (the non-tippers). The bad news is that the overall turnout this year was horrible! But after the big Thanksgiving bust, I wasn't surprised. I guess you could say I was just disappointed. I was really counting on that money this year to make up for this total slump in business.

With any luck, she''s wondering what the big deal is about hunting season, and will NOT try to steal my shifts again next year. Then again, at the rate things are going there may not be a next year around here. Ugh.

I wonder if the Gap is hiring. I look fabulous in their T-shirts.



Athena Marie said...

I am from south central PA. We had the first 2 days of hunting season off. Trust me, every job right now sucks. I don't know any of my friends that are not scrounging for money so at least we are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say this is a blessing in disguise, she probably won't bother to be bacck next year, should you still be in this business.

Anonymous said...

I would love to come and have a sesion with you. Whats the best way to get in touch with you ???

Coming from south jersey

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if the Gap is hiring"

bad news, retail is not hiring
and it's Christmas and come january
they will be laying off like crazy.

The Gap, Old Navy and marshallls may well close

Lohansappendix said...

Maybe with the gas prices dropping lately, people can catch up with the pesky bills and save their money for the more "important" things. :)

Anonymous said...

Probably time to lower prices or offer more services. Supply and demand and all.

Its a buyers market!

At my regular place in NYC 40 to the house and 20 to the girl gets me 2 pops and all the funbags in my face I want.

Riggstad said...

Cheap bastards! Keep on keepin' on. Things are sure to pick up.

Recessions should be good for your industry.

The wives stop putting out, and its a lot cheaper and more fun for the unmarried than trying to "date".

Anonymous said...

CJ - So I've had my suspicions about this one parlor down the street before, and a couple years ago it was raided and turned out to be part of a human trafficking network(asian girls of course). I noticed recently that its open at like midnight, so I looked it up online and it is on the erotic parlor review sites.

I know you are strongly against operations like this, so I was wondering how the heck to get it shut down? Its like three blocks away from my house, so it can't be good for the neighborhood, and it is horrible if the girls in there are slave labor.

Any tips for getting rid of an operation like that?

Anonymous said...

ReflexVE, it probably depends a lot on your local political scene. Odds are pretty good that the AMP survives by paying off a local politician and/or the cops. It would probably take a very persistent noisy citizen (or a few) to keep complaining about the place to the cops, DA, local city council, etc. You could try bugging your local city council person and see what he/she has to say about the place. Your best chances for getting the place raided is during an election year. However, I'm not sure you want to be the point person in this kind of game. The AMP is probably connected to some not very nice people who skim its profits and won't be very fond of your interference. Personally, I'd keep my nose out of something like that. We've got a handful of AMPs here in New Orleans and one recently got raided. But it takes more than one raid and odds are they aren't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Well I know this may sound odd, but police corruption here is basically nil. The place was raided a year or two ago and shut down, I was suprised to see it open again. I myself am a very low level elected official(nothing big, about as low as it goes, unpaid and all) and I can say that I'd be very suprised if anyone were being paid off. My neighborhood is also middle class.

My guess is that they have bigger fish to fry or just haven't noticed that its back in business, what I'm wondering is how to raise awareness and get some complaints going. Maybe make up some fliers to hand out and post around the neighborhood?

I truly cannot abide human trafficking. I wouldn't care if this was some place like CJ's, but the idea that the girls there are likely smuggled in and made to do this work agianst their will really makes me angry.

zencycle said...

"I wonder if the Gap is hiring. I look fabulous in their T-shirts."

Show us, please?

cj said...

Dear Reflex

The best way to get rid of a business is just draw attention to it. Call the police and complain, then have all your neighbors do the same. Places like that located in neighborhoods can only exist if they keep a really low profile.

But don't stop there. Keep calling and complaining. Remember my post on "nuisance" businesses? Well, the more of a nuisance it creates, the sooner it'll shut down. You're probably right about some payoffs being made to keep the cops away, but when the complaining becomes too much, you'll win in the end. Good luck!


cj said...

Look right about here.............

stop hatin said...

I just want to guys are assuming these girls are "slaves" ..i mean its obviously the customers that continue to need their little dicks rubbed that are keeping these places open..and why shouldnt these girls make a buck off you dumb me if this economy gets any worse..who knows your wives..girlfriends or..gasp your mothers may start jerking dicks...

Anonymous said...

That's it, the gloves are coming off:
ReflexVE, you were clearly a moron. You have now graduated to asshole. "About as low as it goes"? You got that right.

You'll accomplish NOTHING but hurt a couple of low level ex-whores, mongers, and illegal immigrant girls.

But go ahead, it's done every day. The mob doesn't care. And shame on CJ for instigating.

After you've dropped your dime and watched the place go down for a month, watch it being reborn, too: "Grand Opening! New girls! New management!"

Then you can do it again.

I knew that some retards dreamt of rescuing whores, but do it the right way, then. Talk about destroying the village to save it.

Slavery? Really? Do some research, you idiots. And don't forget to go to church.

Anonymous said...

To "stop hatin": actually, you're right. I think that some are trying to open a market for THEIR women.

Anonymous said...

well one things for sure amps provide major competition for the white massage parlors...get rid of the asian places and massage places like cj's will be rolling in the dough-they will have more customers and wmps will be able to charge much more for it...its just simple economics get rid of the competitor and there is a bigger piece of the pie for you. CJ would love to make a guy pay $200 for an hj and then say "stick it where the sun don't shine if you don't like it". Would never go to a massage parlor but competition is what helps keep prices reasonable and honest for the consumer. Asians deserve the right to make a living just like whites do (let them have their share of the pie).