Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back To Work

It's a relief and it's awkward at the same time. What's nice is having a 40 hour schedule again. I can set my alarm clock. I know where I'm going to be every day now. And I don't have to lie to Derek anymore about my whereabouts. I can honestly look him in the eye and say "I am going to work."

The awkward part is coming back under less than ideal circumstances. I left for a reason and now I have to wonder if it's just a matter of time before things get fucked up again. But in the meantime I need to fix the train wreck that The Business has become since I've been gone.

Just like me they were relying on Regulars for a while. Trina said she'd take appointments at The Business, but for the most part there was no other reason to be in the building. She would just wait for either a customer or Maude to call. Most people who just showed up at the door were turned away by Maude. According to Trina, she was seeing about 10 - 15 customers a week this way.

But something about her story didn't add up. 10 sessions would be about $500 a week to Audrey, or $2000 a month. That couldn't possibly pay for Maude's salary, let alone monthly rent and utilities for The Business. So where did Audrey get all the money to keep the doors open AND pay for refurbishing the place? There's only one way - Audrey had to have come out of retirement.

So after a couple days of pestering Maude about what's REALLY been going on around here in my little absence, she confessed that Audrey had in fact been showing up "every now and then" to pick up some sessions. Honestly, I don't know how that girl does it. I thought she already had a full time job so I don't know where she got the energy to do that then run on over to her night job and earn enough money to keep The Business afloat. AND she was doing that while trying to avoid the cops that she knew were watching the place.


I kinda guessed that waaaaay before the topic of me coming back to work ever came up in conversation. Not that it's really that big a deal to me. I'm coming back with most of the Regulars I kept during my time as an independent. Plus now I can pick up the occasional walk-in. We're still worried about anyone staking us out, so we screen the walk-ins more than usual.

My Regulars for the most part are happy I went back because it gives them a safe place to see me instead of their homes or hotel rooms. BUT... I'm still keeping a few Regulars on the side who don't need to come here. These are guys I trust more than usual, and don't mind seeing them outside The Business. There are just some bridges I don't want to burn just yet...

And on a side note, Maude is happy that "her girls" are back. In fact, she's already decorated for Christmas. She did it 2 days after my return. Got a tree, and everything. I wonder if she'd be interested in doing a Secret Santa with Trina and me?



Joe said...

Part of the deal of you coming back to "The Business" was that Audrey would become (and remain) a silent partner, correct? That would mean that her days of "showing up "every now and then" to pick up some sessions" would be over with, right? Right????

If not, is that a deal breaker? Or just more to be expected Audrey bullshit?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're getting back just fine to The Business. Of course, you will still have some problems here and there (coughAudreycough), but you will figure it out.

Anonymous said...


I've been going to a legit place the last week or so and my masseuse is a very attractive woman who is probably about 35, I'm definitely into it and I am much younger and just finishing up college. She seems to be into me and has been giving me damn near erotic massages. I have been very sore from working out my legs. She has been massaging my glutes and rubbing around my the front of my pubic area. She hasn't touched my dick yet, but she has been rubbing right around there. She has even been reaching down the front of my boxers and pulling up as if massaging my hips but coming EXTREMELY close to my dick. Seeing as I've been a little nervous since this is a legit massage place, I haven't been able to get hard while she's been down rubbing around near that are. If I were hard she would have touched it on more than one occasion, that's how close she has been. We have a vibe going on that I read as her being up to the thought of a happy ending or even more if she were to give me her number. For instance today while talking, she talked about the guys she has been dating and said all the girls must love me.

My question is, if this woman has been working so close to my dick and has been reaching down my boxers, I'm wondering how I can turn this into a happy ending? Do you have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

^^^^Turn over with an erection. She'll get the hint.

cj said...


Yikes. I get this kind of question often and I'm always curious how much you're reading into it. So this makes me nervous to tell you to go for it.

I notice that you're still wearing your boxers during the massage. If you want to leave the door open, next time go without. And if you want to go for it, then decline a towel. That's a hint and a half that you want a happy ending.

I'm almost afraid to suggest you try of a these. But either way - good luck!

Joe and Artur,

I'm with you on this one. I'll talk more about our "arrangement" next time. But I am really nervous about how much involvement did she have just recently, and is she really capable of giving it up completely?


Melissa Blade said...

I hope you negotiated a better split by coming back?

In any case, it sounds like you are much safer, which is the most important thing.

Anonymous said...

hey CJ, I'm from NYC and I was working as a MT for half a year, wasn't licensed though, but I didn't offer anything to anyone and always refused to customers, except couple of times when I agreed to drop my pants off for a regular to squeeze my penis for tips (I'm a guy). I'm going to go and work again in a month or so and try to do HE for the first time. Can you give some tips on how to find out if a customer is trusted and really looking for nice relaxing massage or he's someone else trying to make your life worse. Any signs, precautions etc etc. I always refused to do something else but massage so I didn't care about this but now I'm really interested. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

"i dont have to lie to derek"


you whore

Anonymous said...

The good thing this time is that you will know what to watch out for in advance to see when/if it is getting F'ed up agn. Also, perhaps you can even have a head start on either steering things away from that, or getting out before it gets too crazy again. Best wishes. glad you are back in a better place.

Anonymous said...

I think since you were gone for so long.....You need a new picture!!!

I'm really glad you are back, I really enjoy your writing, and I hope you can get back to updating more frequently. Even once a week is great!

Joe said...

Well, "nice" to see some of the haters are still around and spewing. They spend so much time monitoring your blog and making sure they post nasty comments -- you must be awfully important to them for them to expend so much time and energy on you.

Colin said...

Hi CJ, good to have you back :) Here's a story I found that you might find interesting: http://www.salon.com/2011/12/16/im_a_massage_parlor_regular/

Anonymous said...

Really? You can HONESTLY look him in the eye and say you're going to work? Yeah, that stuff about whores being horrible people totally has no basis in reality. Disgusting pig, you should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's a schedule.

How does the money compare to being indy?


Melissa Blade said...

I think we should take up a collection for "Anonymous" so that s/he can get some anger management. Do these people ask themselves why they are here?

Anonymous said...

I think.. Anonymous.. IS Derek.

Just my two cents. Guys may play dumb but the gears are always working, the radar is always on.. The key logger on his computer gave him enough.

Tell him. Salvage what you have.


Anonymous said...

Anon isn't Derek.

A BF who finds out the hard way that the GF is
Hooking, stripping, porn model, cheating always
lets it show.

Even if they do the slow boil, it still shows.

Anon is someone with issues.


Anonymous said...

People/morons that defend CJ: how funny would it be if each and every one of you was Derek?

Seriously. Think about it. Your significant other or spouse is getting naked and getting someone off and lies about it to you.

Anonymous said...


I have recently become obsessed with Russian massage parlors - cleaner, classier and the ladies are way hotter than at AMPs.

This is new territory for me. I was wondering if you know if RMPs are mobbed up like the Koreans and Chinese? The Russian ladies are well taken care of and look far from being prisoners.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


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JJ said...

First off, Merry Christmas. Or Happy Holidays. Whichever offends you less. Congrats on finally getting back to where you're happy.

Second. I know you've said you're in SouthEast PA (either near Easton or Reading, depending on what entry of yours you're reading :P) & I know you can't be too specific for obvious reasons, but as a long-time reader and long-interested potential customer across the border in NJ, it'd be awesome if we could get a little better idea of where to look.

I went to one of those AMPs a few years back and its just the most uncomfortable and unrelaxing massage experience ever. I've yet to find a place around me that isn't an AMP or a "straight massage" parlor. And if your place isn't too far of a drive, you might just get a new customer...

~ JJ

Joey said...

Hey CJ...
I think I saw somewhere in one of the blogs that you had some videos somewhere. And I think I recall that they're safe since they don't show your face. Care to give us a link to those or give someone a Merry Christmas and send them to a loyal reader? ;)

rdg-abe said...

jj: if you monger you know the story she's spun is utter bullshit as no places exhibited the behavior she describes.

anais said...

back together with derek are we? or did i misinterpret the 'no longer have to lie to derek' line? you do have an interesting blog :)

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