Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trina's Tale

Since you've guys have been asking, I'm starting a new thing where I feature stories from Trina - when I can squeeze them out of her.  Let me tell ya, getting her to say anything even half way interesting is like pulling teeth.  And I'm calling it "Trina's Tale" because it's her stories, but it can also be a reference to her ass.  Get it?  Am I a witty genius or what!

Anyway, I figured I'd start it now instead of updating you on the nonsense which is The Business, because I don't know if I ever want to go through the process of extracting gossip out of Trina ever again.  Let me explain.

It all started a few weeks ago when Trina revealed to me that she can actually get herself off during a session.  In fact, not only can she have an orgasm in front of a client, she practically insists upon it.     Heck, sometimes she even forgets to charge extra for the show!

Well, a couple days ago I finally had an opportunity to grill her about what else she does in the room that I don't know about.  Turns out to be quite a lot.  But I thought her most interesting story was and still is the masterbation show.  This is where she takes care of her own business (sometimes with the help of toys) while the client watches.  This is not terribly shocking since I do my own variation of this, except that I fake the finger insertion and the orgasm.

Trina does not.

In fact, she feels that she owes the customer the very best O-face that she can deliver each time.  Now that's what I call customer service.  In her own words, "They're paying me and I like cumming.  It's a win-win for everyone.  Right?"

So I asked her all sorts of questions... How often do you get a request for this extra?  How much do you charge?  Do you allow the guys to help out, or is it strictly hands off?  Do they typically just watch or do they take care of their own business?  I mean, I was looking at Trina in a whole new light and I was truly fascinated and curious.  How often does a girl you've known for half your life really surprise you with something new?

Well here are the facts as presented by Trina:

1) She charges $40 for the show.  Why not round it off at $50 you ask?  "Because most guys only carry $20's on them."

2) Since she's been doing this for a while, word has spread and about half her Regulars ask for it each and every time they do a session.

3) She does not allow the guys to "help out" during the show, but she does allow a select few to rub her legs or even breasts.  In fact, she says her favorite position is to sit on the guys lap and finger herself while he massages her breasts.  According to her, there's nothing like a good nipple pinch to help move things along.

4) Most guys take care of their own business while she takes care of hers.  She said it's a great perk when a customer is willing to do what is essentially her job.  Shit - even I have to agree with her on this one.

Finally I asked her what was the wildest session she's ever had.  And this brings us to my next installment of Freak of the Week.  Gary - The Toy Boy.

When she began to tell me the story of Gary, I remembered him.  He was a Regular of hers for a couple years.  Short guy, balding, with little round glasses.  I remember him as being very quiet.  At least he never said 2 words to me whenever I was working the front desk.  He was Trina's biggest fan for reasons I will make apparent.

He enjoyed her masterbation show, and over the course of time took it to new levels.  She was comfortable enough with him to allow him to start bringing in toys.  We're talking various kinds of dildos, vibrators, etc.  Standard rules applied - toys are OK as long as they are new and in the box.  That's my rule too.  So after a short while, she began to build up a pretty substantial collection.  

Well, she couldn't bring them home to her boyfriend, and she couldn't leave them at work (another standard rule - nothing incriminating can be kept on site such as toys, lingerie, etc.).  So Gary began toting this ever increasing toy collection to and from each session.

Things between them began to get a little more personal.  And this is one of those points in our conversation where I had to pry really hard to get the real story out of Trina.  I kept trying to get her to explain the word "personal" and she confessed that she eventually gave Gary the OK to use the toys on her.  In other words, he was allowed to use a dildo on her while she worked her clit with her own fingers.  

I have to admit, I was totally shocked by this admission.  I used to think she was a prude (well, at least as prudish as jerking guys off for a living can get).  And then Trina tells me "Hold on... letting a guy work a dildo is nothing.  You wanna know the weird thing?"

Well asking me if I wanted to know more was kinda overly dramatic.  I mean I spent an hour of badgering, pressuring and even threatening just to get to that juicy little tidbit about the toys.  Now she's offering up the "weird thing?"  

"Do tell" I said.

"After a while Gary started to get more bold and would make all sorts of new suggestions.  Most of them were an automatic 'no' on my part.  But some were OK, like would I wear high heels, or pretend I was a nun, or suck on one dildo while he fucked me with another."  

My head was spinning too, but bear with me while I finish this story...

"And then one day Gary straight up asked me 'Can I fuck you with a strap on?'  A strap on what? I asked.  I was confused - wasn't a 'strap on' something that dykes used on each other?  Gary explained that since he couldn't actually fuck me, the next best thing would be to wear a fake dick and fuck me with it instead."

So Trina explained in gory detail how Gary brought in a genuine harness with a small selection of attachments.  Trina picked out something that wasn't too intimidating and gave Gary the OK.  I guess his junk was packed behind the base of the dildo, so he would at least get the sensation of thrusting his pelvis as if he were actually fucking her.  Trina said they tried it  at first from behind, and with the help of lots of lube, she actually managed to get off. 

In later sessions, she allowed him to "fuck" her from on top - missionary style.  I asked her if he really got off on this, and she said "OH YEAH. - It was pretty damn real for him."  It was so real to him, in fact, that he would be fucking her and in mid stride start cumming inside the harness.  

I thought I had seen it all until I heard this story.  Now I feel like I'm the prude around here.  And that's Trina's Tale - who knew?



Izodmartin said...

Hey CJ,

I have been to dozens of massage parlors in past 3 years. And maybe this can help others...
1. If the massage place have a small lobby with only a window and maybe 1 couch. It is definitely FULL Service.
2. Have a conversation with the masseuse, that really helps to get a happy ending.
3. I have offered several massage ladies a massage and it works sometimes. I really get off massaging them and I get really happy ending.
4. Lastly, If you in an asian parlor and they spend more than 15 mins on your back at best your getting a HJ.

ZeroSeventy said...

I must say that You are quite a prude CJ! Considering what girls can do and often do to keep their clients, You really stand out as the cool "plain" one ^^.

I was working for a place like yours, just with the difference that I am a male. We had 2males 4females staff, 4of us with certificates, and 2 without. And I know that girls were doing various things to attract clients, our boss disapproved of full service, but as she said "i dont care what you do, can even shit on him, as long as you're not fucking anyone here!".

I am really curious about your crysis moment, when you allowed the guy to finger you... Why did you do that? Coz from what you post, its like total contradiction of your behaviour.

rahul said...

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Tom Moran said...

Trina is a genius. Ask her if she's single and might like to relocate to New York. :)

swoosh said...

Hey CJ,

I just wanted to say thank you for the blog. I stumbled accross the blog a few days ago while doing some reasearch on massage parlors in or around Atlanta GA. So my question is to you and your readers. I have been trying your tips to find a local area that isn't Asian operated, but I am having no luck. Can anyone offer me a site that is free to use or point me in the right direction? As a first time person using an out call service makes me more nervous because of the stories I have heard. If anyone knows a good out call service in the area please let me know.

CJ, keep up the great stories. Sorry to hear about the problems with some of the comments. Stay true to who you are and just remember the people that left the rude marks have no idea who you really are or what thoughts you have.

Anonymous said...

CJ, thanks for another interesting and entertaining story.

My guess is Tina is way more adventuous than you and has other wild tales to tell...

Keep these tales coming!!

Shannon Rae said...

That sounds like a great day at work.

John Smith said...

There is not nothing wrong with getting paid to have orgasms. The only way I'll ever accomplish this is to participate in sexual research. Good for Trina. Though I an curious, what is the most amount of real real o's she's ever had in a day. As a guy, when I can set aside a day, I can hit the high teens.

From a customer prospective, I'm also the type of guy who enjoys getting girls off. I don't know why, but I do. I have a regular girl who strictly mechanical the first few times. After many session and coaxing, I manage to get her to where I want her to be. So our sessions are now a full body massage from her. Then I play with her kitty until she o's, than she finishes me.

Kaley said...

Hey CJ,

Great post, that must have taken great investigating skills!

You sometimes mention police raids or officers who try to infiltrate a Business. I was wondering if you ever had an experience with anything like that?

Anonymous said...

i have done the mutual masturbation thing with a lady at a adult book store many years ago. it was an erotic experience that i will never forget. never met women that will do it for me so i guess it was a once in a life time deal. don't get the strap on but to each his own.i wish we had more Tina's in my area i would go to massage parlors more often

jtparker32 said...

...The Client List.. on Lifetime has this blog in living color!

John Smith said...

Except not every client will be toned, well mannered, and rich. If the massage girl is lucky, she might get a client that at least fits two of the descriptions.

down under dude said...

Hey CJ,

I'm wondering if your parlor offers 'doubles' i.e. two masseuses doing the massage. I've had one before and the sensation of two different ladies doing the release is truly incredible. Of course it's also rather expensive. But worth it!

Alexa Salinger said...

Clearly a smart business move on Trina's part. Love the blog!

Afake Firstandlastname said...

Hello! I'm a longtime reader, first time poster. Well, I'm actually a reader from long ago, a non-reader for a few years, and just picked it back up again last nIght. Your writing is very refreshing, your topic original (as far as I know), and your personality shining through the writing. I don't know if what you're writing has any bit of truth in it, but really, does that matter? You've kept me entertained and I appreciate it. Please keep it up and stay safe and out of jail! Now excuse me as I catch up on the rest of these entries.

Anonymous said...

i see no one cares about this blog anymore. killing your comment base ruined people coming back with the exception of the sycophants, i guess.