Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now Hiring

Hey guys...  Long time I know.  With the good weather and the pick up in business, the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down in front of a computer.  In fact, I've barely had the time.  Let me explain...

I think I mentioned last time that we hired a new girl.  Well, that was soooooooooo 20 minutes ago.  Since then we've actually gone through 3 girls.  Ya see, spring is here and Trina and I want help so we can finally do that Vegas trip we've been talking about forever.  Heck, I'd be happy to get a whole weekend off at this point.  So I've gotten to the point where I'll pretty much hire anything that walks through the door with tits and no visible needle tracks.

Yes, it's that bad.  You would think it's easy to find a girl with massage experience who's also:

Clean looking
Pleasant conversation

I'm sorry, but I guess my list forgot to mention FULL SERVICE and VIOLENT PIMP because that seems to be the only kind of girls who apply.

It's been a month now since I hired a pretty little Mexican girl. She walked in and asked for a job.  I hired her on the spot when she said she used to work at a place I'm familiar with.  That place was notoriously full service, so I should have kept an eye on her.  In fact, I should have suspected something when on her first day she had like 6 appointments already lined up.  I mean it's not unusual for girls in The Business to have fans that will follow from place to place, but that was just ridiculous.  

Her brief employment went something like this... 

Day 1 - Amazingly busy
Day 2 - Insanely busy
Day 3 - Suspiciously busy
Day 4 - Why are you so busy?
Day 5 - What do you mean you've been advertising The Business as full service on the internet?
Day 6 - You're fired

It turns out she was advertising her services without my knowledge.  Not that The Business wasn't making money -  we were cleaning up on the door fee.  But as you all know, we are not supposed to be a full service establishment, and the LAST thing I need is someone posting that all over the internet.  

And that was just the first girl I hired.  

Then there was Girl #2 - a skinny, pale, quiet girl with a massage license.  Mind you, it was from a different state, but at that point I didn't care.    She showed up on time!  She did a good job!  The customers liked her!  I think she's going to ...hey wait a minute... why is her boyfriend sitting out in the parking lot all day?

Actually it was Maude who noticed.  Maude sees everything.  And she noticed on the second day that there was a guy sitting in a car outside all day long.  At first she thought it was someone scoping out The Business, but then Girl #2 went out to the car a couple of times during her shift.  

Maude told me all about it the next day, so when #2 came in I sat her down and told her that we can't afford to have anyone hanging out like that.  We are not the only business at this address, and people lurking in the parking lot is not a my idea of keeping a low profile.  So she went outside and a few minutes later a car went tearing out of the parking lot.  Problem solved.

The next day, #2 was scheduled for the evening shift with Trina.  According to her, #2 was dropped off by the boyfriend around 4.  Then around 7, this guy comes storming into The Business and starts demanding to know where #2 is.  Before Trina can say anything, she comes running up from the back room and begs the guy to go outside to "talk."  They go outside where there is even more yelling.  #2 comes back in, runs to the back and then runs back out, hands something to the boyfriend, then he leaves.  She later tells Trina that he was upset because he needed some cash for dinner and it was nothing.  

Trina called me that night and told me everything so I wouldn't be surprised the next time it happened.  I had #2 for the next morning shift.  But lucky for me I also had Maude.

The Boyfriend came storming in around noon.  I guess he hadn't had lunch yet because he was screaming something about "my money."  As Trina described before, #2 came running up, handed him a wad of cash, and he disappeared.  

Maude pulled me aside and we talked for a while about what to do.  I mean, #2 was a decent enough worker, but I couldn't have this kind of drama going on in a setting that requires discretion.  I said we can't afford to let this happen again.  Maude said "I got this one."

Two days later, during the day shift there was another "episode" with #2 and boyfriend.  Trina was there and she told me that the came bursting in and yelling again.  But this time Maude stepped out from behind the desk and actually go the guy to go outside.  Something was said and he left before #2 could come running up with the contents of her purse.  That night I got the call from #2 that this job wasn't for her and she was moving on.

To this day I still have no idea what Maude said to this guy, but I guess when you live in her neighborhood, your people skills are slightly more robust than usual.  Thank goodness she works the front desk instead of me!



Advizor54 said...

Your stories are always such a kick. You have got to start writing for Jennifer Love Hewitt. Please.

errwig said...

Wow, this post has it all, suspense, wonder, humor, evil, dispair, cruelty, sex appeal, future dream (Vegas), a desire to return for the rest of the story, a new broadening of an inside character... on and on, but of course a temporary happy ending...

Honey Riedher said...


Mr. PMW said...

have you guys avoided being placed on review sites such as adultsearch or naughy reviews..?

Mr. PMW said...

oh btw thanks for helping me get FS it was fun cept i feel that having large hardware can be a prob in the furture... or i should avoid AMP And MP that have girls that dont like Diamondback snakes

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, can you give your idea of current prices for certain services? Around here I hear that different places charge different for a HJ, etc. I'm a newbie looking for my first experience. Thx.

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Anonymous said...

Have any of your coworkers discovered the blog?

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