Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Craigstlist Killer

Have you guys been following this story? Apparently they just caught this fucker up in Boston who was preying on working girls he met on Craigslist. Is this fucked up or what? I mean, here are some poor girls just trying to make a living, and here comes this asshole who decides to make a thing out of beating, robbing and now killing them. The whole thing just makes me sick.

And to add insult to injury, the news keeps going on and on about how all these women were "sex workers" offering "erotic services" off of Craigslist. They said 1 of his victims was a stripper, and the other 2 were masseuses (including the 1 he killed). I know they need to make everything more sensational for the news, but would it have mattered any if they were just housekeepers or waitresses? And another thing I read that REALLY pissed me off implied that it was their fault for advertising their services on Craigslist!

Look, I'm no fan of Craigslist. In fact, I consider it the world's biggest Pimp Daddy for single-handedly selling more sex than anything else on the planet. But just because you advertise your particular service does not mean that you are any less deserving of protection from violence than anyone else. That is bullshit.

The other thing about this story that got to me was seeing the pictures of that smug little arrogant asshole after he was caught and pleaded not guilty. Here he is - a kid of privilege who got his kicks by attacking these poor girls who make a living on the legal fringe of society.

I can picture it too - he probably got his little dick rubbed by some girl he met on the internet. Then he figured that if he just beat the crap out of her and took his money back, what's she gonna do? What's the word of an internet hooker versus a student doctor? He probably figured he was above the law and could get away with it - that's why he did it at least 3 times. Luckily, the first 2 girls he robbed went to the police and they had already figured out it was him by the time he murdered the 3rd girl.

I've met this type before. Privileged rich kids who think their shit don't stink. Thank Gawd, we don't have too many of that type around here since we're mostly rednecks. But once in a while I'll get that customer who thinks you're nothing more than a whore and he treats you as such. Now in case you haven't been reading my blog very long, you haven't figured out yet that I have a very short fuse. I have a very low tolerance for assholes, and zero tolerance for arrogant assholes. More than once I've thrown guys out just for their attitude. And to make things more fun for me, I know exactly what buttons to press to make these guys feel 2 inches tall by the time they're out the door.

So here's to you Mr. Craigslist Killer... I hope you rot in jail for a long time and end up as the Bitch to a gang of very large convicts who think you have a pretty mouth. I'll bet money that you won't be thinking of picking on poor little masseuses while you're being ass-raped for the 3rd time during your daily shower. I'd tell you to go fuck yourself, but I'm sure your cellmates Bubba and Tiny will do that for you.



Anonymous said...

I agreed with most of what you've said here, but I have to disagree with you on one point. You are, just like the woman who was killed by this prick, a "sex worker". Just because you say you "work for tips", rather than "work for money", you're still providing sex for money. Or, maybe you subscribe to Bill Clinton's view on what is or isn't sex. But a handjob IS sex.

As you said, none of these women deserved this. Their choice of advertising does not make them any more deserving. I also don't think much of craigslist, and would never use it, myself. (to buy or sell anything)

Not only did this arrogant prick feel like he was better than these women, I think he thought he was too smart to ever get caught. Well, he's been caught now. And, like you said, he really deseves to live out the rest of his days as a sex toy for all his cellmates. I'm sure they're all a lot tougher than this spoilled, rich kid.

mommasboy said...

True, you are in fact exactly the type of woman this asswipe would prey upon. The only difference is that you don't do 'outcalls', and there's the possibility that she may have been willing to have intercourse instead of just a hand or breast release.

I do find it surprising that incidents of violence against women in your business aren't much more wide spread. I figure this asswipe though he would get away with it because he was under the false assumption that the police wouldn't bother to investigate a murdered sex worker.

I agree also the these 'people of privledge' are some the ugliest scariest mother fuckers on the planet. I'm much more likely to treat a woman working in the sex 'industry' with the respect she deserves as a person than some spoiled rich princess who judges people by which country club they belong to.

Anonymous said...

See, this is what I do not agree with in regards to the punishment fitting the crime.

Here go my tax dollars on a trial that will last forever and then if convicted he will spend an inordinate amount of time in jail. Which we are all paying for....

Fuck that!

For the crime of raping those women? You get castrated! It all comes off and here is your pee bag with your catheter.

For killing that girl? You are now a slave to that girl's family. You wear a discipline collar where they zap you with 120 volts if you get out of line...or if they just fuckin want to..its up to them...they own you.

Put this type of justice system in place and you watch these types of crime go down...lessen...become extinct.

Anonymous said...

string him up by the balls.....and then throw him in a solitary cell for rest of life.

Anonymous said...

There's no 'D' in privilege.

cj said...

Thanks! - Corrected.

RIV said...

While everyone has very good points, the thing that REALLY angers me is how most of the people that know him refuse to believe it;

"He's too NICE."
"HE's SUCH a great guy!"
"He's a PRE-MED student! He can't be it!"

Bullshit. Every serial killer that has been caught has thrown people for a loop.
We just can't get out of our stupid mentality of what a serial killer SHOULD look like.

I hope he committed a killing here in Texas. We'd stick a needle in him for sure.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here seen the evidence against the alleged killer? What's that? No, you have not? I didn't think anyone had. If he is convicted of these crimes, then you can talk all this nonsense. What happened to a presumption of innocence? When in people's minds did prison rape become an acceptable punishment? When did male on male rape become a source of amusement? On what basis are we going to teach people rape is wrong if we then sentence criminals to be raped?

Sometimes the views of other Americans embarrass me.

Anonymous said...

flyinfox - Justice systems like that exist today and have for centuries. Guess what? Crime is just as prevelant. Someone who does these things does not think of consequences or does not feel they will ever face them. Punishment simply will not serve as a form as prevention for people like this.

Anonymous said...

Even I agree, these 'people of privilege' are the ugliest mother fuckers on earth.

CJ, Have you ever experienced dealing with people from India (east Indians). Those mother fuckers are usually very rich and behave very rudely.

Anonymous said...


He picked sex workers to rob, as opposed to housekeepers, because they have money. Housekeepers make 8-12/hour, they get a one or two buck tip for every room.

A sex worker makes 200-300/hour, and carries it all in cash. You can often times knock them over for a days wages and thats' a grand or more.

Now for what he's going to get, it's probably 5-9, because the victim is going to play poorly to the jury.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ... saw this posted on The Onion today, thought it might brighten your day for a couple minutes and give you a little giggle:

cj said...

We don't get many Indians around here so I couldn't say.

Other Anon,
Read the Onion thing - that was funny! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

As long as people are civil towards one another everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect (from massage therapists to CEOs)...Graduating from one of the most wealthiest California universities I can tell you I met some pretty douchey rich students (fancy cars, expensive housing, no job) who looked down on me because I worked and made it on my own merit, had a lousier car, and barely made ends meet (I was a gym rat and muscular but there were times when I lost 10-15 pounds and wondering where my next meal might come from). Who were they to look down on me? Totally infuriating!