Friday, April 3, 2009

Freak of the Week - The Sadistic Fuck

THIS is the story that I wanted Trina to tell last week, but she refused. So I'm gonna tell it instead because I think it needs to be said.

Trina has this Regular that's been in maybe 6 or 7 times. Definitely a Regular because whenever he comes in, he insists on seeing her and only her. To me, he just looks like some normal old guy, maybe around 60. Always wearing a sweater with nice dress shoes, like he just got back from visiting his grandkids. Hair is only slightly gray and cut very short.

At first glance you'd say he was a retired military or corporate guy. We get a lot of those around here. The guys with the decent retirement still have the cash to splurge on us once a month. And it's funny because some of these guys are like clockwork. For example, I have a retired Regular who has a standing appointment for the third wednesday of every month at 11 am. He probably tells his wife he's out golfing.

Anyway, this customer of Trina's only books a 30 minute session. According to her, when he gets in the room, he just drops his pants and sits in a chair. He doesn't want a massage. Instead, he tells her to undress and then go straight to the happy ending while he's sitting in the chair and she's kneeling in front of him. So in other words, their session is basically a 30 minute hand job.

Now that's a looooong time for anyone to keep that up, so her arms must be killing her by the end. But that's not the sadistic part of the session. Apparently, while Trina is naked on her knees working that cock with her hands, this old guy just goes on and on saying the most vile, twisted, perverted, sickest shit you can possibly imagine.

And I don't mean the typical "you're a dirty whore" stuff either. Trina refuses to talk about it now, but from what I've gathered, this sick mother fucker says the most humiliating and degrading things about her. A lot of it is along the lines of "how can you look yourself in the mirror?" or "if your mother could see you now" - kinda shit. I mean the most insulting, hurtful kind of stuff that can be said.

Trina's just sits there quietly taking it while continuing to work his dick. She isn't allowed to say anything back, or make eye contact. And this torture goes on for 30 minutes, or until he finally cums. Then he just sort of zips up and leaves while she cleans herself up.

The first time she ever had him in session, Trina said it was kinda funny for the first 10 minutes, then it felt uncomfortable before moving on to creepy. And by the end of the session it was actually starting to get to her. After he left that first time, she locked herself in the bathroom and cried. I asked her why she continues to see him if he's such an asshole. Turns out that he tips extremely good - I mean we're talking rent money good. So if Trina is willing to sell a tiny piece of her self respect each month in order to pay her bills, who am I to say anything?

Now you know me - any guy says ANYTHING that bothers me and his ass is out the door. No Regular is worth that. If a guy wants to call me a dirty whore in order to fit the mood, that's one thing. But if a guy calls me a dirty whore and MEANS it - that's something else. I can't imagine selling little bits of my soul like that for any amount of money.

I just really pisses me off to think about it. She deserves better. That's all.



Advizor said...

I know that the money is hard to pass up, but she should stop seeing him. Jerks like that are damaging and hurtful, and she doesn't need to feed her head with that kind of negativity.

Hypatia said...

I saw a lot of guys like this while working in (a related but also not-full-service profession). They really scared me, more so than the guys who wanted something really weird, because it seemed like an extreme outgrowth of hatred of women in general, and as such it didn't feel like fantasy, or like something they were likely to leave behind "in session."
I don't usually make judgements about people's lives in the real world based on what gets them off. I do understand that, particularly when you go to a professional, you are compartmentalizing that aspect of yourself.
But I wonder how a guy like that treats his wife or, god forbid, his daughter.

Riggstad said...

I'm having a hard time understanding her issue.

Hear me out. I think it's horrid for anyone to treat another human being in such a manner, but considering the arena...

She isn't threatened physically, and the guy pays for his service how he wants it.

I can understand the creepy part, but isn't there some line of things never being personal in that line of work? And if you don't take things as personal, then how can this be an issue.

The guy is obviously a retard, but it can only affect her if she takes it personally.

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not being cold here. I'm just trying to define what's ok and what's not based on the clients willingness to pay, the providers willingness to accept the fee, and providing that no legal lines are crossed, and no physical harm will come of it.

Of course, as a provider, you have the right to not take a client for any reason, in any business. But if the money is that good, isn't it possible to just separate yourself from any personal attachment to what is being said or done?

See, I would think that you wouldn't even hear the comments. Because you know you're getting rent money? Or am I way off?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the problem is. He's paying for services rendered. Trina's made her peace with it, why so judgmental? Stop lying to your self, you sell yourself every day, just in a way that you are comfortable with. One ho judging another ho, pot and kettle.

Anonymous said...

If he made her cry, I would imagine that this guy is saying stuff that might be close to home, he probably sits there focusing on all of her faults, and if you are an erotic masseuse, and some guy sits there calling you a whore for thirty minutes, that's obviously going to stir up some emotions.

Sure it pays more money, but the dynamic changes drastically when you are giving a "release" to a guy that finds you attractive, to a guy that degrades you and your being for thirty minutes.

Anonymous said...

That's horrible. He's a sick fuck. Poor Trina.

The boundaries aren't so easy to maintain as you might imagine.

Be kind.

Advizor said...

It seems to me, as an experience amateur psychologist, that his language towards her is a direct reflection of how he feels about needing her services. It is apparent that he feels anger, disgust, and self-loathing about his own actions, therefore, he has to degrade her to bring her even lower.

He must keep the upper hand to maintain a sense of control and choice in the matter. If he, as "the man" has to resort to a professional for his sex, then he needs to see them as subservient.

I don't think there is a lot of mystery behind his action.

I'm sure there is a huge difference for Trina when a guy comes in with a good attitude that says, "Hey, I'm getting a massage and a hand job from a beautiful girl today. Yippee for me!!!"

If she can understand his emotional need to degrade, as horrible as that sounds, and then take on a persona of the whore he believes he needs, then she can separate herself from his words and make it all part of the play.

He has my pity, and Trina has my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

To those of you wondering, it's all about comfort zones.

Sex work is personal, even though there are many possible strategies to deal with the emotion work involved. But how well a person utilizes them is a different question. Many people in service professions have challenges dealing emotionally with their work - but unlike them, sex workers rarely have the opportunity to vent and discuss it with others.

If a guy tried to say that to me, he'd be out of the door in 5 minutes. Paying customer or not. The same way any customer who oversteps rules and boundaries is warned first, then thrown out.

But it's not a question of A is not okay with it, and B is okay. Trina, from the description, is not comfortable with this either. The very fact that she won't throw him out while being upset shows that she does not have the confidence to do so. That she may be internalizing some of this.

Sex work is work, but our society sees renting our brains as fine and wonderful, but renting out sexual skills as extremely negative. Unfortunately, many sex workers internalize that attitude instead of challenging it. Interestingly enough, I heard a lot about "you are basically selling yourself!" while preparing for interviews graduating from business school - and never when I did sex work.

Those of you who say he doesn't physically hurt her should look up definitions of abuse in relationships. It doesn't have to be physical. Verbals works just as well.

My advice to her would be to think long and heard about this. I've learned that you are happier when you only see clients you are comfortable with - that makes you more confident and appealing and attracts new clients. I am not beautiful - merely pretty - but I never compromised and always had a steady supply of clients who were attracted to me because of my confidence.

We make money to ensure quality of life, don't we? The money she makes in a 30-minute hand job cannot be worth the continuous drain on her system it takes. The cost of making that money does not justify the benefits. The relief once she drops him will be immense. And a new client will eventually take his place.

Good luck to you, Trina!


Anonymous said...

You deserve what you are willing to take money for!

em jay peeee said...

Wow, what a creepo!

I wonder what happened to him to make it so he needs that kinda stuff to get off?

I'm all about the dirty talk and the rough sex and the domination and all, but only as a fantasy/playtime thing. I think I'd lose my erection if I really hurt my lady when I'm telling her she's gonna choke on my meat, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Trina deserves better. This stuff is supposed to be fun. Encourage her to stop seeing this asshole. Life is too short to put up with that. And like someone already said, someone else MUCH nicer will take his place.