Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Domme

I got an e-mail the other day from a guy who wanted to mix things up, so instead of seeing a regular erotic masseuse, he saw a Dominatrix instead. Funny story which I can't tell here, but it's definitely a complete departure from your standard rub-n-tug. And not for the faint of heart.

I have an old friend I used to work with who's a professional Domme. And when I say "professional" I mean that not only did she make a living at it, she actually led the lifestyle.

Nicest woman you'd ever want to meet too. We'll call her Wanda. Just by looking at her, you'd never know it. Usually kept her hair up. Wore nice blouses or cardigans to work. A very conservative appearance which she said was sometimes necessary when she made housecalls to some of the upper crust neighborhoods of Philly.

We worked together at my last business, which was a number of years ago. Apparently she was moonlighting from her regular gig of whipping guys for money and considered the whole massage thing as a kind of vacation. Wanda lived in one of the nicer suburbs of Philly and would commute into town to her "studio" most of the week, and then commute out to the boondocks to work our business on the weekends.

Now when I say she lived the life - she lived the life. Her house - apart from being incredibly tasteful - was filled with all sorts of elegant, but scary bondage implements. It wasn't uncommon to find a rubber cat-o-nine tails lying on the kitchen counter, or see the sewing machine propped up against an iron cross. One of my favorite stories about her was when I was sitting in her living room admiring these beautifully designed crystal sculptures on her coffee table, which I later found out were very very very expensive dildos.

But that wasn't the coolest thing about her. She also had a live in slave.

Now if you pictured the leather bound Gimp from Pulp Fiction, or some sexy girl in a chainmail bikini, you'd have it all wrong. The "slave" was a woman who had been referred to Wanda for her most extreme of services - slave training. Turns out that she was this total fuck up with absolutely no self control or discipline, and Wanda took it upon herself to get this woman's life in order - basically for free.

The slaves duties were to cook, clean, shop, and do other menial errands around the house. And that was mostly it. But, as Wanda explained there was this very strict ritual to it. And all of the rules of keeping the house and attending to her "Mistress" had to be strictly adhered to, or else the riding crop came out.

I didn't quite understand myself until one day while we were chatting at the kitchen table, she demonstrated by silently raising an empty coffee cup over her head. I swear to Gawd - I have never seen a waitress move as quickly as this "slave" to grab a pot of coffee. Wanda never took her eyes off me as her cup was quickly topped off. And her big grin only proved that she took pride in her work.

And I guess this was the sort of attention to detail that Wanda brought to every aspect of this womans life. She taught her how to balance a checkbook, mantain a schedule, clean her room, get car insurance - mundane stuff like that. And after about a year of this, she was finally able to take control of her own life. She got a job, moved out and I hear is now leading the relatively "normal" life that the rest of us take for granted.

I took a session with Wanda once, just because I was curious about the whole BDSM thing. I won't get into it here, but let's just say it was very intense, and I could see why guys were willing to pay $$$ for it.

I haven't seen her in ages, but we still chat once in a blue moon. Last I heard, the economy was taking it's toll on the Domme industry too and she had resorted to bartering with some of her more loyal clients. She told me about this one guy who couldn't afford her fees anymore, so she arranged for him to perform "submissive house cleaning." He'd come over, switch to his bondage outfit, then clean her house. Meanwhile, she would dress up in thigh-highs with garter and follow him around barking orders at him. And at the end of the session (and the house was spotless) she'd give him the stockings as a reward!!!

That's what I need - a guy to come over and clean my house in exchange for a happy ending. I swear - if business gets any slower I might resort to that! LOL



Al Sensu said...

Wonder if my wife will give me a handjob if I clean the house?

I think that would work.

Thanks for the idea!

Tom Moran said...

"I took a session with Wanda once, just because I was curious about the whole BDSM thing. I won't get into it here ... "

Why not? You know we want to hear about it. :)

mommasboy said...
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mommasboy said...

Two things:

1) getting your house cleaned in exchange for a hand job won't pay the bills.

2) A Dom is male, and Domme is Female.

FWIW - I've commented about this before - you wrote a post about the guy you did with a strap-on, and said you ended up with an incredible feeling of power and satisfaction. I think you would make an excellent Domme. Besides, as Wanda proves, there's more money in it and you don't to get your hands dirty (hand/boob release).

Think about it...You in a pair of six inch stilettos and a corset, with some pathetic worm groveling at your feet appreciating you whipping his ass with a leather strap, with no requirement for a happy ending. There's also the added bonus that _all_ of your clients will show you respect. You never have to worry about the guy who thinks your a disgusting tramp (like the asshole that emotionally beats up on trina).

Just good clean fun.

cj said...

Thanks!!! I made the correction.

And sometimes a HJ doesn't pay the bills, but if it can get my house clean that works for me. I once read this really funny post from Slutty McWhore where she talked about thinking of things in terms of HJ's. For example, a TV would be 4 HJ's and a vacation might be 10 HJ's.

I started to write about it then realized that was a whole story by itself. Maybe I'll follow up with that one.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to the strap on story? I love girls with strap ons! :)