Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011 !!!!!

Now where are the flying cars and personal robots they promised us?

Anyway, I FINALLY got around to responding to comments from the last 3 weeks. Funny how the slower work is, the lazier I get. I think I'm just happy to take a break after a hectic holiday season. Not much to report here other than Audrey is gone!!! Yeah!!!! We're all so happy about that - especially Maude who's now talking about decorating for Valentines Day. Oh brother.

This picture right here - This is what I'm gonna name my own business when I take the plunge later this year. Whadya think - too obvious? I figure the best way to hide a tree is to put it in a forest.

Now that it's 2011, I can look back on 2010 and be thankful that it's over. For me, this years highlights include:

Audrey leaving The Business
Me running The Business
I got a boyfriend!
NOT getting raided (told you it would end after election day)

"Chicken Fucker" - my favorite Freak of the Week
Bartering for half my Christmas List
I went on vacation! (finally)
Business returning to pre-recession days

I don't know about you guys, but I do New Years resolutions. It's fun to see what you want to do, and then compare notes on how miserably you failed later on. Some of mine include:

1) Keeping a boyfriend for more than a year
2) Seriously thinking about starting my own business
3) Saving money (to do #2)
4) Telling the boyfriend EVERYTHING (in direct conflict with #1)
5) Going legit (in direct conflict with #2 AND #3)

I know that half of them don't make any sense, but I figure with half of them cancelling the other half out, I may actually get something done this year.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a fantastic 2011.



Anonymous said...

Good Luck Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

CJ, Happy New Year!!

I'm glad to see you're seriously considering starting your own business.

I'm curious, regarding your New Year's resolutions, what is the longest time you've had a steady boy friend?

I enjoy reading your blog and think you're a terrific writer.

Thrush said...

For a brief second I thought you posted a pic of The Business. No such luck. Happy New Year, I gave up soda as a first step to a better diet. We'll see how that goes.

Joker_SATX said...

Happy New Year to you CJ! And remember that if you shoot for the moon and just end up in orbit, you are still a winner!

Continuous But Plural said...

Don't do number 4!!!!!!! C'mon! You know how it'll be, he'll have a go-to insult during any fight...some things should just be private and exactly how you make your money should be one of them.

Anonymous said...

Just recently stumbled upon your blog and I'm hooked. Your writing abilities have drawn me in just as much as the content. I see you've gotten this a lot over the years but I'm sure it never gets old. As for #4, if you want the relationship to work out longterm, or any future relationship for that matter, be honest. If not, 1 of 2 things happen. 1) Truth comes out eventually and the time spent hiding it will hurt the guy just as much, if not more, than the truth itself. 2) Truth never comes out and it's something you have to live with the entire time you are together. Why do that to yourself? Be with someone who accepts you for everything that you are, anyone who doesn't isn't worth it. Plus, if it's too much for him to handle, it's only right you allow him the chance to make that decision. I'd think you'd want the same courtesy.

Anonymous said...

With that all said, obviously it's not something you blurt out right away. I suppose the tricky part is finding that moment where enough time has been spent together where he's committed but not too much time where he can't get over the fact you've hid this for so long. Maybe after a couple months being exclusive? I don't envy that decision.

adm.fookbar said...

hey, drop it during a good handjob one day

Tom Moran said...

If you're going to start your own massage business, think about starting it in New York. It'll save me the travel time. :)

Anonymous said...

so are you wanting to open up a happy ending place or a legal business?

the regular said...

This Failblog post fits.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. You make me realize that I should try an erotic massage. Can you tell me what you think of small dick. Not for your personal life but as an erotic masseuse.

Anonymous said...

u do owe it to him to tell the truth...i think u said once in your blog you are the jealous type and that you wouldnt want your bf going to a strip club much less a massage parlor-while i find this somewhat hypocritical onyour part (doesnt matter if you're doing it for money-in fact it would probably make it worse for me personally) he does deserve to know so he can make the choice. Wouldnt you expect the same? and if u found he was going to a strip club or parlor behind your back wouldnt you be sad/mad/upset? that said i wish you the best of luck and a happy new year (if i were in his shoes i couldnt go steady with you exclusively until you quit...i am the jealous type too lol but every guy is different and i believe there is someone out there for everyone) :)

Anonymous said...

I like how the one guy said "he isn't worth it" if he doesn't accept you for who you are. You should be lucky if he accepted you for who you are, or worried because that means he has no class. No guy with class would date a whore that gives handjobs for cash. Grow up slut.