Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Fan

I've calmed down a little since last week - partly because Sugar Daddy Pete never called Cindy and partly because I had a customer cheer me up. I know that being obsessed over one customer is stupid, especially one that I've only seen a few times. And it took a visit from one of my fans to help me see that.

Here at The Business, we usually refer to our youngest of customers as "fans." That's because the young guys have a tendency to totally crush on their masseuse. And it's usually a nice puppy-love, "I made you a mix CD" kind of crush as opposed to the Fatal Attraction, "I waited for you in the parking lot for 6 hours" kind.

Our theory is that when you're a young guy (we're talking early 20's), that first happy ending at the hands of a trained professional is their first exposure to women who don't play games. In other words, it's their first sexual experience that didn't involve flowers, dinner, alcohol, rambling emails about "feelings," or pretending to like Glee. And to top it off, there's no obligatory small talk afterwards or promises to "call ya later!"

It's EXACTLY how most guys like it. And when a young customer gets it for the first time - a "fan" is born.

has been a fan of mine for over a year. He goes to school in Jersey, but his folks are local so he has an excuse to stop by every now and then. He was here this past weekend and managed to swing by and say "hi." Maude wasn't there, so we had time to just hang out and catch up on several months worth of gossip.

You want to know how sweet this kid is? He brought me an Easter card for goodness sake. I mean, how nice is that? I would never have even thought of doing something like that except for my sisters kids.

I asked him if he wanted a session but he pleaded poverty and said he needed to head back to Jersey. Since I was really enjoying his company I offered him a therapeutic for the road if he agreed to pay the door fee.

Let me point out here that I collect the door fee to cover my ass. Even though I was by myself that afternoon, if Maude or anyone else were to walk in, they would find my session properly booked and the fee collected. Not booking appointments is one of the easiest ways to rip off your boss in a parlor, so Audrey has been known to fire girls on the spot for doing that shit.

Anyway, I told him to go get comfortable while I did the paperwork. He practically ran into the room, which I took as a compliment. When I joined him, he was already buck naked and lying on top of the table. Since this was a therapeutic, I only had to remove my hoodie before we got started.

This is when the conversation got interesting. He started to tell me about a girl he's interested in. But it's not that simple because she's from the west coast and why start something now before summer break?

Before I knew it, half an hour had already passed. But I really wanted to talk to someone about the Pete thing, so I told Chris to flip over. I started on his legs as I filled him in on the whole Pete saga. He actually paid attention and offered enough advice to make me feel better about my behavior over the whole mess. Apparently it took someone who was probably the most removed from my situation as possible to let me know how stupid I was behaving. But he was niceabout it!

15 minutes later, I felt truly better. The most relief I had felt about feelings that had been festering for a week. I thanked him for playing therapist, and he said it was nothing and why can't any of the girls he meets be as cool as me... etc.

Yes - we were having a moment. As if you had any doubts where this story was going. So to prevent any undo stress and anxiety in my more delicate readers, let me reveal right now that I gave Chris a freebie. And believe me, a free HJ is really the least I can do.

What? Did you think I was going to fuck him? Hello - I have a boyfriend.

Younger guys are usually quite happy with the standard happy ending and almost never bother to ask for extras. I think it's because they can get off so easily that they don't need an extra kink like costumes, cum play, ball busting, etc (although I did have 1 fan that was obsessed with women's asses, so he would spring for a butt release). I also think that the younger guys are more likely to get things like dirty talk, lingerie, facials, etc. in their own sex lives, so they don't miss it as much as the older ones.

Chris was already at full attention so it's not like he had very far to go towards the finish line. After our brief exchange of very personal compliments, our eyes locked for a couple seconds longer than was comfortable. And let me say this about Chris - he has a VERY intense stare. When he's aroused, he will look deep into your eyes as if he were pleading for his very own life. Well, at least I imagine it as such. I like to pretend that he's dying and only an immediate orgasm at my capable hands will save him (Hey - I can daydream at work too ya know).

I broke his spell on me by suddenly pulling my shirt over my head. I figured if I didn't do something quickly, I would do something stupid. And his bewitching eyes were no match against The Girls. And despite what I've said before, I do sometimes have moments of weakness with a customer. The key is to always stay in control of the situation. So the moment I felt like I was losing it, I automatically changed things back to my favor.

He was stunned to see me suddenly standing there in my bra. Just the reaction I wanted. Chris began to protest "... you don't have to do that..." so I just shushed him and told him to lie back down. In another quick move, I reached behind my back and snapped off my bra. I responded to his "What are you doing?!" with a "Shut up and enjoy this, will you?" (am I a romantic or what?).

Now the shirt came off merely as a distraction, but when you're working with massage oils and bodily fluids, the bra is removed out of necessity. Not that Chris complained, but it's not really his thing either. His thing is getting teased.

What he does is fold his hands across his stomach while I oil him up. Then I gently work his shaft up and down until he's fully erect. Meanwhile he starts asking me if he can touch me, and repeatedly tell him "no." As he continues to plead and I keep refusing, he gets more and more aroused. His breath quickens and his voice begins to tremble. And all the while he keep staring at me with that intense look on his face.

When his hands start to shake, that's my cue to say "Well...OK. You can touch my breasts." Chris reaches up with his hand and begins to gently caress my left breast. I have to admit, he has this rather nice technique where he slowly runs his fingers along that very sensitive patch of skin below the nipple. Most guys ignore it and just concentrate on the nipple, but Chris is touching me as if he doesn't notice my two hands wrapped around his cock.

Nice try, but I know what turns him on. I now turn to him and look deep into his eyes. "I want you to put your hand on my ass." Obediently he switches positions and begins running his hand over my left ass cheek. He moves his fingertips to where they are lightly running along my ass crack, and he begins to slowly move them up and down.

This is the point where he usually cums. But this time I try to beat him at his own game, so instead of turning back and focusing my attention on his penis, I keep my eyes locked with his. Have you ever really tried to deliberately stare into the eyes of someone else for more than a few seconds? It's not easy - especially when there's a sexual/emotional component that you don't quite know what to do with.

But if there's one thing I do know, it's handjobs. So I really don't need to see what I'm doing to know what's going on. Without breaking our connection, I could sense that he was about to cum. He started to breath faster. His cock became super hard. And his right hand stopped caressing my cheek and gave a barely perceptible squeeze.

Chris was playing to win too, so he was trying his best not to give me any cues. But I know my way around a man's body better than most guys, so I was not surprised when I felt the warm semen spreading over my hands. I slowed the pace from the jerking motion to a gentle pumping motion in time to his spasms, all the while keeping my gaze fixed on him. This little technique helps to prolong the orgasm.

And then right when I thought I had won our little visual game of chicken, he did something totally unxpected. Instead of giving out a loud post coital moan, he took his hand off my ass cheek and moved it to the back of my head. Usually, such a gesture would scare me, but Chris just isn't a scary guy. I felt his fingers wind their way through my hair.

He slowly pulled my face towards his and then finally gave off a soft moan. Without blinking even once, he stared straight into my eyes and moaned again. Then his eyes went really wide and he moaned one last time. He let go of my head, closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the table.

I won.



nada said...

this post was so super hot and sweet.

and what about the "boyfriend" thing, are you and derek back together?

Mark said...

Damn.... Damn! are you sure you won... i think you both won in the end there. He won a freebie and a suprised, affectionate moment, and you won the game on control... but everyone's a winner!

Mark said...

Re: Nada

They never were apart, that discovered thing was a late april fools joke.

Joker_SATX said...

Wow! Just WOW!

Anonymous said...

I'll be in my bunk.

Double Trouble said...

Wow indeed CJ. I could literally close my eyes and see myself in his shoes. Very hot indeed.

Advizor54 said...

Nada said it well, super hot and very sweet. He will be your fan forever.

Anonymous said...

Holy hot damn, welcome back Cj!

bardolph said...
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bardolph said...

"The key is to always stay in control of the situation. So the moment I felt like I was losing it, I automatically changed things back to my favor."

Just to be clear: in order to seize control, you removed your shirt, encouraged the guy to touch your boobs and butt, and gave him an orgasm. "Control" here seems oddly indistinguishable from service and submission. The writing would be much better if you explored or acknowledged the dynamic that prompts these contradictions.

Anonymous said...

He will remember you the rest of his life. I still fondly remember an erotic masseuse from 41 years ago.

MelissaBlade said...

Fabulous writing, CJ. I completely agree about the fan thing. I love the younger guys for that.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Now that was very sensual (in an odd sort of way)!! I usually just come for the witty banter...who knew?!?!?

Anonymous said...

CJ I always thought if I ever found you we'd have some sort of special relationship unlike anything you had ever seen. Turns out I'd just be another "fan" :)

Golfer said...

Okay, CJ. I've checked out your blogs, and I must say, you are incredible. What a wealth of information for a poor lonely soul like me. Although I'm aging well, when you hit 50, you become invisible to girls. It's just the way it is. Anyway, I was just in Vegas (actually on business, believe it or not), and after reading your blog, I got up the courage to call a service. I followed your advice about etiquette. I got all cleaned up, shaved, and put on a nice cologne. I then called a number in the phone book, using the advice you had mentioned (not really much of a secret in a Vegas phone book of who's full service and who's not). When the lady showed up, I had the room clean and the lights on. I was very complimentary of my visitor and told her how beautiful she was (that was easy, because she WAS beautiful). What can I tell you. She treated me like I was special, and she surpassed my every expectation. So the next day, still full of homone overdose, I stopped at a massage parlor that had a "giveaway" word in the title. I did the same thing with being clean and complimentary, and I saved my talking for the "room". Let me tell you, I got the greatest massage, with an absolutely mind blowing "happy ending". All I can say is WOW! You are so right. Having this done by a professional is like nothing else in the world. Thanks CJ for giving a lonesome wretch like me some insight into your world. I didn't take these two sessions for granted, and I never will. And I'll never take for granted the incredible advice that you've shared with me. I am forever in your debt. And any guys that might be reading this blog and thinking that's it's not true - Think again. It's really true and, if you're like me and really need some attention, then listen up -- CJ's talking here........

Jaeleen said...

Brava! What a hot post!!

Anonymous said...

Can you pass me a towel now?

Anonymous said...

C.J. - I would love "losing" to you everytime! - Tommy :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I usually do not comment but that was an epic win for you. It was almost like reading an erotic story haha. Keep up the good work.

silentassasin said...

Im now a fan too..of your blog. Good job!

Namun said...


Anonymous said...

I too have become an avid reader of this blog. I am currently reading the start of 2009. I try to look away at recent posts, but from the title of this one it seems you are still working at The Business.

Outside of my opinions (good and bad) regarding what you do, I truly believe this would make a good book. At some point, I think everyone who follows this would love to buy a book of your stories one day, with the final chapter disclosing where you work, of course. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A free hand job? Explain to me again how Chris lost? Call me a loser any day.

Tom Moran said...

*He* got a freebie and *you* won?

I wouldn't mind letting you "win" like that. :)