Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Not So Triumphant Return of Sugar Daddy Pete

That motherfucker actually came back to The Business on Saturday when I wasn't here. He took Cindy for a 1 hour mutual and gave her a very generous tip. THEN they exchanged phone numbers - that fucking bitch. She told me all about it afterwards. I was furious with her, but at the same time I wanted to squeeze her for information.

Apparently he's now back in the area, but he had to ditch the giant vacation home when the market tanked. Cindy said he's looking to buy a new place and that's why he's back.

I don't know if he'd recognize my truck or not. I mean, why would he stop if he didn't know I was here or not? When he showed up, Trina and Cindy were working the night shift. He actually met Cindy when he was in here before - 2 years now? So maybe that's why he took her.

Cindy claims he asked about me, but I don't know if she just said that to make me feel better or what. But what really really really set me off was that she took the liberty of telling Pete that I was "living with the new boyfriend." You NEVER say personal shit like that about your coworkers to customers - EVER. I could have strangled her for that.

Well, if just wants to get laid, then he went to the right place. Cindy has no problem fucking customers. And the "exchange" of phone numbers only means one thing - meeting outside The Business. Now did he really expect me NOT to find out about all this? Did he just assume I was no longer interested in him?

OK - now that I've spent a few days trying to chill out about this, I realized that I've got a really bad case of "I Saw Him First." However, it's not making me feel any better about what Cindy did. In fact, I'm still not speaking to her.

Unless I want info... And what I've learned is that Pete has NOT called her back. If he didn't try to fuck her over the weekend, he's not gonna call her until next weekend. But if he really just ran into her by dumb luck and really wanted to see me, then he might just visit The Business again. And I am definitely working Saturday night this time.

Of course, I could just call or even text him. But that seems a bit desperate. I mean, I haven't heard a peep out of him in over a year, so a sudden text message would just scream "Cindy and I talked about you." But if I did talk to him before he came in, I could explain the whole boyfriend comment as a misunderstanding on Cindy's part.

Oh I've done damage control before. Probably the most catty thing girls will do at work is talk shit about each other. And an easy way to steal a customer is tell him that his favorite masseuse has a spouse. Nothing is a bigger turnoff to a guy than to learn that his favorite girl really isn't a single, horny bisexual who likes to lez out at the clubs on the weekend because she just can't seem to find the right guy... Sound familiar?

We all tell the same story because it's what guys want to hear. Don't believe me? Think knowing the "real her" is better? You try jerking a guy off after spending an hour complaining about...

"... that asshole of a boyfriend who just can't seem to get it together. Oh yeah - his band is gonna take off any day now, but until then would it kill him to call my uncle about a job or maybe clean up around the house? Not that I'm complaining, but yesterday I did 6 customers and by the end of the night my jerking hand was ready to fall off when this motherfucker comes home drunk after spending the money I gave him for groceries on drinks for him and his buddies and... Oh...I need to finish you off now. Just close your eyes and try to relax..."


Anyway, I think the whole Pete thing is making me mental. Just like it did last time he was here. For some of you newbies who have no idea of the drama I'm talking about, you can read about Pete when I first met Pete right here. And how he fucked with my head here and here... And I think I started to lose my mind over him right about here...

Oh shit - this may be a loooooong summer.



Anonymous said...

So, I take it you still have the hots for him?

Anonymous said...

I'd still text him, but something innocuous, like "hey there, I heard you were back in town :)"

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'd also text him.

Thumber said...

Fonzie called...he wants his shark tank back! :D

Anonymous said...

From what I've read of this series you love 2 things SDP's Attention but waaaaaaaay more importantly the generosity he shows and he apparently wanted a little more generosity from you when that didn't happen he went to Cindy who rode him like a pony and hit the jackpot.

SDP can see whoever he wants he has the money and choice.That shouldn't make you mad if he decides to throw more money at you fine but this time cow girl Cindy gets to receive his generosity and enthusiasm.If you wanna know more and want him to only come to you when he needs release then you have to be adults and negotiate know where both of you stand and what both of you want out of this situation he pays random amounts but you only go xx far.

No "charm" or "Kinda hints" this time just the blunt truth although Charm and truth go good together just don't lead him on other wise he disappears for years.Trust me I've done the Houdini act before it's because there is no response from the other person or a response that makes me go away due to lack of interest.

Although that would be ideal ethics kinda get thrown out the window in the site of moneys hence why Cindy threw the wrench in your plans.Why go to you for more when Cindy rode him for less?You gotta sweeten the deal or trail behind cow girl and I know that bitch getting one up on you is driving you crazy but there is a way.Hope you know how to peel a banana with your feet sweet heart~seriously foot jobs consider the advantage of having free hands when your using your feet.That's just one idea but if you want him coming in more instead of 3 month to 2 year intervals you have to give him an incentive.After a man drops a load of cash he's not too spendy but if he's frequently pleased you have a nice generator paying your bills with little attachment all because you're good with your feet.

Good luck with this just don't put him on trail and drill him (he's got a wife or had one that did that) or else cow girl is his one stop shop.

Melissa Blade said...

I'd play it text, just look extra hot when you work on Sat night.

Anonymous said...

So, I love your blog. I have to admit, however, that your love for SDP seems purely materialistic to me. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think there is any problem with that. As you mentionned times and times again, you work for tips. But, then again, if you want him to keep being generous to you, I think you should just let him be, instead of running desperately after him. Make everything look casual. Try bumping into him, and perhaps getting into a decent conversation. Then - and I truly believe that only THEN - you should try to win him over as your client again.

These being said, if he willingly decided to have Cindy massage him during his last session, he might as well decide to stick with her... since it obviously doesn't matter to him who masseges him, as long as he gets his happy ending - and perhaps a bit more from Cindy.

Lots of luck!

Anonymous said...

Wait, are a prostitute then? I mean, you're upset because dude wants to give cash tot he chick who fucks him versus the one who just jacks him off?

You're insane.

Also, your boyfriend deserves better than you. You're a liar, and a fraud.

I don't care that you're a sex worker, and I don't care how you make money, but if you actually lie to your boyfriend about it, its no wonder they all dump you when they find out.

Oh, and the things they say? They're warranted.

Anonymous said...

I find myself loving this blog more and more. Not just hearing about your life but the moral discussions it seems to bring up.
Now as a guy... We are stupid, for real. A text sounding half genuine from someone I used to like. Even if it just says, "heard you stopped, by sorry i missed you. bla bla bla.." We fall for that stuff.. hard! Good Luck CJ!

wife lover said...

CJ I tend to disagree with you somewhat here. I love to go to the massage parlors and usually go once a month. I much prefer married attendants because I get turned on by the thought that they are cheating on their husbands with me. I had one attendant start the massage and get annoyed because she left her engagement and wedding ring on when her management would fine them for leaving them on when working. I tipped her extra for using the left had for the release allowing me to cum all over the rings.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha i love it when a skank gets her comeuppance. enjoy rotting from the inside over your disgraceful treatment of your bf, whore.

Anonymous said...

Damn, pay no attention to the previous asshole poster.

Mark said...

Man, all these negitive posters just keep cracking me up. It's like they only just read your blog to complain! I think if anyone needs to take a look at their lives, it should be themselves, for trying to find reason for existance by being vulgar on a person casual blog.

But on the post at hand, yeah, It looks like your just feeling like yu had first dibs. That he should have asked and waited for you, and that Cindy should not have both took him or talked to him about you. Sadly, it is SDP's choice, and I am sure Cindy would not turn down that type of tip if she knew what he'd tip form you. You've never mentioned if she had any SD's before, so it could just be her wanting to try out the treatment and the bonus for herself.

If you want to get it straitened out, Try texting him and just say cindy said he stopped by and you were curious as to how he was doing.