Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Closed Due To Illness

Like everybody else out there, I've been out sick for over a week now. And when I say "out sick" I mean I've still been going to work even though I should be locked up in a hospital under quarantine. Do you guys think it's unethical of me to show up to work anyway when I'm this bad off? Especially when you consider I'm close enough to breathe on them and touch them with my germy-sicky hands?

Well the correct answer is "yes - that's pretty fucked up." And I agree with you. And that's why I haven't laid off Cindy yet. Last Friday when I was at my worst, I was so achy I could barely move. BUT, someone had to cover the night shift and there was no way in heck I was gonna let Cindy stay there all by herself. Besides, I still need to sneak her in after Maude goes home.

So for half of last week, I could be found crashed on the office couch underneath a pile of used tissues and empty sudafed boxes while Cindy was doing Lord knows what in session. Honestly, I felt like such crap that she could have been hosting gangbangs for all I cared.

Regulars or anyone else who specifically asked for me, I would explain to them my situation and if they still wanted to come in - well that was their choice. Whenever I'm sick, tired, hungover, etc., I sometimes offer my "Mutual Special." For the price of a nude, I'll let the customer massage me instead. It's a win-win because I don't have to do anything, and I still get paid.

The mutual is an interesting option because I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get. Let's face it, it's basically just a free pass for a customer to play with The Girls. But what's interesting is how they exercise it. Some guys will actually put in a good effort at massaging me - saving The Girls for last. Other guys have just flipped me over onto my back, sprayed a generous helping of baby oil on my breasts, then gone to town - massaging here, rubbing there, and then sneaking in a nipple pinch every now and then. And then I had one guy who basically dry humped my leg while he massaged my back, and then came all over the table.

But I digress. What I'm trying to say is that I did manage to see a few customers over the last week, but at their own risk. I guess once my top is off, they can pretty much ignore anything from my nose up. And Cindy was there for me - always ready to take the next customer.

I was originally planning on NOT bringing her back to work shortly after new years. She knows it, so don't start hating me yet. But I have to admit that it's been kinda nice having her around - like the old days. Except that I'm twice as paranoid that she's going to steal something or get us raided.

I'm feeling better today. For the first time I have NOT finished an entire box of tissues in one day. I see that as a good sign. Believe it or not, there are some guys who do not find a pile of used tissues on the floor very sexy.



Anonymous said...

Hi. I really like your blog. I have a question though. My girlfriend has gotten really turned on by my stories of the massage parlors I visited over the years here in NYC. It hasn't been that many, but I always went alone late at night etc..our fantasy life is getting more and more adventurous recently, and we were wondering if you think that the Asian massage places in NYC would be ok with me getting a massage and my girlfriend watching, and even participating in the massage..or even advancing to a double bj? Thanks for your insight.

The Finger said...

Nose blowing is certainly a fetish I wasn't aware of (even if written tongue in cheek). Here's hoping you have a better 2012. Now that I'm up to date on the blog, I have to wait for updates (sigh).

Tom Moran said...

When I read "But I digress" I cracked up. :)

melissa said...

I like your work ethic, C.J.!

Usually I hibernate when I'm sick.

Texan said...

How do you tell if a masseuse who advertises online (i.e. Craigslist) offers extras and won't be cops trying to catch you? They usually have office hours but are not professional enough to have their own website, although some may claim to have professional training.

Anonymous said...

I understand you, I'm also really sick now. It sucks for you to go to work like this, and I really hope you get better. Now, as long as you don't sneeze on a customer, that's fine: after all, I don't think they like mucus on their body, even your own.
Wait, why do I get the feeling someone out there has that fetish? And that someone like that has been your customer?
Anyway, get better soon, CJ!

Anonymous said...

Hey 'CJ' found your blog a couple of weeks ago and started at the beginning and just finished reading through it. Tried reading through the comments too, but a lot of the posters were frankly retarded so I didn't bother lol. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me entertained (up until the past year's worth of posts which made me sad :[ ), to hang in there, and POST MORE.

Much love,

Any hook ups in Texas? I'm shipping out for the army in June for Basic and will be in San Antonio for a few months learning how to be a soldier and won't have much else to spend my pay on lol

Anonymous said...

CJ True story. I was getting a massage at a legitimate parlor. The young girl had a cold and I knew it. I let her massage me anyway. I could hear her sniffle but she kept on working. Nearing the end, I had flipped over and she was leaning over my head to rub my chest. A drip of snot fell off her face and landed on the corner of my mouth. She didn't know anything happened. I asked for a tissue and she finished massage. Still, years later, have grossed out thoughts about that.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is still great, and your writing is excellent. I can't even imagine the pain of having to jack somebody off while suffering a head cold and feeling like crap. I'm a longtime reader, and I still insist that you should put this all together and send it to a literary agent.

Thanks again for sharing your life. It's fascinating, painful, and amusing.


Chris said...

what is CJ's breast size?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

chris: men don't normally wear bras, dude.

Anonymous said...

Whore- u really are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

been reading your blog for a while and love the behind-the-scenes aspect of it. i've had my share of legit and less-than-legit massages and its interesting to hear your side of the story. keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

john in michigan

cj said...

I can't speak for any of the AMPs in NYC. But it's not an uncommon request for a girlfriend to watch, or even jump in every now and then. I have a couple stories about that...

Cops rarely set up a sting like that. It's too much work and expense to place ads, rent a place, set up cameras, etc. Not that it's impossible, but just not likely.

Sorry! I wish you could come I so I could give you a freebie. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

What's ur site?... I will pay 300$ just to talk to you for 1h

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