Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Riddance 2011

One day into the new year and the drama begins. Christmas was busy enough between work and shopping and family and all, so I really had no intention of writing anything till after the holidays.

We were holding down the fort pretty well with Trina, Cindy and myself. Business was slow but steady. Cindy was actually showing up on time and not making an ass of herself. Audrey was truly butting out of my business. Maude had the place tastefully decked out in Christmas cheer. And everything was going pretty good between me and Derek.

Then Sugar Daddy Pete showed up.

It was last Thursday and I had just sneaked in Cindy to help me with the night shift. I was sitting at the front desk when he just walked as if he had just stepped out a minute ago.

"Hello beautiful. Can I get a massage?"

I think my jaw hit the floor. I hadn't heard a peep out of him since last spring. And even then it was through Cindy. Now here he is standing and grinning in front of me as if we were old friends. But I have to remind myself that we're not old friends. He's just another customer that I've only seen a couple of times. I know one of those times was at his place, but still - it was more or less business. Just business.

So why are the butterflies coming back to my stomach? Why am I suddenly back in high school talking to the popular kid? I can't even remember Derek's name. And now this man wants a session with me.

Luckily Cindy didn't come up front. He asked about her and I said she was "fine." But I made sure to get him in the room quickly. He took a standard 1 hour session, but we were probably in there closer to 90 minutes. We never even talked options or extras. I just undressed completely and told him to do the same. Normally I leave the room while the customer gets ready, but in this case I stayed. Partly because I didn't want to run into Cindy and partly because I wanted to watch him take his clothes off.

I swear - it felt like our conversation just picked up naturally from the last moment we saw each other. He said he was single. I said I was single. I also said Cindy was engaged, so that pretty much sums up my state of mind. Turns out he didn't get rid of the house he was building out in Amish country. Instead, it went unfinished and he's only just now getting the work started again.

He wants to coming in on a regular basis after the holidays. I've heard all this before, so I'll believe it when I see it. But in the meanwhile I said a lot of things I shouldn't have said. I mean, I've done some fucked up shit at work, then showed up on a date as Derek's faithful loving girlfriend without so much as a blink. But just the stuff I said and thought about with Pete made me feel like I had totally cheated on him. And it ended up just being a normal session with happy ending. Nothing weird - just the standard handjob. Pete didn't ask for anything else, and I didn't offer.

And that was my New Years. Three days of second guessing, regret and guilt about a guy I saw for 90 minutes. Ugh.

Happy New Year. Yeah right.



Anonymous said...

Wow. Anyone that believes this shit is stupid. Everything on this blog is made up word by word. It's so obvious, and I have no idea why so many of you idiots continue to eat it up.

Cue the White Knights and brain-dead idiots.

JimRob said...

u mad

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

Hey, Mr. Anonymous @ 2:31 AM -- Way to explode the fantasy. Do you also enjoy telling little kids that there is no Santa Claus?

CJ, you highlight one of the major side effects of sex work -- the emotional blow-back. For the most part, you seem to be able to maintain your detachment -- easier for a masseuse than for an escort who has to actually have sex and act like a girlfriend who is in love and actually aroused. Still, whenever sexuality is involved, there is always the danger of feelings happening. I'm sure you've had plenty of guys who "fall in love" with you or get a crush on you.

As a guy (a non-married guy -- never did any of this when I was married), I get to pay for the privilege of messing with my own feelings. I go to a strip club or a massage parlor from time-to-time. I know what the game is and I'm not a kid anymore. But I still have feelings.

Welcome to the club.

tito boy said...

Happy New Year, CJ :)

This is your outlet, your place to vent. Yes, there is that emotional blowback, but that goes with the territory, an occupational hazard so to speak. You know those prison staff who deliver lethal injections on deathrow? Would you consider them to be murderers? No, they are doing their job. Likewise, you shouldn't harbor any guilt for your job.

I am curious, how would Derek handle it if you came clean to him?

As far as Pete is concerned, you didn't cross any lines. You obviously could if you wanted to but, you didn't. The fact that you are even concerned about it goes to show that you have a good heart.
Stay true to yourself and never compromise. However, it is you who determines who you really are.

I am not here to judge, only to witness what you have to tell us. The rest of the haters who come here with negativity can go fuck themselves.


tito boy

Anonymous said...

How could you tell us Sugar Daddy Pete came back and not tell us if he left you a huge tip???

Anonymous said...

Another post from CJ - cue the trolls!

Just keep writing.....have you thought about getting an agent and looking for a book deal? That's how Diablo Cody went from stripper Oscar nominee......

Anonymous said...

Anon 1/2/12 2:31am
Dude why do you care if it's a fake or a real story? Who are you the Lonely Ranger sitting behind your computer at 2:30 in the fucking morning reading Blogs you know to be fake.
You should not quit your regular job and by that I mean, Go back and to craiglist and jerking off while you browse the pics in the casual encounters page. Fucking Troll Idiot!!

MrMike said...

Happy New Year said...

3.30am actually.

mostly because he, i, and so many others like to taunt the idiots who buy into this constant stream of shit lies.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to why Suga Daddy Pete make you feel all weak in the knees? Curious readers need to know!! :-)

Anonymous said...

looks like the next 6 months will get interesting. said...

yeah, better script out your plot points in advance.

are your records computerized or do you jot down the web of shit on index cards?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to ask, do I have to be stick thin to be a erotic massage therapist? I mean I'm not overweight. But I ain't no model. said...

you willing to compromise your morals and self worth to earn a quick buck jacking off the nastiest bags of overweight, unshowered pus that walk through the door?

then you're in. how good you look just determines how classy a joint you work in and how many of the aforementioned bags you work with versus normal people.

goto a mall. watch people walk by for an hour. see 'em all? old, young, clean, dirty, fat, thin, junkies and atheltes? you'll jerk 'em all off in a day. fucking glamorous eh?

Anonymous said...

anon read the blog, men go for all types


Anonymous said...

yes cj thank God 2011 is gone!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CJ ever plan on cumming to the chicago area?

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Anonymous said...

Any chance that you are the inspiration to "The client List" on lifetime? ... Was hoping to see your story instead of the twisted one from Lifetime.

swoosh said...

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swoosh said...

Hey CJ,

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