Monday, August 20, 2012

The Britney Situation

Someone asked me which employee would I prefer... A good masseuse with a bad happy ending, or a bad masseuse with a wicked happy ending?  Well, I got both.  Kimmie is my good masseuse who still pokes at a dick like it's going to bite her hand.  And then there's Britney who definitely knows her way around a penis, but the rest of the guy is unfamiliar territory.  I really don't know what it's like to fuck her, but I can only imagine it never really gets much past whipping your cock out.

I guess the question is which is easier to learn - decent massage techniques, or enthusiastic joy of the cock?  And from what I've seen so far...

I'm surrounded by idiots.  I'm seriously thinking of sending in Kimmie to start the job and Britney to finish.  Sort of a tag team session.  But seriously, I think Kimmie is finally starting to come around.  Well, maybe not so much that she's coming around, but that her customers are starting to accept the inevitable lackluster handjob after a fantastic full body sensual massage.  As one of my customers once said, "Even when sex is bad, it's still pretty good."

I still haven't gotten Britney to open up about the incident that got her to quit escorting.  But, she did tell me about how she did business.  She would get a hotel room by herself or with another girl.  Then they would post an ad on the internet with their hours and a phone number.  Guys would call the number where they would be told how to find the room.  

Britney won't tell me exactly what happened that made her want a career change, but she did tell me that she had been robbed a few times in "deals" gone bad.  It was only a matter of time before she either quit or made the obituaries, so she was ready to bail anyways when a guy tried to kill her.  

And now it's my job to convert her into an erotic masseuse.  Believe it or not, it's actually harder than just telling her NOT to insert any customer parts inside her body.  She just doesn't seem to get that it's not all about the handjob.  I have to keep reminding her that the happy ending should be just the last five minutes and that she has to do SOMETHING ELSE to keep her client happy for the other 55 minutes.  She keeps cutting their times and jumping straight to the end.  Believe me, that's not how you get a repeat customer.

So that's all I got on Britney for now.  I still have hope for her, so I'm not going to get rid of her just yet.  Next time I'll tell you the story of our first lesbian show.  



Advizor54 said...

While I've never gotten a happy ending massage, I've have a number of therapeutic/relaxation massages and bad ones are really bad. I've come out with bruises and new pains instead of that blissful floaty feeling that a good massage can give. I've had girls put me to sleep with magic hands while others got me totally revved up for a session at the gym. That is what makes a massage great, the ending (and I speak now from recreational BF/GF massage sessions, is fun, but purely icing on an hour long cake.

Unknown said...

wow cant wait for your next story that is a big hook to keep reading you blog thank CJ

Lawrence said...

Hi CJ,
How many people know about CJ the MT, CJ the happy ending artist, CJ the blogist, & CJ the person? Or who are the people that come closest to knowing your various sides?

Regarding the new hires, why not buy a couple of massage DVDs and/or books for the business? They can check em out when its going slow.

If you need a practice dummy. I will bite the bullet take one for the team & volunteer myself to help. There needs to be more volunteering efforts in this country and I am all for it. We all need a hand sometimes (pun intended). No need to say thanks. It would be my pleasure. Literally.

DiamondBill said...

Another great blog post...and a great answer to my question a few posts back. TY and keep em coming.

Alex Scharch said...

hey Cj why not write about your first experience with the stick. What I'm trying to say your first time as sensual masseuse. What you think readers.

Anonymous said...

CJ, As a connoisseur of massage, I am looking for a good massage, with a little teasing before the flip, building to a nice hand release...

In my humble opinion, both masseuses won't build a good repeat business until they learn all aspects of a good massage, which is not good for business.

findinit said...

"Britney won't tell me exactly what happened that made her want a career change, but she did tell me that she had been robbed a few times in "deals" gone bad."

"She keeps cutting their times and jumping straight to the end. Believe me, that's not how you get a repeat customer. "

CJ, isn't it obvious? She probably caught some poor schlub on the wrong day, got him to fork over $300 for an hour of a 'girlfriend experience' and then proceeded to kick him out after 10 minutes.

She probably shortchanged guys routinely and she just got a crazy guy on the wrong day.

You're playing with fire letting her do that at the
Business. Eventually, the wrong guy is gonna walk through the door and won't tolerate getting ripped off and choose to deal with it in a way that aint comfortable.

Also, it just cheapens the whole thing. One of the great things you say you do at the Business is create a clean, non sleazy environment and indulge the fantasy/escape aspect of the massage.

When Britney shortchanges guys it not only leaves the guy feeling cheated and cheap but it deprives her of the ability to connect and help the customer. It sounds cheesy but helping and reaching out to others is often what separates people who are happy with their jobs and life and people who are not.

So yeah, shorting guys on time is kind of a big deal.

Anonymous said...

CJ, this is my 1st. comment but have been reading and following up on your blog for quite some time now!
Its good that you've found it seems a good helper considering the others you have had. I understand you do respond to reader's queries so here's one.
I am a fan of HE and the HJ. However, I have a fantasy that the girl wont allow me to cum a few times. Finally let me explode. Also the strokes made are as slow as feasible. Both of these goes against the principle that time's money and 5 min is max. That's why I am having a truly hard time finding sometime who'll agree. Any leads? Have you encountered such requests (go very, very slow i.e. to bring it out slowly) and what was your reaction?

John Smith said...

If she's really bad at massaging, let her do an all HJ session. She can't hook the in the guys that wants a good massage, but at least the guys that loves to o over and over again will keep seeing her. Though her arm will probably hate her at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ,

Thanks for offering an insight into your world.

Anonymous said...

"Also, it just cheapens the whole thing. One of the great things you say you do at the Business is create a clean, non sleazy environment and indulge the fantasy/escape aspect of the massage. "
Hey dipshit, they are getting paid to jerk guys off. Don't have any allusions about anything else that's going on.

Kal said...
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you a little about my boyfriend, one of "your clients".

He suffers from severe depression, possibly bipolar disorder. He almost committed suicide in February. Because he was unemployed for 3 years, he was out of savings and his benefits ran out in December, so he was unable to afford his medication.

His sister and I helped him pay for his meds, but he didn't like taking our money, so he was off and on them until he finally got a job in April. He's got a college degree, but the only job he could get pays less than half of what he used to make. It's over an hour away, so half his pay goes to gas. He has no benefits and he's on food stamps.

He's losing his house, and has judgements against him for other debt he can't pay. His car has 200,000 miles on it and he has no money to replace it when it dies. His credit is destroyed, which affects his chances of getting a decent job or place to live. BTW, his cable got shut off because he couldn't afford the bill from ordering porn every other day.

His meds cause ED and he wouldn't take money from me for Viagra, so he gets off with someone like you.

The depths of his problems are not lost on me, but it seemed cruel to leave someone suffering so much. I thought things would get better once he was working, but what happened instead was that he used what little money he had, for so-called massages and porn. He's got a problem and you're enabling him.

You can rationalize what you do all you want, but in the end, it's still wrong.

Unknown said...

Britney had better be careful not to cheat the wrong guy. if she was an incall she should know better. don't promise what you can't or won't deliver. i was at a massage parlor when a lady that cheated guys did it to a dude that wasn't in the mood. he punched her full force and took his money back and left.

for comment at 8/25/12 3:42 PM
you cant blame CJ or any other massage girl or escort for your boyfriends problems. this guy seems as if he was never allowed to fail on anything, life is kicking him he cant handle it let the boy alone to figure out his problems himself.

Susan Dejia said...

Agree to comment above. Also your BF is doing this for the reason he wants to feel positive. Also, why not "relax" with you well it seems your not exciting enough. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I hold my boyfriend responsible for the choices he's making. It's time for you to step away from the denial and realize that that these "activities" are not always simply "fun between consenting adults". Sometimes there is real pain and this "escape" distracts from getting the help that is really needed. For someone who is deeply depressed this does not help, it only causes more shame. Educate yourself on depression and addiction before you make such ignorant comments.

Unknown said...

for 8/26/12 1:49 PM
if your holding him accountable then you cant say its the massage parlors fault. to me its like saying if we had no cars we would have no drunk drivers. if you boyfriend is depressed then he should be in a hospital.

Dave Doe said...

Anonymous - I am sympathetic to your situation, however, I think it is hard to hold "enablers" accountable - if we did there would be no bars . While it would help alcoholics if we were a dry society, it deprives others... Prohibition did not work for alcohol. Our current "prohibition" state for sex services has just pushed things underground, often making things more dangerouse for both provider and client.

Please have your BF seek professional help. Maybe he needs SA if he cannot balance aspects of his life.

Anonymous said...

sounds like his problems run much deaper than wanting a hand job, i think the deression and piss poor financial management skills are to blame here, way to fingers... thats attractive in a person

Adam Helisn said...

Guys, this problem is just a man seeking adventure who got caught. This is stupid how the gf is getting all jealous and taking it out on a hard U.S worker, then started to blame the bf at the end. It's funny how the gf seems to still believe in the bf after he got caught. Well gf who ever you are I'm sorry that youre between this type of situation but can you really blame him, he's A guy who likes sex (well yay I guess you can).

Anonymous said...

Adam you have no concept of what's going on - When someone has mental illness and addiction, it's gone beyond something they "like".

An addict will lie or steal to do what's "harmless" for some. Goes for sex, too. There are measurable chemical changes that occur and people who are susceptible can, and do become "addicted". And it has no connection to what, or how much they're getting "at home".

The arguments comparing this to alcohol, drugs, or gambling are incomplete because people can realistically abstain from those things, it's not realistic to completely abstain from something that is a biological need, like sex.

Other than hoping he gets the proper help, I'm done. And other than hoping to open some eyes here, I'm also done.

Anonymous said...

Some of the reaction to the anonymous poster talking about her boyfriend is a bit ridiculous. If he truly has depression then it's not just a case of telling him to sort himself out and manage his money better and he'll be ok even if he does have to take responsibility for his actions.

One of the biggest problems is the terrible healthcare system in the US which doesn't care about patient welfare and is primarily run as a moneymaking scheme for insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Sina said...

@Anonymous: A typical symptom of a REAL depression is a lacking sex drive.

"it's not realistic to completely abstain from something that is a biological need, like sex."

you're right here, and this is exactly why sex work, be it a sexual massage or actual intercourse, is so important. EVERYTHING can become an addiction if one's life is bleak and one is weak- even food, which obviously is necessary anyway.