Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm here till 11...

You see that picture up in the right hand corner of the screen? You like it? That’s all me boys. 100% real – no silicone. Imagine “The Girls” hovering just inches from your face, or brushing against your chest as I work your stiff cock with both my hands. Better yet – how about I drip some hot oil between my tits, then lean over you and cradle your cock in between them? I would gently press them together with both hands while I work your cock up and down my hot wet cleavage, until you beg me to slow down because you’re about to splash a hot load up against my chin…

Did you like that? Well home come there isn’t a line of you guys outside my door every day? Such sensual delights are right there in front of you for the asking!! All you have to do is go visit your local massage parlor and ask (well, that and a couple hundred bucks). But that’s it!!!!! This is what we do for a living. We won’t make you feel guilty or like a pervert. It’s our job to send you home with a smile on your face and a happy memory.

Now look at this Eliot Spitzer guy. Governor of New York. Spent $80,000 on prostitutes over the years, and almost $4,000 alone on a single night!!!!! $4,000 and the girl still wouldn’t blow him without a condom. Heck – Luna said she’s blown guys without a condom for only $40. What a rip off.

I guess my point here is that these wicked temptations are all around you, and easily within your reach. And you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get your rocks off. You can spend a fraction of that, have just as good a time, and not worry about having your phone tapped or your bank account subpoenaed.

I hate to burst your bubbles boys – but you wanna know the difference between a full-service masseuse and a $4,000 escort? The price. Sure, the girls are probably guaranteed to be pretty at the high price agency, but in the end they’re all from the exact same pool of talent – runaways, drug addicts, washed-up porn stars, and girls with daddy issues. I read a book by a high-price call girl, and she said the main difference between the low-end agencies she worked for and the high end ones was the price of the advertising. Of course the high-end clients were never rushed, and they NEVER caught her checking her watch. But in the end – what happened between the sheets was identical no matter how much they paid.

The 4 digit price tag didn’t get rid of that condom, or give up the ass, or even guarantee Eliot wouldn’t get caught!!!! In fact, the high price is EXACTLY what got the Feds attention in the first place! So what I’m trying to say here is that we can all learn from the soon-to-be-ex-governor’s mistake. A lot more fun can be had with a lot less money at your local massage parlor. What are you guys waiting for? I’m here till 11.



bsgerotism said...

So you do boobs-job? Woawww!
Too bad I live at the other side of the world, lol.

Look in my blog my response to your post.

Slutty McWhore said...

Yeah, but I don't think that you should be encouraging sex workers to give a blowjob without a condom. That's one of the reasons I gave escorting up - I realized there was just no way I was willing to have some random dude's cock in my mouth au naturale. You can still catch a lot of diseases from oral sex. Really, sex workers should band together to form a union so we can do the least amount possible, as safely as possible, for the most amount of money.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Just a picture of the girls without the covering would make me get in my car and drive all the way there tomnight!!!! I am still trying to get to know you on line so my 1st visit will be fruitful.

cj said...

Don't get me wrong - I would never encourage unsafe sex. I'm just trying to point out that no matter how much $$ a guy dishes out, what he gets in the end (no pun intended) is pretty much the same thing.

Yes - we need a union. The Amalgamated Union of Escorts, Street Walkers, Erotic Masseuses and Other Professional Sex Workers.

Ronald said...

CJ ... love the site! Just found it today, but will definitely be a regular. I find it hard to believe you don't have a line outside your door each day. You don't find enlightened women like you everyday ...

cj said...


Hate to burst your bubble Ron, but enlightenment doesn't necessarily bring in the customers! LOL


Ronald said...

Well, it would bring them in if you were in Atlanta. I can guarantee you that. :-)

Anonymous said...

You guys getting all hot and bothered should quit developing stalker tendencies and realize that parlors are EVERYWHERE. And if you don't see them (uppity community standards, or whatever), they are STILL THERE, in appartments, in the back of businesses, etc.

No need to drive or fly to the other end of the country for a pair of boobs. What CJ does is NOT exceptional - her blogging about it is (warts and all).

Now "[...] we need a union. The Amalgamated Union of Escorts, Street Walkers, Erotic Masseuses and Other Professional Sex Workers. [...]" that would be Americans-only right, no "evil" Asians? And would you have a Code of Ethics?

Most (not all) providers I know jerk bareback and blow with a raincoat - that's SOP. This being said, I've never requested a dam before one of them sat on my face.

Anonymous said...

I see CJ's point because I work in an industry that caters to clients of widely disparate incomes. And the service is basically always the same - only rates change, because we can charge the rich more.

But it ain't that simple, though. For LE, it is much harder to go after an escort than a parlor. She's mobile and elusive; it is in a fixed location.
In Vice, they say that Commercial sex is illegal, but to make a good case, you also need it to be Conspicuous (like a streetwalker in plain view) and causing Complaints. That's the "three c's rule".
Well, parlors end up generating complaints. Prudish neighbors, unhappy customers, zoning disputes... you name it.
Escorts operate under the radar, are hard to track down, and potentially have a connected clientele. Not a choice target for Vice.

Tell me: IF parlors were so great, who would pay escort rates? But to make some cash, a parlor girl services many clients a day, when an escort can claim more exclusivity (less risks of STDs). And guys who need discretion don't want to be recognized at a parlor, no matter how legit it tries to appear.

I go to parlors because they're cheap and ubiquitous (and I'm single and answer to no one). But I have no illusions that McDonald's is as good as Spago's, even if it can be argued that food is food.

I don't see anything wrong with someone using a blog to drum up some biz. But CJ keeps putting down every other sex worker to make herself look good, and that's neither cool, nor honest.
And IF it is true that escorts and full service gals are damaged goods and victims of men (where the fuck is your compassion, BTW?!)... what's YOUR excuse for whoring, CJ? Greed? That's all? You're smart and articulate, and that's the best you can do to make a buck?

Ully said...

If women would buy into sex/fantasizing/acting-out like men do, that become a huge industry over night (oh wait, its called marriage!...b 'dump'dump)