Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I Hate My Job

I like my job. I don’t LOVE my job, but I don’t really hate it either. I mean a lot of people are probably wondering how I could possibly like what I do for a living. Well for the most part, the customers are OK, and some of my regulars I really enjoy seeing. But once in a while I’ll get some total assholes or even some really sick fucks. One of the problems of this business are the low-lifes it tends to attract.

I would say that about every 1 or 2 months, I’ll actually kick someone out of The Business. And that’s not counting the pervs and creeps that I turn away on a weekly basis. I’m talking about guys that make it into the room, then offend me so much that I have to throw them out. Most of these guys are looking for full service and just won’t take “No” for an answer. Other guys are just total hands and I’m not going to spend an entire session fighting them off.

But once in a while we’ll get these totally vile and disgusting fucks that make me want to just grab a gun, or reconsider a career as a librarian.


The Incest Guy
Conversation with this guy starts out normal enough. He’s telling me how pretty I am, and sexy, and blah blah blah. Then says I kinda look like his sister. I tell him that’s a weird thing to say. It gets worse. He quickly turns the conversation over to how hot his sister is and how he wants to do her, and other sick shit. I told him to quit – he didn’t – So I ended his session right there and threw his ass out.

The Molested Guy
This customer was molested by his mother and aunt as a child. I learned this the hard way. The session was nothing unusual till the end part. As I start the hand release, he gets quiet then starts to cry. I ask him whats wrong and he tells me the story of his abuse as a kid and how he can’t have an orgasm without crying, and how he’s never been able to have a girlfriend because of it. I agreed to finish him, and the entire time he’s crying and saying things like “Don’t hurt me mommy” until he finally came. It was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. I didn’t throw him out, and he actually comes back every now and then and asks for me. I really don’t mind giving him a massage, it’s just that it’s really hard for me to stomach getting through the end part.

The Pedophile
This creep started off by trying to get me to wear a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. I’ve worn lingerie for some special customers before, but this guy was giving off a weird vibe, so I said no. Then he starts talking about how much he likes little girls during the massage. I told him he was starting to disgust me, but he kept going. Talks about parking in front of schools and watching the kids walk by. I told him 1 more word and his ass was out. Kept talking about kids, so I threw his ass out. We got into it as he was leaving, and I started yelling about how I was going to call the cops on his ass. Even went out to the parking lot and got his license number – gave it to a cop friend of mine. I kept his money too.

It’s these kinds of things that really make me sick to my stomach, and regret this career choice. Luckily it’s not very often that I get these guys. This stuff was kinda hard for me to write about. In fact, I haven’t really given this much thought to these events in a long time. At least it’s out there now, so maybe you guys can appreciate what kind of shit I have to put up with to pay my bills.

I’ll try to think of something more cheery to talk about next time. I need a drink.



Prams said...

Guess every job comes with their own pack of troubles!!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine how disgusting it might be. In my job, what I hate the most are people (co-workers, customers, suppliers) who come and impose their boring, time-wasting conversation. If they would on top of that argument or advocate arguments which upset me... damn!
Anyhow, CJ, do you have the opposite customer? The guy who wouldn't utter a word and just enjoy the massage and it's happy ending? If yes, how do you feel about that?

cj said...


I find the silent types kinda creepy since I like to talk a lot. But they're definitely better than weirdos! Luckily, most guys enjoy good conversation during their sessions.


Anonymous said...

No offense, but it's because you're a whore. I always chat with my whores, except when too busy for that...
But during a real (therapeutic) massage? Um, no, very little talk. Most masseuses told me that when the customer is really relaxed he/she often falls asleep for a moment. And they know to keep the chatter to a minimum.

Lots of body-talk in a parlor instead.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have to put up with idiots like that. I was wondering, do any of these weirdos ever ask for a refund when you throw their sorry asses out?