Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Massage and the Single Girl

Had a fight today with the BF. He can be such an asshole. I know we’ve been dating for several months now, but he just doesn’t get it sometimes. He was sweet at first, even brought me lunch at work a couple of times (he couldn’t tell what goes on here from the outside). He has a key to my place, but he doesn’t come over much anymore. I swear our “dates” feel more like booty calls at this point.

One of you guys asked if significant others ever just “drop by” the Business. Rarely, and when they do, we’re legitimate enough in appearance not to arouse suspicion. Besides – guys are clueless to these things. And if a BF loves you, he’ll believe anything you tell him!

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t found THE ONE yet. But Tom is good enough for now. I’d like to eventually meet a guy that I don’t have to hide anything from, but that ain’t gonna be any time soon. I have this nagging feeling that it won’t be till I’m outta the sex industry for good.

I wrote before about the dangers of telling BF’s about the Business, but there are exceptions. For example, Luna’s pimp boyfriend knows what she does, but for him this is a step UP from street walking (I guess nothing’s too good for HIS baby’s mama). Trina is playing the field right now, but she feels the same way I do about telling BF’s about work.

Audrey is a different story. She ONLY dates customers. She’ll never admit it, but we all know. Since she spends so much time here, customers are the only men she meets! I know this is a total violation of Dating Rule #1 (Never Date Customers), but Audrey has it down to a science. She only sees them casually and never gets serious. And most of her dates (if you can call them that) are of the weekend getaway type. I couldn’t tell you if any cash is exchanged during these dates, but I do know that she tends to prefer gentlemen who shower her with gifts. They have the MO of married guys, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true. And since she dates customers, this has only confirmed my suspicions that she’s now full service.

While I’m on the subject of Boyfriends again, I may as well tell ya something useful. At work we NEVER tell customers that we’re involved. And if we do, it’s always with a “girlfriend” (you guys are such suckers for that story). As far as the customers know, we are all SINGLE, AVAILABLE, AND LOOKING. It’s all part of that illusion we create that you stand a chance with us. I hear that strippers do something similar. After all, what’s sexier? Confessing how I lezzed out with one of my girlfriends last night, or complaining that my baby’s daddy is late on the child support?

We always tell the customers that we’re single. It plays on your sympathies and encourages you guys to open up that wallet a little bit wider in an effort to impress us. Hate to pop your bubble, but we’re just as likely, if not more, to be off the market. Most of the girls I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years have had guys, but unfortunately of the most sleazoid kind. The massage business (particularly the Full Service places) tends to attract a lot of ex-hookers and druggies, who usually support their BFs. I don’t know what it is, but these chicks LOVE a guy with no money, car, or place to live. Go figure.

Another reason we keep our personal lives personal, is for safety. I mean eventually with some regulars we’ll tell the truth, but all masseuses have stories of stalkers who’ve threatened to “Tell All” to our BFs. Heck, I once had a stalker threaten to beat up my BF! Yes – even yours truly has a made this mistake and learned the hard way to keep her mouth shut.

You wanna know who can keep a secret around here? Married guys. That’s right. They’re so used to keeping their own secrets, that a couple of mine thrown in there are perfectly safe. Plus, some married guys don’t even care if I have a BF. In fact, they often enjoy my own personal drama since it’s not their own. So I have a couple of married regulars that I treat as my own personal psychiatrists.

However, don’t start thinking now that I bare my soul to all the married men. Turns out that the marrieds hold out more hope for seducing me than single guys! I don’t know what it is, but sooooo many of these guys develop this fantasy of leaving their wife for me. And I don’t even encourage it!!!!! They just love to go on and on about ditchin’ the bitch, and “saving” me from this life of drudgery. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of times I’ve heard that story. I just want to roll my eyes and say “yeah yeah whatever. You and the last guy in here…” But they tip well, so who am I to argue with them if they just want to live out a fantasy for an hour?

Well I’m sorry about bitching about my personal life. But I hope you all learned something in the process. Keep those questions coming! See ya!



Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I find it’s fresh and you have a great humor and such a classy way of telling stories.
My comment will probably sound patronizing, but I can’t help. I think not telling you BF what you really do is not a very smart thing to do. I read the arguments why you don’t (your Rule #2) but the trouble you could get into by not doing so are, in my opinion, even worse. The point is that a BF could learn it unexpectedly: let’s say a friend of his goes to your workplace and finds you there or something like that; sure the odds are slim but it COULD happen. And then you have no idea on how your BF reacts, he could get really mad and blow the whole thing around, maybe to your family, just imagine how ruined your life would be…
I don’t want to freak you out; as I said, odds are low that the shit happens, but the risk exists. The bottom line is that you should not get sentimentally involved with a guy who’s not up to accept and respect what you do. You are positively running a permanent double life and that is very unhealthy in the long run. Just tell your special ones what you do, stand for what you are and what your job is.
Well… just my 2 cents.

cj said...

I hear ya. But in all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve found it less stressful to keep the 2 worlds separate. I have actually bumped into friends and acquaintances of BF’s at work, and nothing ever came of it. Usually cause they were married guys and were more worried about covering their own asses, than they were about warning their “friend.” The best analogy I can think of is cheating on your spouse with his married best friend. He’s got more to lose than you do, so he’ll keep his mouth shut. And like I said before – every BF I have confessed to – it always ended badly.

Anonymous said...

I've known of people with HIV or herpes who don't tell. Hey, how would they get any lovin' otherwise? Some also do that to share what they have: hey, if they're hurtin', why should they be the only ones?

Human nature. Sigh.

If ya can't tell a guy the truth and keep him around, be alone then. All the Asian whores who complained of the provider's curse to me did just that.
Asians also say that we expect too much from life.
I'm CONVINCED that most of the GFEs I got in AMPs were from lonely chicks who gave me what they couldn't otherwise (and I'm not talking of STDs, this time).

Jerking guys off is easy and you can make loads of cash (according to one of your own posts elsewhere)... Well, didn't you think there'd be a price to pay? No, you want it all (be a whore and a girlfriend) so you lie. Yes, you risk losing the guy, but YOU're the liar - you could hurt HIM badly.

Class? Where?!

Anonymous said...

The only man who will accept a woman for being a sex worker and to accept her as his woman is a true and official pimp.