Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I’m tired of prostitutes

Because of this Eliot Spitzer thing, all the media is talking about prostitutes. And now people are asking me all these questions about prostitution and escorts and strippers, etc. Let’s get 1 thing straight. I am not a prostitute. I know prostitutes, and I’ve worked with them. I have seen nothing glamorous about their lifestyle and would never consider it myself. My coworker Luna has told me stories from her hooking days of being raped, beaten and robbed. Doesn’t sound nearly as fun as Pretty Woman, does it?

One of you guys asked for my opinion on prostitution as a “Victimless” crime. Well, getting raped and beaten isn’t exactly victimless, now is it? But if you’re referring to what takes place in a session between 2 consenting adults in exchange for cash, then I guess you can say that. Now what about the wives – are they victims when their husbands see us? Well let me tell ya, if it weren’t for married men, I’d be one bored masseuse. At least what we do here in The Business doesn’t spread disease (unless you’re one of those full-service skanks like my boss).

And 1 last thing before I drop this topic and get on with more fun stuff. Howard Stern interviewed a guy who was busted for running the biggest escort service in NYC by Eliot Spitzer. Howard asked if it’s true that for $5,000 an hour you get a celebrity or top model. The guy said “no, but we like you to think that.” And then the tabloids reveal that the NY governors little $4k mistress was nothing more than a drug addicted, high school drop out.

So enough about prostitutes! Let’s talk about erotic massage!



Anonymous said...

Well, girl is being offered million dollars for a Penthouse photo-shoot.
That's crazy!
I'm not sure about the 'drug-addicted' allegations though.
About massage, honestly, I wouldn't be satisfied without full-service, I too much need pussy, lol.
But I'd make an exception for ya! mwah!

cj said...

Dear BSG:
I have a homework assignment for you. I want you to visit your local massage parlor this weekend and tell me what you think. You may be surprised how much fun a handjob could be.


ez cheese said...

Unfortunately that little girl had her Penthouse offer snatched away from her.

Anonymous said...

About spreading disease: isn't there a risk of spreading herpes? Maybe not, I'm not really up to date on my STDs.

cj said...

The chance of STD is slim to none, unless you're doing full service without protection. And we don't do full service.

Apart from that, all laundry is changed after each customer, and each room is thoroughly cleaned each night.


Sarah said...

cj, forgive me for being blatant, but you are selling services of a sexual nature for money! In my book, that makes you a prostitute.

It ain't so bad you know!

Anonymous said...

I definitely wouldn't agree with that last poster's statement that someone who is giving massages with happy ending is a prostitute.

I don't understand why someone doing this would be looked down on. In fact, I view it as performing an important public service.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Agree with the last two.

In some "handjob-only" places, some greedy girls bring their own condoms and will do full service, unbeknownst to the owner. Extras!

What cracks me up is that the other girls call them "bad ones". If they think that jacking and sucking is legal they're in for a surprise one day.

A sex act is a sex act unless your name is Bill, apparently. You make your calls as to how far you'll go, but please don't feel superior.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add: personally, when I run into a masseuse who stops at handjobs, I take that, tip the nice lady (because a simple massage or hand release is great and better than nothing) and move on to one (sometimes in the same establishment!) who has no illusions about what defines a prostitute.

Escorts giving handshakers a bad name, ha! Relax, it's just sex, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Public service? Affirmative.

Prostitute? You bet. Look it up.

(You don't get to decide what the definition of a word is. Clinton himself couldn't get away with that one.)

Look, I take whatever I can get in a parlor, like in life, with few expectations. Massage? Great! Happy ending? Absolutely!! Sex? Even better!!!
But I kinda look down a bit on the NON-full service gals: to me they're not quite clear on the concept (that they're whores as soon as they take their clothes off or put a hand on my junk). They're like people who "only" go 10 miles over the speed limit, like the rest of the sheep, and think it's "OK".

Whether it's their personal call or the house's, it's fine, but I'm with bsgerotism in that I likes me some freaking pussy. If looking was enough, I'd stick to internet porn - it's cheaper and legal-er.