Thursday, January 15, 2009

FBSM - or Confessions Of A Not-So Erotic Massage Therapist

I got a question last week concerning what I know about FBSM. Well honestly, I had never heard the term before so I looked it up. Boy, did I feel stupid. FBSM stands for Full Body Sensual Massage. Personally I use the term Full Body Massage, but it also goes by:

Happy Ending Massage
Relaxing Massage

and my least favorite...The ol' Rub n' Tug

I feel silly because technically FBSM is what I do for a living, but I practice just 1 aspect of it which is a full body massage followed by a hand release. I guess FBSM implies more of a sexual aspect including massage techniques specifically for the naughty bits.

My technique basically consists of up, down, and repeat as necessary. As for the "sensual" aspect, I don't think taking my top off really qualifies. Occasionally I'll be asked for what I call a "soft massage" where the massage consists mostly of caressing type motions. I may also get asked to pay special attention to the balls throughout the entire massage. And I have done a couple sessions where the guy has asked me to apply the oil to him by applying it to my breasts first, then rubbing myself all over him. I guess the breast release and butt release would also qualify as FBSM techniques too. So now that I think about it, I'm familiar with some of it - I just may not practice it all that often.

However, I was actually introduced to some of the advanced techniques of FBSM a few years ago by a customer. Here I am doing this for a living, and now a customer is teaching ME some new tricks! Anyway, I was doing a mutual massage with this guy (who was a new customer at the time) when he asked if he could do a "special" massage of my groin area. At first I said "no" because it sounded like he just wanted to finger fuck me (I get this often). Then he explained it was nothing like that, so I reluctantly agreed since I was kinda curious.

So there I was... spread eagle on the table with this guy's face just inches away from my pussy. With his thumb and index finger, he starts doing this wonderful massage of my inner thighs. I mean this guy knew what he was doing. Then he works his way up until he's working the area from my taint to around and just over my lips. So he's not actually touching my pussy or the lips, but just the areas around them. Let me tell you - it was INCREDIBLE. It didn't exactly get me aroused in a sexual kinda way, but it felt amazing nevertheless.

After several minutes of bliss, he asked me to do it to him. I figured it was the least I could do for putting me on a cloud. Every time after that, I DEMANDED he do that special little massage for me. The first time, I swear I had trouble walking afterwards. It was funny because I had a boyfriend at the time and he noticed I was walking with a slight limp that night. What was I going to tell him - that it's just a normal workplace accident for me? LOL

Unfortunately for me, that customer is long gone. So what I've resorted to now is teaching it to a couple of my favorite regulars - guys that I know I can trust not to try and stick a finger in me. As for returning the favor... I save that little gem for special occasions when I really want to demonstrate my appreciation of a customer. What about the boyfriend you ask? Well, I couldn't exactly try it on him, now could I? What was I gonna say - "Hey honey, Iay back and relax. I wanna try something on you that I just learned today from a total stranger"? That moment had to wait for the NEXT boyfriend. Oh well, his loss.



Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you could describe the special massage technique, or maybe create a tutorial on Instructables :)

Seriously, I'd love to do that to my wife.

mommasboy said...

Well, you could tell your boyfriend that you learned it from a _female_ customer.

Speaking of which, have you ever had a female customer that wanted a 'happy ending'? If not, would you take a female customer that wanted a 'happy ending'?

aw said...

Wow, sounds like a great massage, my wife love massage, especially, back then front.

I think I may start experimenting!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell this story of a recent try I had...

An unhappy ending at that massage parlor... what happened?

I went to get a massage a night after work. Of course I was sore as well but as you probably realize I was looking for a package deal with the extras. Before anyone suggests that maybe the place I went to "wasn't one of those places" let me cut you off and say that it so was. What other places have massage in cheap neon lighting and a mamasan who sold me on half an hour by telling me how young the girls are? These ladies surely didn't come with certificates or even green cards if you know what I mean.

I went in an received a nice looking latina as my masseuse. Pleasant on the eyes certainly but the fact that she laid a towel from my shoulders to my ankles and proceeded to massage me through that towel made me think that the chances of going farther were nil. For what ever reason the mamasan said that the latina had an urgent appointment and she referred me to one of her asians.

A very cute girl this one took the towel away until it only barely covered my behind. Then she proceeded with a nice skin on skin massage with the benefit of hot oil. She played plenty of attention to my legs and butt I was pretty sure she knew the game. When she told me to turn around she kept a towel over my privates and proceeded to massage my legs and chest, it seemed inevitable...

But then she gave me the oil and told me to do as I please. What the hell I thought? Wasn't that her job? By that point she had already convinced me to put an extra 20 for another half hour with another 20 for her tip. I thought this was code language. But in fact as far as that extra 40 got me was some oil and something that I could do in the privacy of my own home. I asked her if she could do that for me. No. I asked if she could take off her shirt. No. I didn't understand this obviously seemed like exactly the time and place. Before any naysayers say I was the problem, let me remind you that I'm an attractive guy in his mid twenties in good shape. I don't have problem getting women on my own, I just don't mind a quick and convenient one if the money is there.

Not only that she was also extremely hasty. As I went to my business she was practically tapping her fingers until I finished. This is a problem with the younger attractive masseuses I thought. The older experienced ones seemed to know what's up. When I went to one a year ago she was no spring chicken but she knew exactly what the business plan was and went straight for the nuts and bolt as it were. This one just wanted me to nut and bolt.

In the end I left 100 dollars later in total. An ok massage on its own merits but an overall disappointing experience. That night I didn't cheat on anyone but in the end I felt cheated.

What went wrong?

cj said...

Dear Anon,

I think the problem is that they pegged you as either a newbie or a cop. That's why they were reluctant to offer you any extras. Happens all the time. If I get the slightest weird vibe off a customer once he's in the room - I go straight to LMT mode. No nonsense, no extras.

As for asking you to take care of yourself, I've heard of that before. I think some girls do that as a sort of test to see if you're a cop or not. If you do it in front of them, then they know you're cool for the next time.

I know this whole process can sound expensive with the "initiation," but it's how some places try to protect themselves.


cj said...

Dear Mommasboy,

Yes, we do have female customers. But they are all local women who use us for therapeutics only. We actually appreciate the fact that we look enough like a day spa to attract local clients.

No, we do not offer happy endings to these women! As far as I can recall, I've never even heard of a woman coming in for an erotic massage. We have had couples come in, looking for 3somes with a masseuse, but those people are usually looking for a full-service place. The closest I've come is massaging a guy while his girlfriend sat in the corner and watched - happy ending and all!


Mike Hunt said...

Wow CJ, I just stumbled upon your blog whilst searching for a "how to" for first timers and "happy ending" massages. It has been very informative to learn the do's and don'ts! Also, some entries were very erotic too. Now I just have to find one of these places that is clean and trustworthy.

Anonymous said...


This interesting post. I'd like it more if my boyfriend hadn't just contracted a venereal disease from a recent (and surprise) attempt of a happy ending from a local masseuse.

Here is what happened. He called a seemingly normal ad from our local paper under 'massage services' and went to the appointment soon thereafter. He said the massage part was very nice and he ended up fading in and out during the massage. I know he does this because my friend who is a massage therapist has told me he falls asleep.

Anyway, he recalls the woman asking him something to the tune of 'what's going on in your life' and he remembers saying something about his birthday being tomorrow.

Anyway, he said he woke up with the woman's mouth around his penis. He said it took him a couple seconds to realize what was going on before he stopped her.

He said she looked terribly embarrassed, he got up, got dressed and when he went to pay her, she tried to refuse the money, but ended up leaving it for her anyway.

He thought the whole thing sounded so awful and he felt so guilty about it that he did not tell me for two weeks; enough time for him to develop an irritation on the tip of his penis. It has caused immense grief in our relationship the past few days.

I'm okay with others working for sex, but not involving my partner, and not without me knowing, and certainly NOT if it puts me at risk for acquiring an STD. I mean really ... ewww. . .

He told me two weeks later, along with the suggestion that I make a doctor appointment and get tested for gonorrhea.

I can't help but hate the woman for 'going there' supposedly without asking. As for gonorrhea, it has a terrible name but I know it's easily treated. What bothers me more is that he didn't have the sense to pick up on the potentiality of this woman 'pleasuring' him.

It has instilled distrust in our relationship. I've begged him to call her and let me talk to her, just so I can get validation on the whole thing. He does not want to - thinks it will humiliate her more than it already has. All in all, he just wants to let the whole thing ride.

It's been about three days and I'm trying not to completely obsess about the whole thing. I know he loves women, but at the same time, before this whole thing, I really thought that the most solid piece of our relationship was our trust in one another. I want to continue believing this.

So, I guess my question is - how common does this sort of thing happen? Since I've never sought out a happy ending, I have no idea. I've done my own salacious things in the past, but never for money, and never with a guy who was already taken.


cj said...

Dear Anon,

I really really hate to tell you, but this sort of thing NEVER happens. Your boyfriend is totally lying to you.

Assuming that this masseuse gives BJ's for cash, she would never have given one for this birthday. And she would never have refused the money. It's about getting paid - nothing personal.

Honestly, would you blow a stranger without a condom just because he was a nice guy? Professional sex workers ALWAYS use condoms. If this woman was giving BJ's to anyone who asked, then she probably had a case of them under the table.

And the fact that he won't let you talk to her just reinforces the fact that he's lying. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to tell you this but this DID happened to me. I went in for a regular massage at a clothing optional spa and was asked if I wanted 'the works' which I thought was a 30 min soak in the hot tubs and then a massage. Well after 30 some minutes soaking in hot water and then lying with only a small towel drape and the massage I did dose off and while on the flip side I awoke to the BJ. Took me a short moment to realize reality from dreaming. I guess $120 was the works. And heh, I did get a case of VD too. No lie here, had to tell the wife about this one. BTW, she did take the money.

Anonymous said...

I was reading about STD's online and came across a man's account of non-consensual, unprotected oral sex performed on him at a Massage Parlor. It happened so quickly, he could not stop it. The reason he was telling his story is that he was very worried about STD's and asking questions about that. So unfortunately it does happen. It was probably a breakdown in communication. State laws prohibit a "lewd act in exchange for consideration", making oral sex for money illegal. Therefore, it is difficult to talk about. If people were free to do with their bodies as they pleased, accidents like this could be prevented.

Also, there are experienced FBSM people, both men and women, who are very good at performing a happy ending for a woman. There are techniques that most people do not know about. When a woman masturbates, she can't get her hands into the same position as a masseuse can. This can be mind blowing. Check out:

Anonymous said...


I hate the fact that I'm addicted to these fbsm(s). Pretty much right after climax, I feel blanketed by shame. I'm wondering if you've ever picked up on that vibe from someone?

Anonymous said...

omg. lol. and all the other things the kids say!

He dozed off and the massage therapist decided to blow him and sucked for a few minutes until he noticed and stopped her before leaving in a huff with gonorrhea?



Anonymous said...

Is there a certain question, or statement, that when asked, PROVES my customer is not a cop?

Are there certain things they just can't say or do?