Friday, August 21, 2009


I really don't know what to say to you guys today. I had a whole thing I was gonna talk about yesterday, but I started to feel guilty about what I said the other day about bringing up the pictures.

I swear to Gawd that I didn't mean to lead you guys on and just thought it was a funny story about how I can't even come up with a simple picture suitable for the internet. Then you guys started to tease me about how it must be a joke or just another story.

Well I went through the pics on my phone today and took the first look at them in months. I'm sorry guys, but I am waaaaay to embarassed to put that shit up on my blog for the world to see. It's bad enough that some of you guys are still trying to find The Business, but topless pics of myself just kinda freak me out.

However, as a consolation there are the old pics I once used in my old Internet/Sugardaddy days. I'm going to give them to Eric the Techno-Nerd to see what he can do. These are much more innocent and I wouldn't mind seeing Britney Spears head attached to my body

Have a good weekend!



Joker_SATX said...

OK, so lets get a few things straight here....

First off, this is your blog. Fuck us! If the rule of the blog is no pictures, then its no pictures.

We do have the right to tease...this is what commenting is all about.

I think that those of us that have read your blog for a modest amount of time, understand and respect the fact that you just can't put pictures up because of where you work. We get it.

However, never think for one second that at least this blogger will be superficial enough to judge you based on your looks.

The pic you have on your profile is hot. Your writing is even hotter. OK, so no pics? Cool...just keep the writing coming.

grass said...

I'm not really disappointed with no pics, but I was definitely enticed when you started talking about it.

Do whatever you want.

Remember, no one here knows who you are anyway.

ReflexVE said...

I found it hilarious, especially in light of the previous post!

Advizor said...

Your blog
Your rules

Anyone who gives you grief for this kind of stuff should be banned from your blog.

While, as a fan of beautiful women, I would love to see your pictures, I would never expect you to post them unless you were 100% comfortable and safe in doing so.

We are just the clamoring crowd, to be ignored and teased at your whim.

Anonymous said...

Put up a nipple, an ass cheek, a leg, your mouth, sugar trail, etc. Stop being so uptight. C'mon ur a blogger, get down with HNT!


Catherine said...

I keep coming back for the writing, not in the hope of seeing photos. Pictures can be found all over the internet, only put ones of you up if YOU want to.

RIV said...

Chiming in a bit late, but I have to agree with Joker and the bunch.

Your blog, your rules. :)

Am I disappointed that I don't see boobies? Yah!

Will it stop me from reading your blog? NO!

There are ways you can make the post pics of yourself to be anonymous, you just have to be comfortable with them.

I did find the post of what you "went through" to get the photos funny, though.
To me that's worth several boobs shots.

Maybe one....maybe. :)

I'd like to hear a bit more about your

The Tickling Master said...

Pictures are not necessary - The stories you tell can stand alone! I laugh at most of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your boyfriend could guilt you into whatever he wanted it sounds like. That would make for some good stories too.

BeenThereDoneThat said...

I, for one, would love to see more pics and would be perfectly happy with you editing them enough so that no one call tell it's "you".

No need to apologize, I will enjoy reading your blog no matter what but, you know, guys ARE visual and a pic or two helps "tell the story" a bit more :-)

Wack said...

In agreement with most of the people on here, it is your blog and your rules. Us guys ALWAYS want to see more, but at the same time, tell us all to go to hell! We will always come back because this is some entertaining and interesting writing!

Do what you want and tell everyone else to F*$# off!

Anonymous said...

Throw us a Bone

For many of your loyal readers, you represent our fantasy sensual massage therapist. You entice us with your words but we are need pictures as we are very visual creatures.

How about throwing us a bone and including a couple of semi-nekid pics?

Dick Burns

Anonymous said...

pictures make jerking off easier, thank u

Anonymous said...

Solo Sex

During solo sex, your blog and a few revealing pictures of you would go together like milk and cookies.

The Soloist

thereallarrygelbart said...

No pictures? Where's the phone? Hello? Better Business Bureau?