Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls Are All Lying Liars

I am fucking pissed right now. Every one of these fucking bitches I work with is a lying piece of shit.

Or as I will refer to her from now on - Queen Lying Mega Bitch. Anyway, the other day she was going on and on about how she wasn't making any money and the rent was due and she had no cash for lunch and blah blah blah.

Being the gold hearted saint that I am, I passed a couple customers her way (a newbie and a Regular who didn't mind getting pawned off). She makes an extra $250 that day, which basically means I lost $250. Not a big deal since we're all friends here and business has been decent.

Well this morning I get a phone call from Trina. "Hey CJ! Guess what? I'm calling you from my new iPhone!"

My jaw dropped. I was like "What the fuck!? I thought you were broke and had to pay rent!" Let me tell ya - we got into it right then and there. It was so bad that I ended up calling her a bitch and hanging up on her. She's called back a couple of times so far, but I've just let it kick to voicemail. Fuck her. I'm still mad. Partly because she now has an iPhone and I don't.

Then there's the retarded liar Cindy. We went out shoe shopping the other day and she got a bunch of good stuff for herself. When it was time to go home, she asked if I could carry the bags in and claim that these were all b-day gifts for her. When I asked why, she said she doesn't want her baby-daddy to know she has money to spend on shoes.

That got me going. The jobless pothead just sits around the house all day playing Xbox. What she does with her money is none of his Gawd-darn business - and I told her so. We argued about it the entire way home, but in the end I just carried the bags in and didn't say anything. I was still angry so I didn't say two words to him while I was there.

And last there's Lying McBitchmaster. Once again, she's started up with the whole "I'm shutting this place down" crap. Last time it happened I was concerned because the landlord was involved. This time it's because of her new boyfriend.

This shit happens EVERY time she dates a customer. They met her on the job. They fucked her on the job. And then after 2 dates, they're all like "You need to close that place..." and "You're better than this..." Happens every fucking time. At first I used to panic that I needed to find a new job. Now I just get pissy when she pulls that shit. Then she lies about it and says "I'm not seeing anyone..." and "It's all my idea..."

At least with guys the lies are more obvious like "My name is John Smith..." or "I'm not married..." But a woman can lie to your face one minute then tell you the Gawd-awful truth the next - and expect you to be forgiving.

OK enough bitching for today! I feel better now.



Joker_SATX said...

I see shit like this day in and day out. And I wonder why people get away with it....

You know that if I did it, I would be crucified in so many ways its not funny.

That's why the never let this clown out of the box.

Advizor said...

Your post made me crack up to no end. My ex-girlfriends's roommate used to pull the same crap month after month. "I'm broke, I can't help with the rent, but, by the way, did you see me 8 pairs of killer new shoes?"

It was the only time I heard my GF swear, but every time it was "Bitch! She's such a f***ing bitch" Sent her through the roof every time. I just laughed my ass off, and then hid the roommate's shoes.

As for Audry shutting the place down, I think it's time you seriously investigated the Happy endings tanning salon idea. Enough of her crap.

Anonymous said...

Mary Poppins…

Now that we have your view of your co-workers (i.e., the bitches you work with), it would be interesting to get their take of you. Would they say that CJ is like Mary Poppins – perfect in every way?

It’s also interesting that you think girls are much better liars than guys. I notice that when girls lie, it’s referred to as a “little white lie” while for guys it’s “he’s a lying dirty bastard”.

Sign me: John Smith

Anonymous said...

It's one thing for a stranger or casual aquaintance to lie. But, when a friend or someone you have to see all the time lies to you, it really sucks. At least you called out Trina and Cindy on it right away. Calling out your boss might not be such a good idea. Hopefully, the "closing the business" talk will turn out to just be talk.


Anonymous said...

Yo CJ,

Since girls are ALL lying liars, do you mind filling us in on some of your lies?

Anonymous said...

Interesting...What about CJ the C**k Jerking blogger that says she is a bikini massage therapist? She'll tell the entire world the intimate details of her daily life but she wont allow me to get close enough to completely trust and love her.

"But a woman can lie to your face one minute then tell you the Gawd-awful truth the next - and expect you to be forgiving."

Just tell me you wanted to buy an i-phone...just tell your man about the gifts you bought for yourself...just tell...be free...don't worry be happy!

We love you anyway you're our family our lover our friend.

"OK enough bitching for today! I feel better now."


The Tickling Master said...

Have you ever thought about going independent?

Anonymous said...

Soft Touch…

On numerous occasions you’ve written about lending money to your co-workers and then getting screwed. Do you think people take advantage of you?

Also, can I borrow some money from you as my baby needs a new pair of shoes (I mean iphone)?

Strat said...

Just a comment on the Audrey situation in so much as you say this always happens when she gets involved with a customer. Maybe think harder about starting up your own place since it happens time and time again.

Also, I'm curious how involved the new bf's get in the business. Just because on occasion a place I may have been in the past will advertise strongly out of nowhere on some websites and when I call up it's always a dude that answers the phone. Sorry, if I'm looking for a massage I don't want some dude booking my appointment etc., and I hang up and decide not to patronize that establishment. Maybe I'm too touchy but it's happened far too often for it to be a coincidence. New adverts/changes = some some guy being involved (I suspect after reading your blog)

Double Trouble said...

Hey PJ, ease up on the passive-aggressive anger you slam towards CJ. I guess I don't really get why you are attracted to reading about her exploits yet resort to high-school antics by calling her names and use descriptions like "cock-jerking". Real classy.

We all know what she does, and she is at liberty to do whatever she wants in life because that's her right. Yes it is also your right to bitch and moan about how disgusting her profession is, but keep your negativity dumps to yourself because the rest of us don't actually enjoy smelling that shit spewing out the sides of your mouth.

Mike said...

PJ, it looks to me like she's doing the right thing by keeping her distance. This is her house. You shouldn't disrespect her like that.

Anonymous said...

I never said her profession was disgusting. She writes here for a reason and I'm sure she doesn't mind reading other people's thought on her topics. CJ's initials? Ha she just got finished calling ev1 bitches and I make a clever comment about how ironic the parallel...Please, I enjoy this blog just as much as ev1 here. Read my comments with an open mind ffs.

I'm not disrespecting her house in any way simply providing my point of view.


cj said...

The idea of going independent is just too weird for me - especially after the whole Craigslist Killer thing. I prefer the whole 9-5 thing and a morning commute.

Whenever a BF gets involved it ALWAYS leads to trouble. At first it's just to "help out" but it always leads to some weird power trip and eventually harassment.

As a rule a guy should NEVER answer the phones. I swear you'll lose half your callers right there. Guys do it when they're trying to keep tabs on the girls and make sure calls actually match appointments, etc.

Nothing good ever comes from a man getting involved in the day-to-day work.

As for my constant lying about my business - if it weren't for that I'd never be able to write anonymously about all this crap. Think about that!


Anonymous said...

Women would be so great if only they weren't full of shit. One thing that drew me to whores is the honesty. Of course, that's for an hour. If you stick around, the manipulation and other BS starts...