Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Accidental Full Service

I got a kick outta your questions the other day about whether any guy has ever "mis-stroked" and stuck his dick in a place it ain't supposed to be. I thought about it and realized that during a butt release, I am merely inches away from either: A) Full Service, B) Sexual Assault, or C) a combo of A and B. I guess the answer would depend on how I feel about the guy!

The short answer is no, I've never had a guy "accidentally" stick it in me during a butt release. Seems easy enough, but it's the kind of thing I only offer to guys I like and trust. So I thought I'd explain how and when I offer the extras to customers.

For all you newbies out there, "extras" are the little services I offer above and beyond the options. The standard options during a massage are topless, G-string, and nude. The basic extras in the order in which I offer them are:

1) Mutual massage
2) Breast release
3) Butt release
4) Thigh release
5) Facial

I never offer extras to newbies, so at the most they'll get the standard hand release with a view of me unobstructed by clothing. It takes a few visits and me getting to know you before I start offering extras; starting with...

The Mutual Massage
This is where the customer gets to massage me as well. For some guys it's basically an excuse to play with The Girls up close and personal, but some of them really go out of their way to impress me with their massage skills. As you can imagine, I have to feel comfortable with a guy before I'll offer him this extra. Anyone who's pinchy or grabby in the room will never get this offered.

Breast Release
If you've taken the mutual a few times and proven yourself gentle enough with The Girls, then I'll offer this one next. For the new readers out there, this extra is known by the more mundane term of "Titty Fuck." If a customer seems cool enough from the start, I'll offer him this at the same time I offer the mutual.

Now I would be lying if I said I've never done this with a newbie. More than a few time I've had new customers come in here and specifically ask for it. I know I said I have to get to know a guy and trust him before I offer a breast release, but you would be amazed how much trust I've found in a big wad of cash waving in front of my face.

One of my favorite stories is the time a guy came in and just flat out asked to cum on my breasts. No massage. He offered me what I like to refer to as "Rent Money." It would have been mighty unfriendly for me to say No, right? So from the time my shirt hit the floor to the time that he had zipped up and was walking out the door was less than 5 minutes.

Best session EVER.

I swear, it took more time for me to clean the semen off my chest and dress up, than it did for him to whip it out, jerk off and orgasm.

Butt Release
As the name implies, this is where the guy uses my butt cheeks to help him achieve his happy ending. I actually don't get a lot of calls for this one. And as you guys have already guessed, I have to be REALLY comfortable with a customer before I'll offer this. There's nothing more vulnerable than leaning over the massage table with your butt in the air and the guy sliding his cock back and forth mere inches away from my exposed asshole.


The Thigh Release
We pretty much have to be BFF's before I'll do this one. AND I'll need 2 references. With this release, the guy slides his well lubed cock in between my thighs. I can either be leaning over the table, or lying down on my back. When I'm lying down, it's pretty much as close to fucking as you're gonna get. This one I'm very careful about offering because now you're mere inches from my Cookie, and I need to know ahead of time that you have control over your orgasm and you're not prone to be premature.

Now if we have to be BFF's for a thigh release, I have to be IN LOVE with you before I'll offer a facial. Actually, I don't so much offer facials as I agree to them (after much nagging, whining, flattery and finally bribery).

Believe it or not, I don't actually charge extra for this most intimate of services. And that's because it's usually tied to another extra like the mutual massage or the breast release. The deal usually goes down something like this...

"I'll take a mutual followed by a breast release. And... er... er...can I cum on your face?"

"Uh... No."



"I'll be your best friend?"

"I would, but I just washed my hair and I'm going out straight from work tonight."

"I'll spend half an hour massaging your feet."

"Fine. Just keep that shit away from my eyes."

I hope this has clarified a few things for you guys. Especially why I'm not routinely violated during the standard work week.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Finally spicing things back up. It's the intimate details that make this blog great and I am glad to see you getting back to it.

Keep the posts coming......

Anonymous said...

So how many different guys are you in love with enough to take facials from?

Anonymous said...

"Cookie"? is this a term in the business?

marginalutility said...

Aren't you afraid that with the butt or thigh release semen might get loose and end up in your vagina, causing a pregnancy/STD scare? As an escort, I sometimes offer the "butt release", but I'm very careful that it's on a part of my ass where the sperm couldn't possibly drip down anywhere near my vagina or my anus.

reggie said...

is Rent Money enough for you to agree to take a facial shot?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is but something about your billfold makes me want to swallow your jizz. Must be love.

Just Visiting said...

Don't know 'bout you, but I'm in love with anyone willing to swallow my jizz... and they say you can't buy happiness!

Satisfied said...

Besides for things to accidentally slip in, things would need to be lubed up. And it's not like you're wet or anything right...

Sc00ter1808 said...

CJ. I have been to a Asian massage but for some reason get really nervous and cannot get an erection until she is actually starting the release. With the amount of touching that happens and my reaction (lifting butt up when she is in the area, etc..) I feel really good but no stiffening. How often does this happen to you? Is it frequent? I really notice it when I am nervous and develop shrinkage. :( When I am at any other massage (non sensual) sometime I get an erection. When she leaves I try to get it going before she returns. Any advice? Any recommendations on how to relax so when its "turn over" time I can show I am ready to begin?
Thank you!

Joker_SATX said...

Good explanations here CJ!

Kenny S. said...

Probably one of your best posts ever. Hot!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, but do you ever get sti scares and how do you prevent it like ex: herpes just from touching all that lovely stuff

Anonymous said...

If one fateful day a customer managed to stick it in you, thereby getting "accidental" full service... would you finally get off your high horse and quit looking at the girls who do that as skanks and whores, while YOU are a "Therapist" (with benefits, semen-covered chest and all)?