Friday, September 17, 2010

Confessions of an Erotic Economic Indicator

Well I have some good news for a change. I was talking to Audrey the other day and she confirmed that August was our busiest month in almost 3 years.

I knew business was going to pick up a little bit because last month was when we finally started letting newbies back into session. Heck - we went for most of the summer relying on just Regulars for business. So the total number of customers jumped to pre-economic meltdown days.

A good chuck of that was new customers, but we also saw in increase in business from Regulars. Audrey said the door fees were also good, but not the same as 3 years ago because guys are taking shorter session times nowadays. As for tips, August was great because we finally started offering options to newbies again. We were getting killed with the therapeutics because guys generally don't tip with those.

So what does this all mean in terms of the economy? Well the official HappyEndingz forecast is that the number of guys with disposable income is finally returning to pre-recession levels. In other words, more people have jobs now. I mean, August may have been a fluke due to the high number of frustrated, horny newbies who were banging down our door all summer. So we'll see if the numbers continue to stabilize through the next quarter.

As for levels of disposable income, it looks like the consumer index is still low on this one. Guys are willing to spend money on massages, just not nearly as much as they did pre-recession.

According to the "CJ Options Index" - Topless is up, while G-string remains flat. Fully nude and mutuals are still way down. Meanwhile on the "CJ Extras Index" - breast and butt releases are slowly making a comeback while foot fetish remains at an all time low.

And that's my take on the economy. Next up - Erotic Sports and Weather!



Mark said...

Sounds like a segue into Trojan Games coverage and the Naked News weather report.

dave said...

CJ, Can I ask you a question? I have had 3 erotic massages so far, all in the last 2 months. One by a hot young Oriental girl, who actaully climed on and went all the way..

The other two from mor mature women who gavve very professional massages, before the happy ending. My issus here is that I came, but never got hard for these women. Is that common?It may be because they weren't hot, so maybe you can't relate. But I still don't know how I came without getting hard, I can't do that by myself

Anonymous said...

Did you or Audrey ever stop to think that business may be up lately because Berks County has been eliminating your competition.

cj said...

I'm working on my new skills so I can get a job as a new anchor. At the very least I should be qualified as a weather girl!

It's not impossible to have an orgasm without an erection. I see it from time to time, and when I do it's like working with a wet noodle. The HJ technique is slightly different in this case, but I can still get the job done.

In your case it looks like the stimulation to induce orgasm was way more than the stimulation to induce an erection. Maybe it was a case of your dick getting one message (hey this feels good!) but your brain getting another one (whoa she's old!).

Yes we did. The crackdown turned some new business our way, but it also scared off a lot of people from parlors in general. In fact, when the crackdown first started, we were hoping to see some of their customers. But that so called "bump" turned out to be small and only at the beginning of the raids.

Anonymous said...

Heard about an all-American place getting closed down just the other day, name starting with X - kind of obvious what the place would be about, not a discrete name for a business. Pictures in the newspaper, yikes. Hope you and the business aren't on the radar for LE...

Anonymous said...

'Heard about an all-American place getting busted recently. The name started with X - not an artful name selection for keeping a non-theraputic place under the radar. Pictures in the newspaper, names, yikes. Hope all remains well for the biz.

BlueLantern said...

Congrats on the good business! It's interesting to hear about the business sides of things. I wonder though if the increase in business is due to the lack of competition. As you mentioned, it seems like guys are going for shorter sessions with less extras. So maybe that would mean cause for optimism, but not a full recovery yet.

Just Visiting said...


I want to hear about you watching Cindy do a customer before - it came up in another post.

Please :)

Anonymous said...

love ur stories, would love to hear one of your footjob experiences (how many have you given btw?) and maybe details about the largest cock you ever worked and how you got it off. love the stories...

Anonymous said...

Read the blog, no? 12"
And don't believe the crap about AMPs.