Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another One BItes The Dust...

Well another parlor got raided recently only this time it was 100% good-ole All American (USA! USA!). A little bit too close to home? Oh yeah. That's a dozen raids in the last year alone. And according to the paper, the FBI has now jumped in to investigate ties to organized crime and human trafficking.

I didn't know any of the girls personally, but Audrey said she kinda remembered one of them. I think she said one of them may have talked to her about a job last year. I don't remember.

Am I surprised? The only thing I'm surprised about is how long it took to get to that place. I mean it was pretty well known as a full service parlor. According to the paper, police were responding to complaints from neighbors and this is NOT part of a "crack down."

For as long as I can remember, they never really went out of their way to cover up what they did. Hell - even their name was a dead giveaway. It was one of the places that puts an ad in the local weekly entertainment rag with pictures of women in bikinis asking you to "cum on in." I mean it was that bad.

OK... maybe not THAT obvious, but it was still pretty bad.

So I guess all the paranoia around here was justified over the summer. Shit, we cut off newbies for several months so that probably saved our asses. Between that and Audrey cashing in whatever favors she had left, The Business will live to see another day. And I will bet you money that after the elections, there probably won't be another raid for a long time.

Think about it - local ultra-conservative religious group demands the town to cleanup the parlors. Local politicians jump on that bandwagon for a full year before the elections. Coincidence? It never is. Just haven't seen it this obvious in a long while.



Anonymous said...

I've seen both reckless and paranoid places shut down. You're right that politics may be involved at times. From what I hear, though, it's all about complaints. Vengeful customers who didn't get what they wanted, fucked-up ones who make a report to relieve their conscience after their balls... or, more often, neighboring businesses who feel that "their" strip mall shouldn't attract "that kind" of customers.

I was just thinking of you while AMP-hopping this am. =)

First place: late to open, so I had to bump into the locked door, then go back to my car (a shop loaner) under the watchful eyes of the next door shop owner, who had apparently nothing better to do than hang outside. He might even have posted himself there to deter mongers, but I'm the "watcha lookin' at?" type. After some small talk with Mr. Neighborhood Watchdog, I initiated plan B. Always have a plan B.

Second place: went to an unknown AMP based on a glowing online review. Got the good ol' GFE from a Chinese-Japanese mix who nearly kissed the ground I walked on (business was slow). As usual with Asians, there was no money talk AT ALL... except for an objection that I was tipping TOO MUCH (AFTER the all-out session).
But as I was driving off, I saw another Asian chick observe me with a frown from a nearby restaurant.

My point is, it's only a matter of time. The cops know exactly what goes on on their turf. Couldn't care less about a few guys getting their rocks off between massages (they often do too). But the neighbors aren't stupid either and loose-lipped mongers post names and addresses online anyway. So one day, someone's "morals" will make them drop the dime on those poor women making a buck the only way they know how.

That chick I just "visited" was NOT the owner, and yet she ran the place alone because a co-worker hadn't shown up. She was just a "slave" to the money and her bills, like you and me.
But one day, some motherfucker will use a phony anti-trafficking excuse to get her arrested and shamed.

Just a matter of time. Well, at least I'm glad (?) to see that cops can play fair and "arrest American" once in a while...

Anonymous said...

It sucked to see Xstreams get shut down!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing... The ones in vegas that got raided a while back where the ones that were cheating the clients, with promises of "sexual acts" then scamming them out of their money with not even a decent massage.

Anonymous said...

Vice's 3 C's: Commercial, Conspicuous, Complaints. The 1st one is always gonna be there, the 2nd can easily be mitigated... but it's the 3rd that does them in.

That last joint must've ripped-off the wrong guy. No sympathy for ROBs, personally.

Anonymous said...

Jeez...watch your back there CJ...its looking ugly out there.

Thrush said...

I just discovered your blog, (some great reading BTW) so this may have been asked before but what happens to the guys that are in session when a place is raided?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever read you reviews on Utopiaguide.com, Spahunters.com or any of the other websites? If you do, or don't, what are your thoughts? Are they accurate, annoying, helpful, etc.?

Anonymous said...

From the customer's standpoint, reviews are definitely useful to save some money, and relatively accurate (although YMMV wasn't invented for nothing - it DOES vary).

But frankly, I wish that names and addresses would be left out if the guys are going to give detailed and incriminating accounts of action and rates.

Questioning this, however, will get you flamed on review forums, since mongers LOVE their intel. But the fact is that their little acronyms and coy hints don't fool LE, and I'd hate for anybody to get in trouble based on my need to brag online about my latest score.
One reason why guys post so much is probably because the customer is the least at risk in case of a raid (pretty selfish).

Some providers seem to welcome the publicity (and even link to reviews in their ads), but many others, especially parlors who don't leave town after a few weeks, like escorts do, and are therefore easily found, would be pissed to see all that's discussed about them.

When I got started, I just read classifieds in the local rags, drove around a bit, and experimented with my cash. It's really not that hard to figure out where to get what. It just cracks me up when guys act all clueless and scared: are we hunters or what? And if you're broke, stay away from pay-for-play is what I say.

So I use the review sites because they're out there, but don't feed that monster myself. I've also warned providers when they were getting too much exposure. Mongers, flame away!

Friendly Nerd said...


Prostitution laws struck down by Ont. court

Anonymous said...

Canada and much of the rest of the world are a different animal. There's things that are uniquely American and that I hold dear... but our hypocritical attitudes towards sex and prostitution ain't one of 'em.

Continuous But Plural said...

Best of luck to you, but I don't see why a place like yours with it's dull dress code would ever get complaints, you know? Seems like you guys are good at protecting your establishment.

Anonymous said...

I knew a spa that went the extra-mile to appear legit. The providers were all duly licensed and dressed in white lab coats (!) with name tags, the reception desk had a log book, which was not even required by that particular city, and they had copies of the city ordinances on parlors posted in every room. Still got shut down, eventually.

Loose lips sink ships. And you just need some bible-thumper remorseful about getting off, a competing parlor with an axe to grind across the street, or some moron blaming his STD on a masseuse to get LE involved. Once they do, there's outside surveillance, followed by undercover visits and interviews of customers at the back door. Doesn't take long to get enough to justify a raid. If they find rubbers or worse, catch people in the act inside... you know what's next.

Anonymous said...

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cj said...

I've never been in a place when it got raided, but I have left a place that got raided shortly afterwards (Not THERE'S a topic for next time!).

I don't know what usually happens to a guy, but in our case, they cops were purposely waiting for certain customers. And they caught one high-profile guy and the names of a few others. All local politics gone ugly.

But in general, if you just happen to be inside when it happens, there's not much they can besides scare the crap out of you. Their lengthy surveillance of the place only included the girls, not the customers. So they really have no proof what you did in the room other than "he said she said."

Yes, we all read those review websites. And we HATE them. Most of the time the guys post lies about us and The Business. It's not so much a canded review as it is bragging about getting laid. On a rare occasion they will say something accurate.

Friendly Nerd,
It's a totally different world up there in Canada. Too bad they're not as relaxed around here.

I have to give Audrey credit for keeping us under the radar screens these last several months. If Cindy had her way, she'd walk around topless all day and take care of guys in the lobby.

But being dull looking is the smartest thing you can do in this business.

Last Anon,
I think I added the comments thing you were talking about. Does that help?