Thursday, October 21, 2010

Confessions of an Erotic Reporter - A Happyendingz Exclusive

Hey guys - you're not gonna believe this, but I got an exclusive interview with one of the girls who used to work at the parlor that got shut down last month. And even more unbelievable, it's courtesy of Audrey.

Apparently "Crystal" just started looking for a job and got Audrey's number. They spoke for a bit because Audrey is considering hiring another girl. Personally I don't think we need the help. The 3 of us are fine with the number of sessions we're currently doing, but Audrey is so greedy that the thought of losing a single customer because he couldn't wait 30 minutes between sessions just eats her up. Who cares if a 2nd girl has to sit around for 6 hours waiting for that to happen, as long as Audrey gets that door fee.

But I digress.

Anyway, Audrey called me up and asked "You want to talk to this girl? She's from that place that just got raided." Well of course I wanted to talk to her! The blog aside, I wanted to know what happened just out of professional curiosity. Whatever we can learn from their mistakes, right?

So Audrey put me in contact with her, with the promise that I had to see if she'd be a good fit. I told Trina and Cindy too and they wanted to know all the details when I was done.

Crystal worked at the other place on and off over the past year. She only covered 2 shifts per week and was not officially on the books. This is probably why she got lucky and slipped under the radar screens during the raid. In PA parlors it's not uncommon to have girls working under the table since the only staff you can legally have must be licensed massage therapists. For example, Cindy is not officially on our payroll. There are loopholes in the laws concerning training, experience, etc., but I won't bore you here with it. Enough to say that the new laws are designed to weed out the full service massage parlors.

According to Crystal, there were a couple other part time girls who also avoided the raid, but they have sworn off the massage business for now. The crackdown really has made a lot of local girls nervous about working.

Crystal is what I like to call "Half Service." She'll do an oral release in session (with condom) but won't do actual sex. She saves full service for a limited number of customers she only sees outside of work. Because she wasn't full service, she was scheduled to just help out on a couple of shifts per week. I explained to her that we're not full service and she said she was cool with that. I also mentioned that part time availability is fine since we're not busy enough for a full time hire (which is true).

I asked Crystal if she's heard any news or spoken to any of the other girls recently. The others who weren't caught in the raid are laying really low for now - afraid that the ones who got arrested will turn on them for the prosecutors. Apart from that bit of news, she's avoiding that part of town like the plague.

Now the danger of hiring a girl like Crystal is if her name ever comes up in the investigation of the other parlor, they may eventually track her down over here. And THAT is the kind of publicity we can't afford.

I asked if she had any idea they were about to get raided. She said apart from the stories in the paper about the crackdown, she wasn't expecting it. They thought they were careful, and they thought they had people looking out for them. Oh well - just because you have a couple local cops as customers doesn't mean the state won't target you. Especially in an election year! Speaking of which, I'll bet money that the crackdown will miraculously end this month. That's local politics for ya.

And lastly for the heck of it, I ended our interview with "So Crystal... have you had any customers lately looking for a girl named 'CJ?'" She said "no" and I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed.

When we were done on the phone, I told her Audrey will be in touch if we decide to hire her. She actually seemed nice enough - especially if she only wanted a couple of shifts. But with the crackdown going on, she may be too hot to handle right now.



Laura said...

Yeowch. I would definitely stay away from her until the crackdown is over -- you're right, the girls who were busted may want to offer Crystal or other part-timers as leverage to help themselves out. I'd guess that once you're arrested and it's your ass on the line, any sense of professional camaraderie goes out the window. She might lead to a whole bunch of unwanted attention, and even a raid on your parlor.

Dude said...

Oooh, girls work under the table? Like, Cindy services you while you service the client? Do those extras cost you?

Anonymous said...

She's the narc that brought down the last place.

jodi said...

hey CJ, love your blog! i was curious how much you make on a average day including tips?

carkerc word verification said...

one thing to consider...

you have only her word that she was not busted in the previous event. perhaps she was and she is the one offering the da new busts to reduce her charges. it isn't like that doesn't happen in the drug world every day of the year. roll over on someone else and you get a better ride out of the deal.

i would avoid that lady at all costs.

ABE-RDG said...

309 corridor got taken this weekend.

Comin' closer to home, doll.

Anonymous said...

You are so clever.

Anonymous said...

Definitely bad news. I'm watching to see what's going on with the MP raids and hope you don't end up in one! If you got busted we'd never know it, you'd just disappear. What about us, CJ, what about us???

Anonymous said...

a week to the election, why not stop taking new customers until it's over.


cj said...

First Anon and Carkerc,
Ya know - I never thought that she could just be another type of narc. That's some scary shit. When I first read the comments, I called Audrey and told her no way. Just tell her that we're not hiring, and may close in light of all the recent raids.

Email me about this one.

There were 5 places taken down over the last couple of weeks. Luckily the last 4 were in a neighboring county, but still. All were AMPs. But I know people who work out there, so I'll probably make a few calls and see how things are going.

TO and Anon,
Dang - it is getting scary out here. I'm not sure what I'd do if anything happened out here. But in the meanwhile I think we just need to be careful for the next week until the election is finally over.


the king said...

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Copyboy said...

CJ this blog is awesome indeed. I featured you in my post today.

Rdg-abe said...

There's a white mp in the 309 corridor still operating, curious to see what happens there in the next few weeks.

But you knew this.

Hiphop Rising said...

wow sweet blog, very interesting read

Anonymous said...

Seriously, CJ, I wouldn't sweat it: you are a white girl with a LMT. Therapists have nothing to fear. [sarcasm]