Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Too Close For Comfort

Wow - what a week.

9 parlors taken down. 8 of those were in a neighboring county just over the weekend. Busy week for law enforcement and bad news for working girls. However, since all of them were Asian Massage Parlors (AMPs), I don't feel to badly.

I tnink this pretty much illustrates what I've been saying all along about the elections. Everyone who's in office and wants to stay there will take credit for being "tough on crime" at the expense of some poor girl trying to work off her debt to her mafia owners. These raids are the kind of thing that the local news loves since they combine everything that makes for great TV:

Organized Crime
Disgraced husbands walking with coats over their heads
Frowing girls with no makeup

Hey guys - you wanna get tough on crime? How about fixing downtown so I can walk down the sidewalk after 8pm without getting robbed? Sorry - but that kind of cleanup can't be done before voting day.

Am I getting bothered by all this? Oh yeah. It's starting to make me nervous again - especially since I thought we were in the clear. We've been seeing newbies for a couple months now, and even I'm wondering if maybe we should lay low till next week.

Speaking of which, I have a girlfriend who owns a business near where they busted those 8 parlors over the weekend. I mentioned her before - she offered me a job a couple years ago when I was tired of Audrey's bullshit. Anyway, I called her up as soon as I heard. She was pretty much hiding under a rock when I called. They're more or less shut down, simply because she can't get anyone to come to work, let alone answer the phone. Not that she wants to go to work! She's scared to death to drive anywhere near that place right now.

We talked for over an hour and I filled her in on what's been happending out here, since we've been the center of the crackdown for over a year now. I suggested that she do what we did - just stop taking new customers for a couple of months. Period. End of story. She thought that was crazy and none of the girls would go for it. But I said what better way to guarantee no narcs than only taking Regulars?

We also swapped a few tips on keeping ourselves safe in this environment. However, I would still bet money that the crackdown fades away in a couple of weeks. And another thing I'd like to point out - out of the 2 dozen places raided over the past year, only 2 of them were good old fashioned American massage parlors. It must take a LOT of complaints before the cops are forced to take one down. Just goes to show that they really don't care about business such as ours, until they're noticed by too many people.

Now if I go suddenly off the air without a trace, then we'll both know that I was completely and utterly full of shit!



Neurosis said...

I love your blog...very interesting and HOT! Please be careful with business...I look forward to reading new and interesting stories!! lol =)

Oilfield Trash said...

I think the cops need to worry about drugs, drug dealers, child molesters, thieves, politicians, murderers, and everyone else before they ever look at a massage place. Solve and prevent all the serious crap before looking into anything the religious right deems immoral.

Neurosis said...

Oh wow. I soooo agree with @Oilfield Trash. Well said. =)

Laura said...

Yep. Oilfield Trash has it right. Why not do a stakeout to crack down on muggings and drug dealers? Those are the harmful criminals. Too much tax money is spent on soft crimes.

Pine Tree Spa Mamasan said...

AMP's are people too CJ! Today Bucks County - tomorrow Lehigh County!!

Anonymous said...

Not to get into a political debate, but the religious right are not the only ones who think massage parlors are immoral. I have friends from all sides of the political spectrum that agree and disagree with them.

Again, let's not turn this into a political debate. Just sayin'. =)

Anonymous said...

what exactly happens at these busts? is it a raid type of thing where they rush in with guns pointed at some dude getting a handjob (who then cums out of fear/surprise/anxiety)? do they just come in casually and say "you're under arrest for jerking off people for money"?

paint a picture for me please.

Anonymous said...

oops I was the above post.

refer to me as "Raid Questioner"


Anonymous said...

Hi CJ. I was wondering, since you are a licensed professional, do you have to take continuing education classes yearly to keep your license? I didn't know if your state requires it like others do. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

The let's bust AMPs craze has spread across the river. Three were raided in West Windsor, NJ earlier this week. It was the product of a four- month investigation by local cops and "the Feds." (ooooh, "the Feds") This, according to the Trentonian, full of bogus statements from the prosecutors which are clearly intended to strike fear in the hearts of men. The article refers to "suspected prostitution and human trafficking." No one was arrested, but the authorotays seized computers and surveillance equipment. They promise forensic examination of hard drives and film to identify further suspects, but what will that reveal? Not much, but it sure sounds scarey. The Feds' participation is also dubious. An FBI agent was present, but the Feds like to grandstand, yet said nothing.

Now, when is election day?!

cj said...

Going after run of the mill criminals isn't sexy. That's why this whole crackdown has played so well in the news. And the fact that it's been spearheaded by a local religious group has made it the politicians favorite new toy.

You won't see anyone on TV bragging that violent crime is down 0.2% since they've been in office. But show some poor scared to death Korean girl in handcuffs being stuffed in a patrol car - now that's something that will get you votes.

Pine Tree,
You know it girl. Funny how the burbs are getting all up in arms about parlors and human traffiking, but in Philly where you KNOW it's everywhere - there's no outcry. Go figure.

You've given me my next topic. Thanks!

Not so much continuing ed, but you do have to renew the license.

Last Anon,
Holy cow! Guess NJ officials need to keep their jobs too.

Not surprised that the FBI is involved. They've had a hand in all the local raids since the mob is suspected of owning all the AMPs they've busted.


The Angry Vegetarian said...

Amen to that Oilfield. I'll never understand why so much importance is placed on things like that. I know, it's breaking a law and all that, but seriously....

Anonymous said...

Seeing "some poor scared to death Korean girl in handcuffs being stuffed in a patrol car" will NOT get anyone MY vote, that's for damn sure.
Matter of fact, the asswipes who dropped the dime on her AMP better hope I don't run into them.

Lots of people are so lame that they resort to dehumanizing others to feel better about their own pathetic selves. That's how some look down on sex workers and call them less than human.
Funny to see how some groups are easily targetted for snitching and slandered (like "slaves" with funny accents and whose customers are all "criminals", of course).

Some of you guys would've done well in occupied France... until D-Day, that is.