Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you guys all have a great holiday!

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Lady Tragic said...

Happy holidays ladies, please give Maude a big warm (preferably sparkly & tinsel wrapped) hug from me if you will and have yourselves the merriest of merry Christmases ♥

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you too.

please put up a pic of the lights LOL

B said...


I've been a regular reader of your blog for over a year, and this is my first time commenting. It's something I check in on every few weeks and am happy to see 2 or 3 new posts to read. I genuinely enjoy your words and perspective.

That said, as a regular hobbyist myself, I am rather put off by your attitude towards the money. You literally participate in the section of the hobby with the most provider friendly ratio of money to actual service. I rarely would visit any such parlor for this very reason, but if I do ever visit a parlor, it would certainly be an AMP rather than a place like yours.

When you mention money in your writing here, you come across as having no idea that you regularly charge truly ridiculous amounts of money for basically nothing. As an experienced hobbyist, I know I can get much much more from a better looking woman for what I would pay for a session with you

This attitude probably is appealing to your female readers, but for men like myself who seek out paid sexual services, it can certainly come across as irritating.

We all go through times when we make more or less money, and there isn't a worker in the world who would refer to themselves as overpaid. All I'm suggesting, CJ, is that you try to do away with the entitled tone when speaking of the absurd fees you charge for very little.

Further, you are frequently the one here arguing that you wish to be treated as though you do a normal job like anyone else. Stop complaining about the guys haggling a bit over the price in a negotiable business. That is, unless you've never clipped a coupon from the Sunday paper.


B said...


Did you really delete my message to you there? I'm confused, I wrote something long and thoughtful and in no way disrespectful. Please explain?


Chris Beaver said...

YEA. picture of CJ naked in christmas lights. type "99" in your comment if you agree.

Anonymous said...


Joker_SATX said...


Here is hoping that Santa was good to you this Christmas!

Continuous But Plural said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you there!

Tristan said...

Hope it was a merry Christmas, CJ!

Anonymous said...

Hey there CJ! I just found your blog by doing a google search for massages...

Wonderful information! I love the peek you give in the back room and the mind of the masseuse!

I just went to get my very first massage ever the day after christmas, and it was wonderful! The place was very small, but it's the only place that's within an hour drive from me that I could find. She was an older woman but very nice... She seemed a bit weary of me for a while but I did get a very happy ending and we never spoke of options prices or anything. I gave her a pretty good tip (I think, considering it was the day after christmas I wouldn't think she'd have been busy there)...

Well, anyway, Thanks!

cj said...

Awwwwwwww... thanks! Actually we've all been very nice to Maude ever since the Audrey fiasco.

Your original post got caught in the spam filter.

I really don't know where you're coming from on this one. Honestly, I don't think I complain about money more than anyone else. I think your problem is that you don't accept what I do as being worth the going rate around here. I'll tell ya right now that our prices are pretty much in line with the other places that are still operating around here - INCLUDING the AMPs.

What I don't appreciate is your attitude that I make "ridiculous" amounts of money for doing "nothing." You try doing a deep tissue massage for 60 minutes on a 300 lbs. sweaty guy with excess body hair, THEN jerk him off.

Then and only then will you have the right to call what I do for a living "nothing."

You may forget that I'm not a full service escort like you're used to in the AMPs. Those girls can get away with a 10 minute blowjob for $100. I work in a massage parlor, so massage is the majority of what I do. It's not the majority of what I talk about here, because that's kinda dull.

Gonna have to use your imagination on that one! I tried to get a picture using my cell phone, and I couldn't get it to work. Cindy was helping me, and we tried to get just a pic of my midrift, but those lights were just too weak to really see anything. Sorry!

Good for you!


zeot said...

*thumbs up*