Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Day In Paradise

I got a request a little while ago to talk about a typical day. Well, it's not like I get a Freak of the Week all that often, so an average day is rather boring. But you asked for it, so here ya go.

The Business opens at 11. I usually leave early for work in case I need to buy cigs or breakfast. I pull into the parking lot around 10:45 and take a quick peek around the front to see if there's anyone waiting. I HATE it when customers are camped out.
The first thing I do in the door is check the thermostat since Audrey almost always forgets to check it before she leaves in the evening. Next, I turn on all the oil bottle warmers in each room and do a quick check to make sure the place is clean (we're supposed to vacuum and prep the rooms every night).

Then I check the answering machine... It's such a crapshoot what kinda messages you're gonna get. There are a lot of hang ups. Sometimes they're weirdos, but usually it's just a couple requests for appointments. While I'm at the front desk, I'll check the log for yesterday and see how business was.

If no one's waiting for a session, then I get to settle down in the office and start catching up on my stories. When you're stuck at work with hours between appointments, a girls best friends are the soaps, the Lifetime Channel, and the Discover Channel. I've watched so many shows on delivering babies that I could probably do it all by myself (hint - you really DON'T need to boil water).

Then the calls start...

"Uh yeah, I was wondering if Audrey's there"
"Do you guys have a girl working there named Fantasia?"

"Is this one of the THOSE places...?"

"What do you look like?"

"How much for just a blowjob?"

"Hi CJ! I'd like to make an appointment for 2:00"

FINALLY... something to look forward to. I average about 1 appointment per day, but more than likely I'll get a couple of walk ins. Half the time they're truckers...I love those guys. They're usually just 30 minutes, but they tend to tip well. Truckers know the proper massage parlor etiquette, and if it's payday I can usually count on a sweet tip. Plus, they always have the BEST stories!

I try to squeeze in lunch around 1-ish when business slows. Most guys who make appointments are Regulars so I'm actually looking forward to my 2pm. If I'm lucky, it's one of the nicer guys who always takes a mutual. That's my favorite kind of session because I can just relax and enjoy some decent company and a massage of my own.

I'll take the customer in the room and tell him to get comfortable. If I'm working by myself, I'll put the "Back in .... minutes" sign up and lock the front door. When I'm not alone, I'll just let the other girl know she has the phone and the desk. If the guys a Regular, I'll usually just assume which option he wants and undress accordingly. If he's a double, I'll immediately give him a hand release, so he'll have plenty of time to recover for the one later on. I like giving doubles because it calms the guy down and make him mellow for the rest of the session (and I get to pocket some extra $$$$).

During mutuals I prefer to go first. That way MY part of the massage isn't rushed! I know that sounds a little selfish but I figure he's paying to massage me so why should I disappoint him? Anyway, if he's not paying attention to the clock, I'll remind him that it's his turn within the last 10 or 15 minutes. I'll start the massage on my belly and have him work my shoulders and upper back. If he's any good at it, I'll let him work me hard since my shoulders almost always need it. I don't care much for lower back or legs, so I'll usually just have him work quickly towards my feet. If he's willing to do feet, I will let him go to town! I love foot massages so much that I've actually bartered extras and options with customers I know give good foot.

Then I'll flip over and let him work my legs a bit, but you, me, and everyone else out there knows that once I'm on my back, attention turns to The Girls. As long as I'm not PMSing and they don't ache, I'll let the customer take his time (as long as he's being gentle) with them. Since it's called a mutual "massage," that's all he's allowed to do. Nipple play costs extra, and I have to really trust you first.

When the session is over, the session is over. I almost NEVER go over time because phones need to be answered, customers could be waiting, or Audrey could be standing outside the door wondering why it's been an hour when the guy only paid for 45 minutes. So I tend to be very punctual about delivering that happy ending. My standing rule for the happy ending is 5 minutes, then you're on your own.
If the customer is cool enough, I'll often end up hanging out with the him afterward so we can bullshit or smoke a cigarette. If he's a good friend, we might hang out in the office or go grab something to eat.

With the appointment over and the day shift coming to an end, I'll make sure my room is clean and the oil bottles are full before the turnover at 5:00. Apart from that there's not much else I need to do other than pass on any messages or appointments. When Trina and I are doing turnover, we always hang out extra so we can catch up on gossip. When it's with Audrey, we try to get the fuck outta there. When Audrey is working nights, she has this horrible habit of coming in an hour or two early to "work the desk" when in reality she's trying to take appointments and walk ins away from us. Bitch.

And that's a regular day in the life of an Erotic Massage Therapist. Is it as glamorous as you would have guessed? LOL



Peridot Ash said...

Interesting. Thanks for posting this. I work independently and go to an incall space for BDSM once I get an appointment. Those phone requests you list in the beginning are similar to my own. Four silly calls and then finally, a serious one.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you usually work day shift. Is there a night shift? How late is the business open? Is it about the same as working days?