Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Trainee

Hey Guys!

Sorry it's been a while, but things have been busy here. Remember that we're looking for a new sucker... uh, I mean employee? Well, it looks like I may have found someone desperate enough to join us. She's an old friend of mine we'll call Rose. She's a friend of my family and I've known her since I was a kid.

Rose is in her late 30's, slim build, dark brown hair, and that olive colored skin that makes everyone think she's hispanic when she's really italian. She's led a fairly normal life up until now, but I guess she just needed a job. In fact, she was the one who actually asked me if we were hiring!

Now let me explain a little bit about my friends and family. Everyone knows that I'm a masseuse and that I give massages for a living. Family members think I still work in a Day Spa and rub down rich old ladies all day. Most of my friends know I work in a massage parlor, but don't know anything about parlors beyond the rumors and heresay. Rose was no exception.

She kinda had a vague idea of what I did for a living, so I had to question her just to make sure we were on the same page before I did anything to her that would require extensive psychiatric therapy to correct. Apparently she thought that I gave topless massages. I explained to her that she was mostly right, but... "Do you know about the end part?" She looked at me funny so I explained the Happy Ending to her. Luckily her funny expression didn't change any, so I took that as a good sign that she's not scared off yet. As a rule I don't like to explain the intimate details of my job to friends. If they all think I just give topless massages, that's just fine by me.

So I brought Rose along on my next day shift. Now if you guys remember, I had a slightly negative experience at my first day in a massage parlor. Needless to say, I would never do that to a new person, so over the years I've developed my own training routine. I called a Regular of mine, Danny, and asked him if he was interested in breaking in a trainee. He's done it for me before, so I know he's patient.

Danny showed up as scheduled and I demonstrated to Rose how we book in customers. I led him to the room and gave him the whole talk for Rose's benefit. I told him to make him comfortable and we'd be back in a few minutes. I explained to Rose that this gives the customer time to disrobe while we finish booking him.

A couple minutes later we came back in the room. As I was about to explain our options, I noticed that Rose was already taking her shirt off. "Whoa there! That's next. First you have to ask the customer what option he wants."

"Sorry" she said in mid button.

We went over the options and the pricing. Danny picked a topless. If this were a Double, I would have released The Girls too, but Danny's not a big spender. Besides, I'm wearing my training hat today and my lessons may not be quite as effective when some guys mouth is wrapped around my left nipple. I find professional detachment best in these scenarios.

I've done doubles before, and let me tell ya - they're great. All the money for only half the work. Usually we'll both massage the customer at the same time. Then when it comes time for the happy ending, one person usually does the hand release while the other massages the guys chest or legs. Another variation of the double is where one of us acts as the "fluffer." That's the sweetest deal of all since one person has to do all the massage work while the fluffer just looks cute and teases the guy. I've even had a few doubles at other Businesses where the fluffer actually blew the guy (while I did all the work!). When I get a chance to fluff, I'll usually switch between playing with the guys cock and letting him play with the Girls.

"Now you can take your shirt off." Rose quickly complied. I'd say she was a B cup, but they were still perky considering her age and the 2 kids. Danny didn't complain. The licensed massage therapist in me demonstrated some basic massage techniques first, before I let her try it. I worked my way down his back, then let her take over. Her performance was somewhere between textbook and girlfriend quality.

We kept trading off body parts - the first minute by me, then the next couple of minutes by Rose. Eventually we had him flip, but by then his time was coming to an end. Since we were outta time, I told her how to transition from massage to hand release, including The Speech: "If there are any additional parts of your body you would like massaged, please indicate so by placing her hand there." Dan moved Rose's hand to his crotch.

"All right. Tell the customer to lay back, close his eyes and relax. Put back the massage oil and pick up the blue one with the baby oil."

At this point I went hands-off and turned it over to her. Hey - a handjob is a handjob, and damn if I'm going to share my double-handed criss-cross technique. Rose seemed a little hesitant and even squinted her eyes as she oiled up his dick (she had made the novice mistake of pouring baby oil directly onto his dick instead of applying it to her hand first). "CJ... would you believe I've never given a hand job using oil before?"

Uh yeah - I'd believe it.

Danny finally spoke up. "Hey CJ, how about me seeing your tits?" he asked hopefully.

"First off Danny, they're called breasts and not tits. And second, you're paying for my students services, not mine." He looked back like I hurt his feelings with this, so I said "Oh all right," and playfully pulled my shirt up just enough to reveal my bra. The customer is always right - especially if it'll help him finish quickly.

Rose was applying the standard one-handed jerk and tug. Not imaginative, but it gets the job done. Anyway, after a minute or two Danny gave a courtesy "I'm gonna cum...!" (remember, this is a professional training session). I guess this kinda panicked Rose cause she stopped sort of mid jerk as the semen started to leak out (Danny's a dribbler, not a shooter). I told her to keep going, but much slower until he quiets down. Then I grabbed a towel and told her to clean him up with a bit of water and soap.

I took my cue then to leave the room and let her collect the money. She had earned it. A few minutes later, Rose emerges from the room beaming from ear to ear. "I don't believe I just did that! This is easiest money I've ever made. CJ, you have it so easy!"

If she only knew.



Tyler said...

Sounds like it worked out well... but I'd be wary of mixing your personal life with business. Remember the Ben Franklin quote, "Three can keep a secret... if two are dead."

Still, it sounds like a good solution all around; your friend makes some extra cash, your business gets another employee that you all seem to need.

Anonymous said...

"Looking for a new sucker" might not be the best turn of phrase....

Matt said...

Great blog. I found your site a few weeks ago and I've read it back to front and a few times over. First comment tho...

Under full disclosure, I'm a handjob lover. A good handjob is pure bliss, so I find your blog arousing, at the very least.

So my question - what do you do with guys who are shooters and not dribblers? When I'm getting a handjob, if my wife doesn't position things correctly, I'm likely to shoot my eye out. Is this something you ask at the start, do you have a protocol for it, or do you just let it fly?

Inquiring minds want to know :)

Thanks and PLEASE keep up the posts.

Anonymous said...

Are you done teaching her? Is she on her own? Do you teach her about alternate endings, such as facial, pearl recklessness and between the buns?

asweetnectar said...

Your blog is funny, amusing and just a bit educational! I have to come back when I have more time to read up on past entries. Grat work my dear

asweetnectar said...

BTW too, I forgot to say congrats to my blog buddie Village Idiot for the t-shirt contest!

cj said...


Believe me... you learn to keep that shit pointed away from you. Over the years I've had it squirted on my face, in the eyes, and even in the hair. A couple of times I've had it squirt the customer in the face!

With new customers I don't know, I usually just keep it pointed towards their belly.


Henrietta Hussy said...

i was hoping something really embarrassing would happen to her... i am mean

lazyache said...

new to your blog but I really dig it. I look forward to future posts. thank you for sharing. <3

cj said...

Sorry Hussy!

However, since then I've already had a complaint that she hurries up the massages too much. I also found out that she was undercharging for the options!

Anon had an interesting question about how she'll deal with "alternate" options. Rose already had her first request for nipple play, and she handled it like a pro by charging an extra $50. That's my girl!


Unbroken said...

Sounds like she's cumming along just fine! But it's the trainer that makes the difference!!