Thursday, September 3, 2009

Q&A 2: Free For All

Hey guys. Once again it's yours truly reporting to you live from the worlds slowest computer in her living room. I'm sorry, but I hate this damn thing so much that I really haven't been in the mood to write much lately.

So to make it up to you, I decided to post some new pics from an orgy that we hosted at The Business for a porn star convention that was recently in town...

Yeah right. Anyway, what I did decide to offer you guys is another Q&A session since I have been sooooooo bad lately at getting back to all of you who've had questions recently - especially the ones you asked during the Readers Poll.

So please feel free to ask (or in most cases re-ask) whatever you want to know. Even the shit that I've talked about a hundred times before. I promise I won't tell you to go back and read anything! LOL. And those of you who posted a question recently - just ask it again so I won't forget this time.

Ask whateveryou want. Business questions, massage parlor etiquette, prices, options, boyfriends, sex, whatever.

Thanks guys! And have a great Labor Day weekend!



Jagwrangler said...

OK, I'll be the first to ask a question. I don't mind parking my Jaguar in the lot of a topless bar, but I've never had the nads to visit a massage parlour. Have you ever heard of anyone taking license plate numbers and blackmailing patrons? Are there any other privacy concerns you can talk about?

...And a followup question, if you don't mind. What's the best online resource for rating parlours?

Thanks, CJ. I love your stuff.

Jimbeam said...

Hey CJ, first off, i got to say, u have one of the most kick ass blog i have ever read, i never thought that i would read a blog and coming back for more for that matter :)

Ok, questions, im planning to visit a massage parlour next weekend and yes its gonna be my very first visit,do i pay the money upfront on the counter before we go in or after?
ya other blogs did mention about asking the options and extras before the session starts, do u mean we ask all this on the counter or insider the room when im naked?? if u know what i mean, and yes im kinda nervous since its gonna be my first time and honesttly i really do need that massage with a little twist at the end

i dont mind if u gonna direct me elsewhere LOL

keep on writing CJ, ya the only reason why im reading blogs right now, did that sounded creepy??

Thanks CJ and have a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

You often refer to your old "Internet Sugar Daddy Days". Can you tell us more about that?

I'm considering seeking a sugar baby.

Did it ever work out well for either party?

Anonymous said...

what's the working life for a topless masseuse?

strippers start rotating out at age 25,

NFL players usually only average 3 years.

and what's your plan for a second act?

greenhornet said...

so what's the smallest and or largest guy u ever tugged, and did you laugh or giggle at the size? Or when you saw mandingo, were you remotely curious, or just grossed by the sheer size.

Anonymous said...

How many times does a guy have to visit you (or how often does a guy have to visit you) to be considered a "regular" or "VIP"?

The Tickling Master said...

Is there any usual tip vs. door fee scale that nubes or rookies should expect?

If one takes a shower before visiting an mp, can one skip the TS/stand-up shower? (These seem to be common in NJ/NY)

Al Sensu said...

Have you ever considered being an independent and working from an apartment?

I don't know about the market where you are, but in most places you can get $120-180 per hour. You get to keep the full amount, but then you have your expenses such as rent, web site and such. But it seems to work for a lot of women and I've found the experience much better than a parlor.

Sam Sneed said...

I have a couple questions too if you have time:
1) Is there anything we can do to get the happy ending if the masseuse doesn't bring it up at all? I've gotten nothing at a place from one person while a different person gave me the HE.
2) When do we ask for extras? The place I have gone to, which does do the HE, hasn't offered any other extras. Do I just ask? I asked another person there and they just laughed and i didn't even GET the HE.
3) I would like to try the prostate massage -- is that common?

Thanks CJ!

yank my nutz said...

When is the last time you sucked a guy off? What have you learned from the parlor that you can you use on a boyfriend or person you're having sex with? How much is the most you've made in one year?

Joker_SATX said...


How do I go and find a Massage parlor that offers options in my town? What are things to look for? Is it mostly word of mouth that is the advertising of such parlors?

The Joker

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been wanting to ask the following for a week, so here goes.

In your post of 8/27/2009, you wrote, "Personally, I don't consider anything I do as actual sex, so I don't have any ethical dilemmas with it."

However, on a few occasions (for example 2/3/2009), you also claimed, "...(believe it or not) I would never want to date a guy who went to massage parlors. Heck, I even have problems with guys I'm dating going to strip clubs!"

My question: if you don't consider what you do to be sex, one can only assume the guys you're doing it with also aren't having sex. So in that case, they can't be cheating on anyone, so what's the problem with dating them?

emmm jay peeeee said...

Question #1: are you still having fun with the blog or does it seem like a chore some days? I was gung-ho about my own blog for a few months and then it wore off and felt more like another obligation.

Question #2: do you want readers to email their pics to you at your yahoo address? are you curious about any of us like we're curious about you?

PS bring on the new photo! :)

always_curious said...

1. how much do you charge for the different options?
2. how does "the business" make money? you said audrey doesn't take from your tips, then how does she pay for the business space, etc.?
3. do they have happy ending parlors for women? lol
4. what do you plan to do when you get older?
5. do you feel pressured to stay skinny/attractive due to your job?
6. do you plan to get married and have kids? if so, will your family ever be notified of your career? or would you switch careers?

btw love the blog and thanks for being entertaining!

Ruby N. Esque said...

What are the most disgusting/ridiculous/inappropriate things you have ever dealt with from a parlor dude - or owner or co-maseusse for that matter - (and/or one of us jerks from the internet) and how did you handle it??

I love this blog. Thanks for your handiwork. Haha.

grubwyrm said...

What time am I picking you up on friday?

Titjob said...

Since you are into happy endings.. What is the size of the longest mr. happy your eyes has laid upon?

Can you tell us your vital statistics...

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,

Most entertaining blog out there - thanks for the effort it takes to write it. Here's my questions:

1) Understanding you do your best to keep your sessions all business for you - that said - tell us about a time when you got home from work and masturbated thinking about a session earlier in the day.

2) You've mentioned previously how you like to watch a man "shoot" - so tell us about a few memorable experiences where you couldn't believe how much the man "shot" during the release.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ - can you give me a Top 5 list of the best overall bodies you've massaged. I would think the categories should include height/weight/chest/arms/legs/buns/penis/skin tone. Feel free to add other criteria - thanks!

Anonymous said...

During one of your earlier blogs you talked about what you've given for items received - playstation, fixed speeding tix, etc. I was fascinated with this one below - can you give me as much detail as you recall about it?

"He once came in to see her and ended up giving me a foot rub while waiting for her. I absolutely LOVE getting my feet rubbed – probably more than sex. No kidding. He did such a good job, I took him in the bathroom and took care of him right there."

Anonymous said...

have you ever had a couple come in? or multiple people? Or does this happen ever?

Anonymous said...

You know how Letterman has his Top 10 list..well how about CJ's Top 10 or Top 5 list of the best dicks you've given a helping hand...forget about the person attached...just the most memorable dicks and why?

Anonymous said...

Let's say the shoe is on the other foot...and you walked into a spa for women, knowing you would be getting a happy ending at the finish, from a male masseuse. Based your experience in the industry, knowing quality, professionalism, etc...what would you expect from him, what would you want him to look like, what would you want him to do during the massage, what would you want for your happy ending and how much would you expect to pay?

Anonymous said...

What are your standard prices?

Holly said...

1. How do you deal with customers who are assholes and just don't get it?

2. What do you do if you see a client outside of work? As a former sex worker (I did internet porn and was also a domme), I had a very fun encounter running into a well known politician (at the local level) at an event. He was with his wife.

Anonymous said...

1. As a girl that basically tugs guys to survive (eat & pay rent), why are you so adamant that you don't date guys that visit parlors and do you think that it may be hipocritical (looking from the outside in) on your part? Also, would you be hurt if your boyfriend/husband visited a parlor (since you don't consider it a sexual act)?

2. Are you ever ashamed that you constantly ask for free stuff, like a new car, money for Atlantic City, new computer, etc... Do you notice that you do that, or is it just a by-product of your job (to expect much for doing so little)?

3. Would you ever consider having an open relationship or swinging. If not, why? If you have, what would it take to entice you to begin and would you feel comfortable with it long term?

4. In previous posts, you've talked about pretending to masturbate for guys, doing a guy with a dildo, finishing them with your feet, and allowing them to finish on "The Girls". How is that different from blowing them with a condom on or having sex with a condom and how do you separate the two psychologically?

Anonymous said...

Have any females ever come in to the Business in search of an erotic massage? Or what about a couples massage? Or a couple where the female wants to watch the male get a happy ending? Have you encountered any of these situations and if not, would you be willing to do any of these if the situation occurred?

Anonymous said...

Billcarson said... CJ, Do most guys shoot when they cum? Or are most of them dribblers?

Anonymous said...

How many guys have you slept with in your life?

Anonymous said...

What was it like the first bunch of times you got cum in your hair and on your face? Dd you find it gross or was it no big deal? Have you ever titty fucked in your private life?

Sam Sneed said...

This message is for the readers. Please be nice to CJ. I don't want her to stop posting and answering questions because people give her a hard time (no pun intended). Almost all of us are nice and respectful, but a few are being kind of harsh or critical with their questions. I think she knows the ups and downs with her occupation (again no pun intended) so please, let's try not to preach to her.

cj said...

Thanks for sticking up for me! But I don't let the attitudes bother me. They show a genuine curiosity about massage parlors, but still hint at the stereotypes that so many people still have.

I got news for you guys... I work 40 hours a week, punch a clock, and pay my taxes just like everyone else.


Sam Sneed said...

So do most masseuses get paid a salary or commission? They don't work just off their tips do they? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that performing sex acts (of various intensity - the masseuse's call) is a business, as somebody said somewhere. Since I don't have a problem with, or fixation on, sex, I see sex work as just another job, with its own quirks and rules.
Some see degradation, I see empowerment. Tellingly enough, the French allow and tax prostitution, but emprison pimps (those exploiters), and that makes total sense to me.

Now milking sugar daddies... that's just extracting money from men like a powerless little thing, a child begging for her allowance, a leech. And that, I have no respect for in 2010.
It can be argued that the woman is still selling "something", but I think it's pushing it. If I convince you to give me your cash, am I "selling" manipulation?