Monday, November 23, 2009

Mother Of All Massage Weekends - Thanksgiving

Well it's that time of year again. Time to enjoy that last little bit of spending cash you still have. It's your last chance to do something for yourself for the next 6 weeks. And it's that desperately needed bit of stress relief that you're gonna need to survive the Holiday Season.

Yes, I'm talking about your annual Thanksgiving Erotic Massage.

This is THE biggest massage weekend of the year. I hope all of you guys out there have been taking notes and are ready to go see your local masseuse sometime this week. And you know you can - When else will you have a wallet full of money and an excuse to drive cross country by yourself? Come on... You know you wanna!

We're all ready here at The Business. The schedule for this weekend is up and we're all planning on doing double shifts at least once this week. I'm giving up part of my traditional Black Friday spending frenzy, but it's worth it. It's all about being there to support my loyal customers - right?

Anyway, I see that my lazy-shit Techno Nerd hasn't put up those links on this website like he said he was going to. So let me try to do it here.

For all you newbies out there, here is a cheat sheet on what you need to know to get your first erotic massage. Just click on the link.

1) How to find a massage parlor.

2) What to expect during a typical erotic massage.

3) Massage parlor codes and lingo.

4) How to ask for a Happy Ending.

5) Why you should avoid Asian massage parlors.

6) Massage Parlor Etiquette.

I think next week I'll do a poll to see how many of you guys actually went this weekend. I know here at the Business we see a bunch of newbies at this time of year. And with the economy getting better I hope this is way better than last year.

Since I was so lame last week, I'll try to make it up to you guys by doing more updates and answering more questions this week.

Good luck!!!



Anonymous said...

Does "my pipe is clogged, I need it to be drained" and a big smile would work to get a happy ending for a newbie? haha

Anonymous said...


Do you ever give hugs to your regulars? Just seems after a good tip and a happy ending a hug is in order.

Anonymous said...

I would absolutely DIE to have a happy ending, and preferably by you. hand jobs are by far my FAVOURITE! but, sadly, i would never cheat on my wife - and i do personally think it would be cheating. so, my loss i guess.

in any event, do you think it's cheating if i sit on my hand until it becomes numb and apply my own happy ending while fantasizing it's you? :>))

cj said...

I would get a kick if a guy ever said that in session. I should do a post on all the wacky and strange ways that guys have asked for happy endings.

It's not unusual for customers to want a hug at the end of session. I usually do it before we leave the room since we need to maintain the appearance of being a therapeutic only place. Because of that I will not touch a customer outside the front door since that would just look odd.

Ahhhhhh yes... The "Mysterious Stranger" as we call it in The Business. Many of my customer are married men, but that doesn't seem to stop them from coming in. Personally, I also think an Erotic Massage is cheating, but I can't complain since so many of my customers do it.


Desperate said...

Any chance you could do a link to your double handed criss cross technique. I mentioned it to my GF and we want to try it but I cant find your description now.

Anonymous said...

Hugs are routine, as is hand-holding. You can get a kiss after a good tip. But never past the door, as CJ said, and preferably in private.

I had a masseuse hug me in front of two of her co-workers once, and had to hear, "You like HER?!" from the next girl I visited... Then she proceeded to tell me how much of a whore the hugger was. lol