Thursday, November 19, 2009

Questions and Answers #3

I've been scarce lately and I just need to catch up on things now. A friend of mine recently had her grandmother pass away, so I was kinda pre-occupied with the funeral and wake for the last several days. Plus I just didn't feel like playing on the computer.

Since I'm still feeling lazy and don't really have any fun stories to tell, I thought I'd do a new Q&A instead. So here goes Q&A #3 (I think).

How much could you make if you went full service?

If I went to the Other Business, I could probably expect up to $200 for mutuals, but down to $60 for strictly therapeutics. Now if I were to go FS, prices START at $200, and go up depending on the level of kink you want to pay for.

I am in Portland Oregon, and am having a hard time finding an establishment like yours. I have a feeling they are here, but I don't know where to start.

I've written about this in detail before. But the quick answer for those of you are are incredibly lazy is:

1) Check your local weekly entertainment newsrag. In the back are the adult ads, and parlors are easy to be found there.
2) Try the internet. Craigslist is good for solo masseuses. The adult forums are good for businesses.
3) Look in the phone book under "massage." Ignore all the ads that say LMT, Therapeutic, or Hair and Nails. What's left may or may not be a parlor.

can you move so you live halfway between the two, so it's say 45 minute drive to either?

No can do. I love where I live now and moving that much closer to the city would put me in some pretty shitty towns. No thanks!

CJ, I realize that the "happy ending" is intended to result in a manual release. However, do the exotic masseuses prefer to just blow the guy? The reason for this question is that some women just love to blow men and receive tremendous satisfaction from it. Also, do they fear repetitive stress injuries in their wrists and forearms? That could result in an end to their tradework.

Now THAT is what I call an intelligent and thoughtful question. Thank you for paying attention in class!

Anyway, let me start off by saying that NO masseuse ever wants to "just blow the guy." Sure, some women enjoy going down on their boyfriends, but when you do it as part of your job, there's nothing sexy about some anonymous dude shoving a couple bucks at you in exchange for putting the dirtiest part of his body in your mouth. This is why FS girls charge way more for a blowjob than a handjob.

As for repetitive stress injuries - yes, we are prone to those. My particular technique uses mostly my left hand, so the muscles have been built up over the years. However, I am right handed, so when I tire out on the left, I just switch over. That little trick effectively doubles the amount of HJ time I am capable of.

Typically a happy ending is finished within 2 minutes, but for the problematic customers, you start to strain your wrists at 3-4 minutes. This is why I have a set-in-stone rule of only 5 minutes for the happy ending.

are you afraid of giving in and blowing a guy?

I've had to deal with this before. Short answer is "no". Long answer is "yes, but..." I've had guys offer me wads of cash just to go down on them during session. But I've always had the moral fiber to decline (see - there are times when a "sex worker" actually uses her 2 remaining strands of moral fiber for something).

The problem is when you get into the situation where the car payment is due, the landlord has called the sheriff, and the electricity has been turned off - that a stranger's dick in the mouth doesn't seem so repugnant after all. Hopefully (knock on wood) I will never be in that situation. And staying away from a FS parlor keeps me as far from that sitation as possible (let me rephrase that - becoming a nun would keep me as far from that situation as possible. Working in a HJ only parlor kinda keeps me down-the-block-and-around-the-corner to that situation at best).

there's this legit place that i go to, and the masseuse seems to like me since she would give me a hj for free. my question is, how do i ask her to give me my "massage" privately at my place. i bet lotsa guys have asked you for the same.

What you are asking for is called "outcall" and yes, I get requests for it often. Believe me, we don't get offended if you ask since we're used to it. Just flat out ask her "do you do outcall."

However, this only works if she's already giving you happy endings. For the rest of you guys out there - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. A therapeutic masseuse would throw your ass out.

One last thing - I hope you are tipping her extra for that happy ending!

Would you consider doing more if you change?

No. In fact, there's even a chance I would do better in a FS place since I would automatically get all the customers who don't want to pay for FS.

Newsflash – Sheila’s place is a dirty whore house and if you went to work there you would be offering full service within a couple of weeks because of the lure of $. Pls. don’t bullshit us that Sheila’s brothel has an opening for a professional LMT! She wants you because you would appeal to her horny customers as you’re kind of cute and have big fake tits. But, your appeal is declining as you have a lot of miles on the odometer. Guys like girls who are young, innocent-looking, fit and you are unfortunately about to "Jump the Shark”.

I know this isn't a question, but I have to respond anyway. It's obvious you don't know the world of massage parlors because you've gotten quite a bit of it wrong.

Let me start where you do have it right. Yes - Sheila's place is a dirty whorehouse. However, I've been solicited to go FS almost every day of my working life. Just changing the address will not change my ability to say "no thanks." Telling guys "no" is just second nature at this point.

Now all the parts where you are mistaken...

Sheila does need a LMT. Next year, the state of PA will probably pass a law that requires ANY business advertising massage services to employ LMTs. They've been kicking it around for a couple of years now, and it looks like it's really gonna happen soon. When it does, most parlors will be scrambling to get an LMT on staff. In particular it will be a blow to the Asian places, because it pretty much allows the cops to just show up unannounced and ask to see LMT licenses.

As for what guys want in massage parlors - you are sorely mistaken that they all want little 20-somethings. In fact, most new customers usually want someone who looks like their wife/girlfriend. Weird but true fact.

Secondly, since customers get to touch us (within reason), masseuses don't have to look like strippers. Young girls don't tend to last long in this business because the customers tend to think that she may be fun to look at, but she'll give a lousy massage. And most of the time they'd be right. The only reason why I managed to stay in for so long is because I have always given a good quality massage - not because I was younger than the other girls.

And lastly, I do not have "big fake tits." That's 100% CJ baby!

Hope this little chat keeps you guys happy for the weekend!



Anonymous said...

Newsflash Guy continued:


I have renewed respect for you because you answered my post honestly and intelligently.

Also, I had no idea your boobs are real (any openings tomorrow?).

While I agree with you about guys preferring experienced MTs for massages versus sweet young things, I was referring to full service where the physical attraction is paramount.

Finally, I take back what I said about you succumbing to the easy money as you could have sold out a long time ago if you were so inclined.

Anonymous said...

how much money to blow a decent looking clean guy during a time of financial need for yourself?
then tell us slowly what you do to a guy you really like the first time you blow him.
then tell us other stuff about when you blow a guy.

Anonymous said...

CJ, quit that job and marry me.

Anonymous said...

OK, you don't have to quit the job.

Anonymous said...

newsflash guy -
newsflash: you're still a prick.

Al Sensu said...

"full service where the physical attraction is paramount"

I don't agree. Not that looks don't matter, but I think the same applies whether FS or massage, you want someone who knows what she's doing, and personality and attitude matter very much.

The Cook said...

To the guy in Portland, I highly recommend The Erotic Review for finding solo massueses. It does cost a little to read the reviews, but I have found them very useful. Use their advanced search to say "no" on "escort" and "yes" on massage". Check out Anna Gazelle - it's not a recommendation because I haven't had time when in Portland for a session, but it's who I would go to based on TER reviews.

vitamins said...


You can edit the sidebar of the blog manually, so I recommend that you put a link there at the top to these Q&A posts, so people can easily find them.

cj said...

Thank you. Like I've said before, I don't really want to trash anyone here. I just want to correct all the misinformation out there on parlors.

But thanks for bringing up the topic.

NO amount can do that - else I would have been blowing the better looking guys long ago. As for what I do in my personal life... Usually spit. May swallow if it's his birthday. Can deepthroat but prefer not to.

Other Anon,
You say that now, but 3 weeks into our engagement and you'd get tired of me having to scrub the cum off my engagement ring every night.

Al Sensu,
Good point. But let me add that when it comes to FS, looks are not paramount. Money is. Guys WANT the best looking girls for FS. But guys GET whoever they can afford. Huge difference.

That's a good idea because I'm tired of referring people to some of the old posts. I'll talk to my Techno-Nerd and get him right on it.


Anonymous said...

Please tell me you don't wear rings during hand releases!! Ouch!

Anonymous said...

CJ, thanks for replying to my question regarding repetitive stress injuries (RSI). I was concerned about this because once an injury has developed, it can take a long time for it to heal, and can be retriggered through even minimal renewed stress. For one, I wouldn't want to see an exotic masseuse out of work. The fact that you are keeping the strenuous action down to a minimal couple minutes per client is good to know.


Anonymous said...

Are you laying down in your profile pic? Your breasts look like they are sagging backwards or your bra is too small. A better pic please! This one doesn't do you justice at all, it's terrible. I would prefer the original green t-shirt unfortunately.


Anonymous said...

Hey I was hoping you could give us a blowjob story from your personal life?

Chic Baby said...

Clearly the guys really want a bj story. Wow!
Anyway, I love your Q&A posts, even if some of the questions are a bit repetitive. Adding links in your sidebar is a really good idea, or just link within your new Q&A posts.
Sorry to hear about your friend's grandma. Even if you didn't know her, I know it can be draining supporting someone who is grieving.
I do hope you don't end up at the FS place, but if you do from what I've read I'm not worried about you going over to the dark side lol!

Mike said...

Here's a thought..

With what experience you've racked up (pardon the pun), you clearly know more about what guys are looking for, but are (usually) afraid to ask. This is where your book would come in handy.

Write a book about what guys are "really" looking for. It could be a good book to keep a relationship from going south, to firing up some already burning libidos..

You have an immense talent for writing. I've told you that a million times. With your words, and experience, you will SELL that book, and the money comes in while you sit on your big comfy couch and watch the Weather Channel. Then there's the talk show circuit. You would be writing from a point of view that very few people have, with enlightenment that even fewer have.

Just a thought... I mean, Really...


innytonight said...

advice: looking for links to massage places in NYC. thanks in advance

cass said...

CJ, i can't believe some of the comments you have to put up with on here. this guy (^) asking a question that you answered IN THIS POST. the other jackass a few comments up acting like your profile pic is meant to please HIM SPECIFICALLY. the list goes on. i gotta hand it to ya girl, you handle it all (heh) with grace and class! keep up the good work!

innytonight said...

cass, i should be more specific i guess. I am not comfortable using a rag, or craigslist. I have no idea what I am getting myself into with those. I am Looking for a reliable referral.

Anonymous said...

CJ, the dirtiest parts of the body are:

Mouth, armpits, butt & colon, feet, and hand & nails.

If you take (at least) on shower a day, all of the above come before penis.

It must be true! I found the answers on the internet ;}

cj said...

No I don't wear rings silly. That is what you call "poetic license."

Next Anon,
Sorry - what you see is what you get. And that's what happens when you put D's on a small frame - poor fitting bras.

Blowjob Guy,
Now you're talking about my personal life, and suddenly I'm feeling very self conscious! I'm not ready to start sharing tales from my bedroom yet, but maybe after a few drinks and I'm alone in front of my computer.

Not sure what you mean. A book about how to get guys off quickly? I'm not sure what the angle is.

I've had lots of customers from the NYC area, but I have no specific recommendations. I do know there are a thousand places in the city and Craigslist is a very popular resource for urban areas. Sorry if I can't get any more specific for you.

It takes a lot to bother me on the internet. LOL

Last Anon,
Fine - I'll put my face against someone's hand and YOU stick that penis in your mouth. Now you can't argue because it's just sooooooo clean! LOL


Anonymous said...

CJ, Thanks for the offer, but even after you scrub the penis with Clorox, I'm still not sticking it my mouth.

Now I've had plenty of not so "powder/vinegar & water" fresh smelling pu$#!ies in my mouth.

I guarantee my penis was cleaner before it went in, then when it came out.

But I guess that says too much about my standards.

Anonymous said...

That men would be attracted to regular-looking masseuses could be a regional or demographic thing. I guarantee you that in California, and from the majority of posts on review sites... guys prefer lookers. And MANY FS providers had boob jobs ("bolt-ons", as mongers call them).
Men (like me) who are into the experience, especially for only an hour in a dark room, are NOT your typical hobbyists.

Yeah, hookers are disgusted by blowjobs... Only $20 extra over a HJ around here, and some girls specialize in rimjobs that they don't even ask permission to perform. How do I know? Just ask my ass (now THAT's disgusting!).
And many take the customer's balls in their mouths and suck on them when serious about the BJ.
Some girls just go the extra mile, and you know what else? A lot of that stuff is part of the deal without any prior discussion or additional cash requests.
That business about "if you want A it will cost you B" would make me lose interest fast, personally. I don't like money-talk in life in general. But then, I'm Mr. AMP and the girls there don't talk much - they just do it.

Since someone brought up TER... Do a little research on the guy who created that, what happened to him and the site, and think twice about registering on a monger site. Especially if they're run by scumbags.
I've perused review sites many times, but without giving any money or personal info. I missed out on a lot of juicy stuff that way, but when you factor in that mongers are encouraged to embellish reviews, or escorts blackmailed to exchange good reviews for sex acts... No big loss.

I agree that a lot of guys are pathetically clueless about where to find action, and act like pussies about actually getting it. The hobby is not for retards and whiners. And if the assholes stayed out of it, the rest of us would get a better experience from the girls!

And again you repeat that Asians aren't licensed. The crappy entry-level whorehouses don't, you're right. They're fly-by-nighters doing a lot of screwy stuff (like rent a real therapist's license to open the joint, open and close constantly, or move staffs around to foil investigations, etc.)
BUT there are legal AMPs, like 99.99% of the Thai parlors, and quite a few KMPs filled with LMTs. And I'm sure that a lot of american therapists of asian descent who would be pissed to read your sweeping statements.

Funny to hear a whore complain that dicks are dirty when this germophobe had so many pros' pussies end up in his mouth... and without ever catching anything. Sex is dirty, get on with it. Or please DON'T tell your customers you feel that way. It's like a cop saying he can't deal with violence and I don't like hearing stupid stuff like that from a pro (can't be the only one). We get enough of that crap from women who don't get paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hate to hear from a whore that I'm dirty when I had so many of her colleagues' pussies in my mouth (never catched a thing, BTW, thanks for asking)...

Otherwise, people, do some research on TER before sending money and personal info. Mongers asked to spice up reviews for VIP status, providers blackmailed into giving away free sex for good ratings, trouble with the law...
I do peruse a lot of monger sites, but never join or pay. I miss out on some juicy bits, I'm sure, but get enough of an idea and don't like being taken for a ride or supporting scumbags (going to AMPs is enough bad karma! wink).