Tuesday, November 24, 2009


One of you guys just asked me if I hug my Regulars after session. I thought that was an interesting comment and I just wanted to talk more about it out here. Some of my best friends are customers. Most of you probably don't believe that, since coming from me it probably sounds as convincing as a stripper saying "you should come here tomorrow and just hang out!"

But think about it. There are half a dozen Businesses here in town, and several girls working in each one. That means there are quite a few girls to choose from. So for a guy to settle on me and decide to visit here on a regular basis, there has to be chemistry of some kind. It might be my sense of humor, or my professional massage techniques, or maybe just the particular way The Girls bounce when I'm performing my infamous "double-handed criss-cross" technique. In any case, we get along in some way so it's always comfortable during session.

It's not uncommon for a guy to stop in and just say "hi." Heck - we appreciate someone breaking up the boredom between customers. Occasionally someone might even stop by to take us out to lunch (or in some cases I take them out if I just came out of a lucrative session).

What I'm trying to say here is that I treat my Regulars like anyone else I know. If we get along, then I look forward to seeing you. A lot of guys ask me to "hang out" outside of work. And if we're actually friends at work, then I'll gladly say yes. Mind you - I have gotten pretty good at spotting psychos and stalkers, so I'll quickly avoid anyone who gives me a weird vibe. But I enjoy spending time with people I like whether I've jerked them off or not.

Most of my customer/friends are single (of course). For some reason, the married guys just don't want to be caught at The Olive Garden having a salad with me. What's really fun is when I run into a married customer at the mall who's with the wife. They get that deer-in-the-headlights look. I know the routine, so it's easy for me to just ignore them. But Regulars will often come up and give me a big "hi" and occasional hug in public (especially if they're with a buddy they want to show off in front of).

Now what's creepy is when I run into a customer I don't like out in public, especially in a bar. Then there's that awkward stare, or the unwanted drinks. And if I'm there with friends, it's hard to convince everyone to go somewhere else.

But for the most part I like my Regulars and consider a lot of them as friends.

Friends who see each other naked or occasionally in lingerie that is.



Soul Powers said...

Yeah, that's cool. It's good to gain friendships. Hell, you're all grown-ups. You know who the crazies are (hopefully). I'm glad you blur the line just a bit to build lasting relationships.

How 'regular' are your Regulars?

Soul Powers said...

Yeah, that's cool. It's good to gain friendships. Hell, you're all grown-ups. You know who the crazies are (hopefully). I'm glad you blur the line just a bit to build lasting relationships.

How 'regular' are your Regulars?

Pete said...

I always get a hug before I leave and no I won't be going to my place this weekend, I was able to go last Friday...........

It is getting addictive.

Anonymous said...


Joker_SATX said...

Good for you! This is as it should be.

Anonymous said...


Wow didn't expect a whole post on the topic. That was pretty cool of you. The reason I asked is I've recently started going to a massage parlor. I've seen the same girl and I've been there three times now. No hug. Now I know it's all about the money for her. But in a weird way I'd like to think of her as a girlfriend of sorts. I know I'm probably messed up for feeling that way. I'm married and things between my wife and me have been very frustrating lately. Going to see her has been a great stress reliever.

Anonymous said...

greetings . . luv your blogs. what is your take on std's at work or other wise?

Dr. Phil said...

Dear Tom,

Did you mean you think your MPA as a friend who happens to be a girl and therefore you call her your "girlfriend"?
did you really think of her as your girlfriend who would put some emotional crap into the relationship?

I hope it's the former. You gotta be able to separate your emotion and happy endings, dude. If it happens to be the latter, I suggest you start seeing a different MPA so you don't get attached.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been turned on by a customer? If yes, what turned you on about him?

Have you ever thought about a customer while masturbating or while you were having sex with a boyfriend?

cj said...

Regulars can be anywhere from once a week to just a couple times a year - depends on how many times they come back and whether they ask for the same girl or not. I've had Regulars who I've seen since my PREVIOUS business. Now that's loyalty!

Be careful - that's thin ice you're walking on when you start thinking of your masseuse as your girlfriend. At first it's all business, but as time goes by you may become friends. But don't make the mistake that just because she got you off that there's some kind of emotion involved.

If you truly want to feel "friendly" with her, then just treat her with respect and talk to her like a friend and see what happens.

Good luck! And please don't turn into a stalker.

A few times I've actually been turned on by a hottie in the room. I've never acted on it though. And no - I've never really thought about it afterwards.


Anonymous said...


I'm was thinking of more of a GFE (Girl Friend Experience). Which is usually reserved for escorts. Of course the girl I see at the parlor happens to be an escort as well. I've seen her outside the parlor and talked with her on the phone. Don't worry I'm not looking to become a stalker anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

cj . . . how do you deal with stockers? cool blog. thanks

Saint said...


Hope you had a $$$$$$$$ weekend.

Quick question, do you also notice a bump in customer traffic when they get their year end bonuses?



Soul Powers said...

CJ, yeah you aint lyin'! If I ever find a spot here.. I would want to be a regular. I don't want to keep changing if it's good. :) Hate having to explain what it takes to make me feel satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Luv your blog, CJ. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,

If a provider agrees to do an "outcall." should I be expecting full service?

Colin said...

Don't fall victim to the "I Hate Natalie" link above. All you're doing is helping some wanker with viral marketing so that he can get himself off. It's a scam.

And, "Anonymous" wanker, perhaps you should understand that CJ's blog is serious and well-respected among her readers. Take your play somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, love the blog.

I was reading another blog that had all of it's content removed because it was under review. I guess because it had adult content it was supposed to have a warning before entering the site. I'm not really sure about all the details but, you might want to have your techno-weenie look into it. I'd hate to see you lose all of your entries. Anyway have fun and keep the entertainment/education coming.

cj said...

Dear Anon,
Stalkers are a whole different topic that I could spend DAYS on. Usually just ignoring them completely does the trick, but occasionally it takes a bit of legal intervention. I once had a cop/friend visit a guy at his house. That ended that shit real quick.

Dear Saint,
We see definite bumps around this time of year for bonuses, etc. We also see bumps on local paydays, federal/state paydays and tax return time.

Never ever expect full service until there has been a clear communication between the 2 of you. That goes for inside a Business or at your place. Just because she's willing to see you outside of work may mean that she hopes to save money on the house fee, but still provide just a massage. On the other hand, it's also the easiest way to bump up her game to full service without getting fired. Just plain outright ask her if this outcall is FS.

I deleted that post. That was just weird.

Thanks for the warning. I wasn't sure whether to add that thing or not. After looking at other sites that use it, I figured it was for when you post dirty pics.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to start sounding like a shill for those AMPs that CJ hates with a passion, but so be it. If CJ only has 6 parlors in her town, she has no real points of reference. There's that many on any given 4 blocks in Los Angeles...

To the anon thinking of his masseuse as a girlfriend: yep, it's risky business and the cure is to run from place to place in order to avoid fixations.

BUT, the GFE is readily available in AMPs, if you can handle it. Escort GFEs are one notch above that because of settings (homes, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and number of activities (it can be like a real date), but the rates are up there too.
Most full service AMPs (usually Korean-run, with some possible Latino and Chinese girls on staff) have girls that will naturally provide customers with a GFE. Sometimes you gotta work up to it, and sometimes they just greet you with a kiss, a crotch-grab, and you're off to the races. What the AMP GFE entails is a girl who kisses (French, "DFK"), hugs, sweet-talks, and otherwise has a full-on session like you would have with a real girlfriend. As far as substitutes go, it's a great and cheap one.

I personally and absolutely do treat the girl like a date or a girlfriend (if a regular) for the duration of the session (1 hour). The trick, and that's where it's not for everybody, is to "unplug" as soon as you walk out of the parlor... because as real as she made it feel, it was a transaction and a fantasy.

Those who claim that the girls are ONLY interested in money are wrong, though, although it IS clearly a job to them. After a few years without boyfriends (the provider's curse), they can be just as much in need of intimacy as we are. They're women, not robots.
I've had girls offer freebies or tell the mamasan knocking on the door to get lost, so I know that they're not all clock-watching wallet-grabbers who put on a good act for a tip.
The same dynamic exists in retail, where salespeople treat some customers like friends in high-end businesses. Of course, they're in it for the commission and everyone knows it, but they do enjoy some customers' company and look forward to their visits - it's not all hypocrisy and fakery.

Typically, KMPs offer either PSE (pornstar experience) with hot, young, heavily made-up lookers who'll jump your bones with the appropriate professional detachment and will have boundaries, or GFE with plainer and older "girl next door" types, with whom anything seems to go. Hard to generalize because of the crossover and need for a minimum of trust and chemistry.

Most mongers I know are all about the PSE. "Who cares if she's a bitch, as long as she has knockers!" But those looking for something a bit more satisfying can definitely get it too. Just be aware of the risks. Falling in love with a provider is fraught with problems as CJ has addressed before in this blog.