Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The "Reverse" Parlor - A Massage Parlor for Women

When I did the QA a couple weeks ago, some of you asked if there was a female version of the massage parlor. Well, the female version of a happy ending does exist, but it's probably not exactly the party you think it is.

I have a guy friend from massage school who I'm still in contact with. You all got me thinking about the whole reverse parlor thing, so I gave "Rob" a call. I know he spent a couple years in a day spa located in a ritzy ski resort up in Canada and some of the stories he tells are hilarious. He always claimed that he rarely "dipped into the cookie jar" as he put it, but knew the guys who did it for a living. Yeah right.

I'll try to describe what they did using terms that I use for The Business. Basically, there were no clothing options since it was all under the table. What they did have the option of was a "clit massage" by either hand or tongue. Meanwhile, women who wanted to fuck would see the guys in their hotel rooms after work.

Now keep in mind that these services were not offered to anyone, and were only advertised by word of mouth (no pun intended). The way Rob describes it, the clients were basically very wealthy and very bored housewives who could do whatever they wanted while the husbands were out skiing. And unfortunately, he said that these women weren't exactly the Housewives of Atlanta, if you know what I mean.

I guess it wasn't uncommon for Rob to see one of his fellow masseuses out for drinks with some of the clients - after all, it was a ski resort and there was no where else to go. But every now and then he'd catch a coworker cozying up to some rich bitch, and he knew something was up. Those of you who have been to fancy restaurants and clubs have all seen them - the young guy getting mauled by the older couger.

Rob said you NEVER offered "services" to anyone. The customer had to initiate it first, and she HAD to have a referral before the masseuses would even discuss it. So if a woman casually said "Darla said you'd take care of me" then he knew it was OK to start negotiating. However, if she said "I heard I could get taken care of here" then they would play dumb and deny eveything.

Now before you all start enrolling in massage school and moving up to Canada, let me tell ya that it wasn't all fun and games. Since they had worked up this secret referral system, the guys pretty much had to cater to anyone who used it - else they risked being exposed to the management and losing their jobs. This meant that any woman with the proper "referrals" had to be serviced - no matter what she looked like. Ewww.

I asked about the money and he said that they were "taken care of" - whatever that means. Well, it was enough for him to keep doing it for a couple of years! It couldn't have been too bad because it turns out that he saved enough to quit the business and go back to school for nursing.

When Rob asked about me, I told him I was working at a Day Spa downtown, but Trina ended up at a massage parlor! Am I a bitch or what?



Mike said...

Once you get past the smell you gotta lick it!!!

Joker_SATX said...

Nice deflection.....

Cali said...

So let me get this right... It doesn't matter if a male client looks like a troll as long as he's got money to give you, but an older woman with three or four grown kids and a Gucci purse full of cash is "ewww?" You know, you'll age someday, too. But wait, that's icky, so maybe you'll take the coward's way out at 40?

hydralisk said...

CJ: If you could, would you switch and do extras with women instead of men?

You can't have both.

Soul Powers said...

All that glitters aint gold. LOL


I am a huge fan of FBSM....some of my escort friends that have trouble getting of can only do so with a massage provider

Anonymous said...

Your friend was probably sucking dick for cash but is too ashamed to admit it. There isn't much female demand for male prostitutes. He was a real manwhore.

wait2cme said...

There is a demand for gigolos. The thing is most dudes do not fit the bill. If a woman is going to spend 300 bucks on a dude he has to be a fantasy for her.

Billy Ray said...

wait2cme: "There is a demand for gigolos. The thing is most dudes do not fit the bill."

Men want quantity, women want quality. While it's true that women can get "free" sex from some random dude at the bar, most women aren't going to trust their vagina with just anyone. So it makes perfect sense for them to go to high end spa and get a massage from a professional, because for a woman, the quality of sexual activity is what counts.

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that the cunnilingus is the ewwww part...

Rubbing a clit is one thing, licking a hairy nasty pussy is quite another!

Mortalez said...

OK I agree there is not as much of a demand for manwhores as there is for escorts, main reason being is sex is easier to get for women than it is for a man. so if your a manwhore your clients tend to be:
A. other men
B. old ugly women
C. morbidly obese women.
D. rare exceptions being career women who are workaholics who want guarantied dick on a moments notice during the rare bit of free time they have(and on rare occasions they are actually attractive).

Thats not saying male to female prostitution does not exist just not in the same forms as female to male prostitution except the examples stated above.
It usually takes the form of the hunky yard man or pool boy,or studely live in boyfriend with no job.

ew said...

im with Cali. you said it yourself a lot of your clients are not much the lookers. so what's the difference between "servicing" an "ew" woman and an "ew" man (as i'm sure you do on a regular basis)

Jezebel said...

Cali said:
So let me get this right... It doesn't matter if a male client looks like a troll as long as he's got money to give you, but an older woman with three or four grown kids and a Gucci purse full of cash is "ewww?"

THANK you. This is exactly what I was thinking as I read this post. I guess the double standard is alive and well in the erotic massage world.

Here's a tip for anyone wanting to get into sex work, whether out in the open (at a massage parlor, strip club, etc.) or "under the table" (as these male masseuses do): If you're not willing to provide your service to anyone, regardless of looks, then DON'T GO INTO THE BUSINESS.

I can understand not wanting to perform a sexual act on someone who is unhygienic or otherwise offensive. But looks and/or weight? Please. Get over yourself. I used to be a stripper, and believe me, an unattractive person's money is just as green as an attractive one's.

Anonymous said...

what if you wanted a happy ending from a gal? Are there girls who do that? Or is an escort your best bet?

Anonymous said...

In Japan there are male escorts who service mostly female escorts and other sex workers. The females say that they need to feel taken care of once in a while, and a lot have trouble having boyfriends of course.

I've never seen myself, but was told by another blogger that a good percentage of female providers do indeed know how, and would be willing to, service women.
I don't know how much demand there really is and suspect that the posters asking about it are males who want to fantasize about two women together.