Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Close Call

Hey Guys. Sorry I haven't been around lately but things just got crazy after the whole Playboy interview thing.

As you may have noticed, I took down the links to the interview. I had to - Who on Earth would have guessed how many people listen to that show on Playboy Radio???? After I did the show last Thursday, I spent the weekend confessing (or denying as the case may be) to friends that I was on the radio.

So after a week of dealing with the fallout, I regret to announce that I will not be returning to the radio any time soon. Sorry!!! I made the final decision yesterday after a guy who I've been flirting with called me up and said "Hey... there was this chick on the satellite that sounded just like you..."

Yikes. Too close to home. WAYYYY too close.

And to make things more stressful, Audrey had some sort of family emergency last week and abruptly announced that she'll be out of town for the next month, and I'm in charge. Good news is I don't have to stare at her or put up with her bullshit for a couple weeks. Bad news is that we all have to cover her shifts.

Normally I wouldn't mind inheriting the extra business, but the problem is that Audrey's customers are notoriously cheap (and used to having their way with her). And to make it worse, I discovered just recently that she slashed her prices WITHOUT telling us. Great - now I have a whole month to deal with her cheap ass customers demanding happyendings at bargain basement prices.

But enough of my bitching. Since I've been slack at updating lately, I'll make it up to you guys by FINALLY getting around to answering all your questions and comments from the last 2 weeks.

So come on down guys! This month, all handjobs are $20 off. Just use the password "Audrey sent me."



vorpal said...

If you want me to, I can remove the video I uploaded to YouTube.

cj said...

If you don't mind! It's not anything you did, it's just that things got too weird.


Mike said...

Wow! That's nucking futs! About that guy you're flirting with.. Ask him "What the hell is he doing listening to Playboy? 'You some kinda freak or something?".. He'll back off of that line of questioning real quick..

'Hope things return to a comfortable normal.

Carolyn said...

wow .. I was wondering that when I was listening to it cause your voice is kinda unique. I was thinking I wonder if anyone will recognize her voice and ask her about it. I'm sure it was really weird to have him asking you about it, good thinking taking that link down. Keep up the good writing I just love reading your blog!!

vorpal said...

Ok, done.

dish said...

may i suggest to use a voice modifier?

also, i might consider to edit this post; since in the radio they mentioned the blog address the guy might read the post and confirm his suspicions.

Anonymous said...

please let us know how many people use the password for the special :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'm sure it was "people" and not "cops." Way to be secure in your position.

em jaye peeee said...

If somebody knew you in real life, wouldn't the combo of distinctive voice plus half-face profile pic be enough to recognize you? Yikes.

Anonymous said...

CJ... as soon as I heard how distinctive your voice was I struck by the notion that your anonimity would take a severe beating (no pun intended), especially (as dish pointed out)when they gave out the blog address -several times.
It's too bad you got spooked ,because you might have made a damn good spokesperson for the erotic massage industry.

Maybe you should let Audrey's clinets know up front that you charge more ... and that you're worth it .

mnwhr said...

Maybe you can get one of those voice altering things to do a radio show. Not the creepy machine sounding though, those just freak me out.

Anonymous said...

hi cj,

i have a question i haven't seen addressed here before. you mentioned in one of your older posts that you allot 5 minutes for the "happy ending." as an older guy, it takes me longer than that, usually a lot longer. what advice would you have for a punter such as myself who would like a "happy ending," but needs more time to get there?



Anonymous said...

Have you had any sugar daddy action lately? Would you be willing to talk about hot moments in your personal life if there are any? I get the feeling you may have a very strong hatred of men.

ed4659 said...

You have to look out for yourself CJ. I think I speak for all of your loyal followers in saying that we understand you taking the steps to protect yourself. "Keep up" the good work


Bucky Duckman said...

Y'know, I've been to the Eastern PA area of this country more than once. From Lancaster to Philly... trust me, CJ, there are LOTS of women who sound just like you in that area. Not to say no one would recognize you. Friends definately could. Maybe regular customers. But people who haven't met you? Should be easy enough to say, "Yeah, I get that alot." Same thing famous people say when someone asks, "Has anyone ever told you how much you look like..." Good luck! This will all blow over soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Loved the radio spot. Very cool. As someone else said on here, the radio hosts seemed far more interested in their own voices than in anything their guest (you) had to say. I could tell you were a little nervous.

How did they find you? Did you ask?


Continuous But Plural said...

Oh man, I was just a little too late to hear the interview. Man, I was hoping I could find it somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Peter, ya gotta find yerself a more mature (experienced) masseuse, mate. Someone with some understanding and compassion who doesn't think that men are pigs or machines. Doesn't have to be an old whore either.