Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OK, I was expecting this. With Audrey gone for over a week now it was just a matter of time before her Regulars starting showing up on our shifts. We were all kinda looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. And this is a perfect example why...

2 days ago I got a guy demanding me to take her cut rate prices. Fuck that. I told him "Hey - you get what you pay for." He finally saw things my way - particularly after the bra came off. The Girls can be very helpful in negotiations. And I told Cindy and Trina to stand their ground and not cut their rates either.

Then there was my first customer today... an Audrey Regular who I've seen before, but never really spoken to. Tall skinny guy - looks like he has no sense of humor. Well today he walks in and sees me at the front desk.

"Uhhhhh... can I see Audrey please."

"I'm sorry sir, but she's away and won't be returning to work for a couple of weeks. Can I help you?"

"Uhhhhhh... Audrey please."

It's going to be one of those days I say to myself. A girl doesn't like feeling invisible, but this is ridiculous. Luckily for this guy, I'm a people person. "I'm sorry sir... but she is not here. I can help you if you..."

"Jesus help us!"

That little ejaculation is not what I was expecting (yes - as a good little Catholic girl, I know what an ejaculation is, thank you very much). Of course now I'm not sure what kind of help he needs if he's turning to Jesus for guidance at the front desk of a massage parlor.

"Uhhhhhh... I'm sorry miss... I usually see Audrey... Is Audrey..."

"NO - she's not here" I finish his thought, "and probably won't be back till next month." THIS is why I don't want Audrey's damn customers and I know that I'm going to regret doing this, but damnit - I'm in charge and I need to step up to the plate. "Would you like a session?" I manage to say politely.

"Jesus help me... Jesus help me..." he kinda mumbled a few times before saying "yes" in a small voice.

I directed him to my room when I saw him heading to Audrey's. I told him to get comfortable and then I left him alone for a few minutes. I figured as one of her Regulars he knows the routine. Even so, I was not surprised when I returned to find him fully clothed and sitting on the massage table.

I sighed. "You've been here before, right?" He nodded. "What options do you normally take with Audrey?" It was at this point that I noticed the yellow "WWJD" bracelet on his right wrist ("What Would Jesus Do?" for my non-Christian readers out there).

"Uhhhh... the one without the... uhhhh... bra... thing..."

I guess Jesus would take a topless. "Ok sir... get undressed and lie on your stomach." With the nervous type I find that it's best just to take charge and control the action. Thank Gawd (no pun intended) that the WWJD guy is not a talker - Except for the occasional "Give me strength!" or "Have mercy!" I can only assume that these pleas were not towards me.

I'm watching the clock, and we finally get to the happy ending. So the first words I finally utter in 30 minutes are "Alright, lay back, close your eyes and relax." I oil up my hands and start to work his cock. This guy is as silent as a church mouse (pun intended) up until the end. He gives out a soft moan and shoots a small load.

I ease up for a few seconds, then make for the towels. I CANNOT wait to see this guy to the door. The silent session is fine by me, but this one just kinda gave me the creeps. Then as I turn back to clean him up, he snatches the towel out of my hands.

"I'll do it!" he barks. It wasn't so much an angry tone as more of a "don't bother me" tone.

I'm like "whatever" and I start throwing clothes on quickly. Meanwhile I can hear more "Please forgive me" and "Have mercy" mumblings from my customer as he's thoroughly cleaning himself up.

I finally escape the room, and normally I wait at the desk to see the customer to the door, but I'm so creeped out by this guy that I head straight to the office. A few minutes later, the door chime lets me know he's gone. I take a deep breath to relax. Wow - that was weird.

Sadly I know this is probably just my first of many Audrey Regulars who will be bugging me for the next month. The good news is that I should have lots of new FOTW stories for you!



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maya said...

Im an atheist myself, but life myself be SOOO complicated being a Christian...argh!

Would have been fun if you'd asked to pray with you afterwards :o)


mnwhr said...

You were good to keep to the 30 minutes, that guy should have been finished off quicker and sent on his way.

Carolyn said...

wow .. that is creepy

RIV said...

that WAS rather creepy.

You may be right on that her customers might be a little bit on the unusual (read: Creepy!) side.

DrChako said...

Great story. It's cool to get a close up look at how religious zealots justify their behavior.


Lawrence said...

Wow. I'm left sort of speechless.

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Little Red said...

If I remember correctly, the bible says its better to have your seed go in the belly of a harlot than to fall to the ground...guess he's not used to it NOT going into a harlot, hehe...

Good luck til Audrey gets back...

Little Red said...

OH, and I hope no one thinks I'm calling CJ a harlot, just Audrey!

Mitch said...

At least he didn't ask you "how much for nun outfit option?" Creepy dude.

cj said...

I don't think he could afford the "nun outfit" option.

Been there. Done dat.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!
potential serial killer material!
Please do not see this guy again,CJ.

Anonymous said...

Guilt can be a hard thing to deal with especially when you struggle with self control. Of course, he shouldn't be doing it if he feels that bad about it, but I don't find it so much creepy as I do sad and I don't think he was so much justifying his behavior as he was trying to salve his guilty conscience.

Anonymous said...

I was totally serious.
When all the studies on Serial Killers/Rapists tha thave been done were collated,and analysed,it turns out that being kinky,watching lots of porn,using hookers,none of these habits were major contributing factors,even though they were often common traits that were shared by most offenders.
What was shown consistently to be a major factor in them commiting these crimes was an extremely strict religious upbringing,devoid of any proper sex education or open debate on sexuality,whose parents beat and brainwashed them from a young age into believing that sex was dirty,'loose' women were filthy,disease spreading,homewrecking whores.
They were taught that pre-marital/casual sex,masturbation and porn were all evil and a sin (Gotta love the church for perpetuauting fear,guilt and lies) the guilt and sexual repression eats them up inside and as they are conditioned to feel what comes naturally (sexual desire) is evil,and they have no release,and explode in violent rage,I truly believe that is what we're seeing here.
Fucky Time is not Prayer Time,you know what I'm saying?
That is not a natural thought process for a regular horny guy.
If you see that guy again,urge him to go to church,then go to a fucking shrink...

Anonymous said...

WWJD? Find a real (full service) hooker, like Mary Magdalene. I'm serious.