Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Confessions of the Confessor

Ya know, I've been confessing things anonymously over the internet for 2 years now. Sounds like a lot to get off my chest (no pun intended), but when I think about it, there are just so many more scandalous things I haven't even touched upon yet.

So as a Christmas present to all you wonderful people out there who have supported and cheered me on over the year, I will try to bring up topics that I was always too nervous to talk about before.

For example...for 2 years now I have never talked about the Readers who have visited the Business. Yes - there have been more than a few lucky guys out there that have successfully found me. I get requests from readers all the time about making appointments to see me, but I have always kept my rule of not seeing anyone so I could maintain my anonymousnessousness.... errrr... secret identity.

So to all those guys out there that found me - congratulations! You found The Business and never even realized it.

This is what happened... The problem I always had with talking about it was that if I mentioned on the blog that a customer asked me about a "CJ" - he would immediately know he found me just by putting 2 and 2 together. So over time I just learned to bite my tongue and never bring it up at all.

Now the first time it happened was one of the weirdest moments in my life. I had been writing this blog thing for several months. Then one day I had this guy on the table during a typical session, and he casually mentions that he's been reading this thing on the internet called "Happyendingz." Let me tell ya - my heart skipped a beat and I must have turned beat red. Thank gawd The Girls were there to distract him (they are such faithful friends). It was so strange to feel fear, surprise and pride all at the same time. I wanted to yell "THAT'S ME!!! I DID THAT!!" but I couldn't.

The next time it happened was a couple months later, but it wasn't from a customer. Now we masseuses are used to getting inquiries about other girls - it happens all the time. A guy may be looking for "Tammy... a short brunette who worked across town a couple years ago... have you seen her?" Yes, we all know other girls at other Businesses, and it's just common courtesy to tell the girl that someone is looking for them. But You NEVER tell the customer where to find someone until it's been OK'd by the girl first - Rule #1 to prevent stalkers.

Well there I was having lunch with Audrey and Cindy one day, when Audrey just happens to ask if we know a "CJ." I think Cindy and I both turned white at that one. Audrey said 3 customers had asked her that week if "CJ" worked there. We played dumb and said we had never heard of her before. But later that night we were high-fiving each other and giggling like little girls about the fact that we were now famous.

Since then Trina, Cindy and I have all had run-ins with customers asking about "CJ." I'm much better at dealing with that now, but at first it was really freaky to hear guys talking about what they've read. Now I just take it in stride. The hardest part though is not being able to take credit for it in public. I don't know how many times I just wanted to ask a customer "So what did you think of my story about...?"

Trina isn't OK with it. She still gets freaked out and nervous whenever anyone mentions it. Remember how I had to go suck up to her to get her to OK posting her pic? Cindy on the other hand thinks the whole thing is a hoot. I'm just worried that one day she'll say something stupid about how she personally knows "CJ" or even "Cindy." I swear that too much peroxide MUST do something to brain cells.

That reminds me of a funny story. I once got a customer looking for a "Cindy." Swear to gawd. At first I was confusing his questions with a real Cindy I knew from the old Business. But after a few minutes I got him to reveal that he had read about her on the internet. When I told Cindy that story, her head swelled up for about a week. Kept making jokes about her fan club and maybe doing her own spin-off blog. Unfortunately, she can't string more than 3 words together without adult supervision.

So there you have it - some of you guys out there have found me but just never realized it. LOL

I think this year for April Fools Day I'm going to get every masseuse I know to call themselves "CJ" for the day. You know what they say... The best place to hide a tree is in a forest.



Joker_SATX said...


There is one point I think that may elude you. This blog could make you very wealthy. Look at all the free marketing you are getting.

Just Visiting said...


Your post makes me wonder - how many of your customers are regulars, how many are seen once and never again, and how many are in between?

Also, how much of your business is "legitimate" therapeutic massage?

Greaph said...

If I ever visit the US I'm gonna drop by, wearing a t-shirt that says, "Hi, CJ!"

RIV said...

I'd go ahead and keep your identity a secret, but I know how deep down you want to tell someone. :)

Recently, FF started reading a blogs. Specifically, OEN. That made me panic a bit because I'm a regular commenter on there, and if she reads mine, my cover will be blown.

Do your freak out, but keep it on the inside. :)

Anonymous said...

Thats your first good post in awhile... you gotta keep revealing stuff.

Just Visiting said...

Anonymous said...
Thats your first good post in awhile... you gotta keep revealing stuff.

Yeah -- 'Anonymous' is still waiting to have something to tell the cops. He's unworried (or, more likely, unaware) that HE can be prosecuted for what he's posted.

Where would we do without stupid people to laugh at?


Just Visiting said...

"What" would we do - not "where..."


batman said...

hi cj! good post, waz wondering if u had any nervous/anxious customers before? so they couldn't get hard well? did u cure their performance anxiety? by making them relax and not think much?

Anonymous said...


Just curious, but I had a session yesterday with a girl in a local shop. She was not my first choice, but I had a tight schedule. She surprised me by offering much better service than is standard in my city on my 1st visit. There is another girl that works in the same shop that I really want to see, but I am worried that if I go see her I will never have a good service from the 1st girl. Should I go see the 2nd girl, or stay with the 1st?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the timing of the guy who called in looking for "Cindy". Was it after the posts about her working while she was pregnant, or was it after the story about you and her giving a massage that she finished with a BJ?


CTHunter said...

Hey CJ!
First off, both your blog and your writing is fantastic! I've been following it for some time now and just wanted to say the negative posts from the last few months are completely ridiculous! It pains me to read the bile that some folks can spew!
Anyhow, since we're confessing, I belive I may be the reason for the "The Search for CJ" post a few months back. I apologize. I understand the need for privacy in this area, and I am sorry for overstepping my bounds by "looking" for The Business.
To be honest, I am not surprised that someone had stumbled onto The Business and mentioned your name. In our little neck of the woods, there are many many massage facilities, but only a handful of non-AMP. To that point, I should mention that I am a recovering AMP fan. I really enjoyed my expiriences there and will miss it, but ever since the Tiger Woods thing, the thought of all the collateral damage from being found out was just too great. I understand your feelings about AMPs, but I speak Korean so I have a pretty good relationship with the girls and have never heard any of them mention explotation. Of course I realize that the exploited would find it hard to talk abaout it, but our conversations always invariably end up with either them talking about the boredom of being in a country and not being able to speak the language or some of the funny "communication" problems they have with their other clientele. I'm sure there are some very shady goings on at some AMPs, but at least the one's I've been to are not so bad for the girls. Oh, as as for not being able to leave the facilites, that is true to an extent. Usually there is no car, but I have driven a few girls to run errands on occation. The first time that happened, I was sure, from all the stories of human traffiking, that she was going to ask me to take her to the embassy and request assylum! We actually just went to the grocery and the bank while she corrected my Korean.
Anyway, sorry for the long post. I guess I was hoping to find you to talk about The Business and the industry in general, but I do realize that that was misguided at best. Take care and never stop these great posts!!!

ps, what is your feeling on married regulars? I have always felt a little guilty about it, but since I've givien up the lifestyle, Im curious as to what you think.


cj said...

Can you imagine? A line outside the door? LOL.

Just Visiting,
I'd say more than half are Regulars nowadays. And by that I mean anyone who comes in more than once. If a customer comes back, they usually establish a routine (weekly, monthly, etc.).

Of the therapeutics, I'd say maybe about a quarter. And that's only because of the economy. The therapeutics are actually keeping us afloat right now. Once things pick up again, we'll get more clients looking for non-therapeutic.

You do that and I'll sign it for ya!

You get it!

Thanks. I realized that things were getting kinda boring. Partly because things got boring around here, and partly because there were some places I just didn't want to go. Hope to shake things up this year.

Happens with newbies. My technique is to get them to relax. Problem is when you worry too much about it. I usually just tell them to relax, stop talking, and close their eyes. That cures 99% of the time!

That's a tough one. Customers switching girls sometimes causes friction - especially if one of us accuses the other of stealing.

The politically correct thing to do is to find out their schedules. Call and ask when the 2nd girl is working and just verify the 1st girl isn't. Then go see her. Good luck!

Holy shit... seemed like a million years ago. I think it was after she had the baby. But I couldn't tell you if it was because of the blowjob story.

Don't take it personally. I get a LOT of requests from guys trying to find The Business, or referrals for other Businesses. It just got to the point where I decided not to talk about it at all.

As for the AMPs, I'm sure there are some that do not use slave labor, but 2 got busted here recently for trafficking. And then the "mama-san" was murdered. Coincidence?

As for married men, I don't think it's cool for married guys to see us. But then again, they make up half my Regulars. So lets just say my feelings are mixed.


SirFWALGMan said...

I just got my first normal massage no happy ending. It was awesome. Not sure why I waited so long. It was not even the best setup.. it was at a poker table. A friend bought it for me. Now I am hooked. heh. I doubt I would do the happy ending type just because it's not me but therapeutic massage sounds great!

Mitch said...

Yikes! Seems like your anonymity is eroding...do you have a plan for what you're going to do if you're outed?

RIV said...

Very good question, Mitch. I'm curious to hear IF she has plans for it. I know typically if people are outed they have quite a bit of explaining to do to their friends and family.

Burkes said...

CJ, I don't know if I am the one you reference in the post, but I did come to see you one time.

We talked extensively about the internet and the evils of AMPs. It was a great session. I did mention this blog. You had a reaction but covered it well. I mentioned i to make sure I was right without putting you into a bad spot.I even got to meet Audrey and we had a short discussion of the internet review sites. I had no desire to out you during our visit, nor have I ever shared your location. To do so would deprive us of this blog. I was tempted a bit due to your joking offer of a second cup for anyone who found you.

I highly doubt many others will find you. Those who do will hopefully be like me; Excited to meet you but not wanting to ruin anything, so we keep our mouth shuts.

One day I will return and maybe then I will admit I know. Maybe not. The thrill of the hunt was more than enough for me.

BTW, the cross handed technique was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Still reading old posts and uncovering more anti-AMP brainwashing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not completely stupid for having missed something as obvious to others as the "evils of AMPs" (how dramatic, pal)... I'm naive like that.

And then somebody like CTHunter comes along. From another AMP-lover: thanks, bud.

The AMPs where the girls don't have cars are the so-called Korean slave-houses that CJ refers to everywhere on this blog. I've been to a few when I was hitting every AMP in sight.
The girls there are mostly very young (not always), speak very little English, and have an air of desperation about them, yes. But it's not because they're in chains, you idiots. They are illegal aliens without papers, money, driver's license, or car, of course. They'll work that way, and learn about EVIL WHITE PEOPLE and our strange ways, while paying off the ring that brought them to the States. They are bored out of their minds.

I, too, was asked if I could drive them around (couldn't believe they didn't have cars in LA), or to order pizza and share a lunch with them, stuff like that. They told ridiculous lies like "I'm Yuko from South Africa" out of fear of the immigration and anti-Korean prejudice, I'm sure, not of the slave-mongers. lol

At the time I was too green to understand, was avoiding all kinds of attachments (rookie fear of liking a hooker), and didn't want to hang out in a brothel, for obvious reasons.
But as I did some research and heard of the human-trafficking rumor, I moved away from those joints and hit up the more upscale, less risky and apparently legit AMP whorehouses. Older (30-45) Korean chicks staff those. They're legal, often licensed, and aren't slaves at all, thank you very much. Home and small business owners. Oh, and awesome girlfriends-for-hire in ways 180 degrees from what this blog describes (menus, rush jobs, attitude, greed), incidentally.

So... are some Korean chicks "trafficked"? Well, yes, exactly the way illegal Latinos come to this country. The rings generate millions in unpaid taxes and are mob-tied, so there's shady stuff going on with THEM and that's why they are often targetted by LE, not with the girls or the AMPs per se. At the AMPs, cops look for evidence of prostitution and other crimes to incriminate the ring leaders and built a case that the houses have the same management. They are after books. Freeing slaves is a cover story that makes better headlines than going after millions in tax evasion.

You guys crack me up. CJ who keeps singing that "buy american, asians are all bad" song, and her readers who eat that shit up.
The ones who ACTUALLY ever set foot in more than the accidental AMP AND have done some homework know better.

One mamasan got murdered? Big deal (sorry about her and her family). Koreans gamble like crazy. And the kid who details your car or serves you at Taco Bell has gang tatoos. Get real.

I've had lots of asian friends outside of the massage world and always gave them a lecture when they complained of racism. "Racism against Asians?! In the 21st century? Quit making excuses for yourselves, you yellow niggers!"
You guys are making me regret my words.

"Me wuv ew wong time!"? Wow, CJ, wow.