Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I've been going on for a couple weeks now about how awful it was gonna be to start getting Audrey's old customers. But let me tell ya, it's actually working out to our benefit. Let me explain.

While Audrey was around, we would occasionally get one of her Regulars. This was usually when they forgot her schedule, or she called out sick, or whatever. When this happened, we would DREAD it. They'd either bitch about our prices being different, or how Audrey "lets me go down on her...", etc. The best was the old "she owes me a freebie" scam where they demand a free session because they did her a favor or something. So this is basically what the rest of us girls thought was going to happen when Audrey went on leave - only 10 times worse.

It turns out - most of her customers are real sweethearts.

Who woulda thought???? I think what we were seeing before were just customers angry over not getting their dicks sucked. But now that these same guys are coming to us willingly (and that is the key word here), most of them have been pleasantly surprised with how nice the rest of us are.

Here are the top 5 things Audrey's customers have come to expect from her:

1) Lower price
2) Sessions cut short
3) Little to no massage
4) Extras such as fingering and oral release
5) Bad mouthing the other girls

So now they're all coming to us - some willingly and some reluctantly. I mean she's been bad mouthing us for so long, that a lot of her customers will not come back at all. But those that have are all saying what a refreshing change of scenery it is. Customers have been telling us stories about how she rushes them, pushes them for options they don't want, gives a crap massage, and spends half the session telling awful lies about "her girls." Heck - I had one guy tell me that Audrey warned him I'd steal his wallet if he ever came to see me. AND I WORK FOR HER!!!!!

There is a very good chance that Audrey has lost some Regulars for good. A few guys are still pouting that the rest of us girls don't put out to the extent that Audrey does, but for the most part they are all happy customers. The biggest difference I've seen is the increase in requests for a breast release. Apparently guys just had no interest in getting them from her. Last Thursday I had 3 in a row!!!! (1 mine and 2 hers). The Girls were sore that night, but they had definitely earned their keep.

So there you have it - something good actually coming from this whole management mess. And by the time she comes back, I hope to have more than a few new Regulars at her expense.



Anonymous said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. But, you know when she returns, it will be just like before. She'll work at stealing those customers back for herself and bad mouthing the rest of you all over again. Of course those guys who like the breast releases won't go back if they can help it. Why would they want to rub their cocks between Audrey's tits, looking all skanky in a bra with holes in it, when they could fuck your tits?


Little Red said...


Do you plan on confronting Audrey about what she's said?

"Hey Audrey, John said he used to be worried about coming to me because he thought I'd steal from him. WHEREVER did he get that idea??"

RIV said...

Well, I'm glad that it is working out for you.
I think most of the customers that gave you a shot will come back to you, but I wouldn't doubt if they do go to her one more time before coming to you.

But Little Red brought up a good point, ARE you going to confront her?

Al Sensu said...

Crazy dysfunction at your place. Audrey is a terrible businessperson, and evidently not very good at her profession either, which is why she is cut-rate.

You should just go into competition with her. Forget the tanning salon -- it causes cancer, while handjobs are good for mens' health. You would run a class joint and recruit quality ladies who could charge full price and you would get your cut.

Al Sensu said...
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Anonymous said...

1. keep in mind that some of her "regulars" might be spying on you guys for her. be careful what you say to teh customers

2. remember she is crazy. and desperate.

3. always CYA

Anonymous said...

Did they cum on your face for the breast release or are you too unfamiliar with them for that?

cj said...

Little Red and RIV
I talk a big talk, but I doubt I'll have the Kahunas to say anything. It usually takes something really big to get me started. So if she picks a fight with me later, I'd probably bring it up.

I've thought about it and don't know if I'd do it. In my future planning, I always figured that Audrey would be retired and I would be able to do massages on the side without worrying about what she thought.

You are sooooooo right. That's why we're always careful about what we say about her in front of her Regulars. Some things have come back to bite us in the ass...

Last Anon,
So far nothing too freaky from her Regulars. No one has asked for a facial, and I wouldn't anyways since I don't know them. The breast release guys came on my tits, which is fine by me. But now that you've mentioned it, I've turned down a couple of her customers for extras because they were just giving me a bad vibe and I didn't trust them.