Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Late Shift

One of you guys asked me to tell the story of the time I took care of a customer while sitting at the front desk. And the guy who got a handjob for bringing us pizza - these are examples of the kinda stuff that can happen on the late shift. The Business is open till 9pm with our last appointments starting at 8. The second shift here is typically 3-9pm, but we'll stay later for Regulars. At my Old Business, we were open till 11pm [Massage Parlor Tip #14 - any massage places open past 9 are usually the happy ending kind].

When you're working the late shift, it's pretty easy to get punch drunk towards closing time - especially if you've just worked a double. You're tired, you're feeling lazy, and you just wanna go home. Combine that with the fact that our neighboring businesses have all closed and we have the entire shopping plaza to ourselves, and you can see why things can be pretty loose at night.

For example, when Audrey's not around we might take an hour for dinner, ditch the business casual outfits for jeans and T-shirts, turn up the music, crank up the heat/AC, or take the phone outside and hang out in the parking lot and smoke. Customers like it too because they can hang out before or after a session and just chat with us without feeling pressured to leave.

The clientele also changes at night. We usually get a bump in customers right when everyone gets out of work. But later in the night is when you usually see the guys who aren't married or just don't need to be home anytime soon. This makes for a more laid back atmosphere in the evenings.

So one night back at the Old Business, it was around closing and one of my Regulars was hanging out with me and another girl. Well it was getting late and I asked "Buster" if he wanted a session or what because I was ready to go home. We had all been hanging out in the lobby which had 2 couches and a tall desk next to the front door. Buster was sitting in the desk chair and I was on the couch.

"I'll pay you for an entire session if you just take care of me right here," he challenged me with a smirk on his face.

By now you should know that I'll take a challenge. I called his bluff, "What? In that chair?"

Buster smiled. "Yup. Right here. It's always been a fantasy of mine."

I figured what the heck. From the front door, you couldn't see the chair behind the desk. And in that Business, all the windows up front were covered solid with black plastic (yes - this place was sleazy looking).

I stood up from the couch. "Drop 'em." I ordered.

All of a sudden, he looked nervous. Buster glanced over at the other girl. She made an excuse to go in the back and clean up. "Uhhhhh... Really?....Right here?"

I love being in control. "You asked for it" I said as I knelt in front of him. I pulled a box of kleenex off the desk and put it on the floor. "Whip it out big boy."

Buster awkwardly unbuckled his pants and dropped them around his ankles without standing up from the chair. I spit on my left hand, and kept a kleenex handy in my right. I started to work his cock and was surprised to see just how quickly he got excited by this change of venue. "Wow. I...I...I... didn't think you'd d-d-do it."

"It's late, so who cares? Now sit back and close your eyes." I spit on my hand again and he moaned loudly with the fresh application of lubricant. I kept an eye on his shirt to make sure it wasn't in the cum-zone.

His breathing increased and I knew he was close to finishing. "Moo.. Moo... Move over here so I can squeeze your t-t-tits." I obliged him by moving closer to the chair. Buster clumsily grabbed The Girls with his left hand before finally moaning "This is it!" And with that I wrapped the kleenex around the tip of his prick and caught most of his load. I pumped him a few gentle times more to get the last drop before I cleaned him up.

"Is it all that you had hoped for Buster?" I asked with a big smile. He just kinda collapsed in the chair and nodded his head.

Now what is it with guys and public spaces? I mean there was no danger of anyone actually seeing what I was doing behind the desk, but for some reason the idea turned Buster on. Not that I'm complaining; it was a quick tip for me and I didn't even have to get undressed.

Remind me later to tell you the story of the time I did a customer in Audrey's office. I was pissed at her over something, and it just seemed like an appropriate way to get revenge. But now that I have to sit in THAT chair and do her job, I feel kinda skeeved.

Karma's a bitch.



Anonymous said...

Love your stories. I hope Audrey is giving you the table fee since your watching the shop. But , I'm sure that would be too much to ask. Kind of wondering what was happened to her. Thought occurred to me if you are still looking for a new girl. How about taking on "little Red" She as the qualifications and sound like she is looking for a new venue.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see ur still blogging, but that pic has to go. The crease at the top or your tits and your head turned is not appealing. Get with it. Take some pride in yourself and post a better shot.


Anonymous said...

Nice, I really enjoy the non session stories

Little Red said...

LOL, 1st Anonymous thanks for nominating me for the new girl position! A change would be nice...

Anonymous said...

Your story gave me a hard-on. I'm going to jerk off now. Thanks for giving me the fantasy material. I'll be thinking about your big tits while I'm jerking off.


Anonymous said...

I think it is not so much the excitement of being in the front room, and more of the fact that he didn't have to exert any energy - got to stay in his comfortable chair, watching TV and got a handjob.

Anonymous said...

I had noticed the crease too, but it didn't bother me as much as the pinched cheeks, a la Paris Hilton or Donald Trump. Too much affectation.