Friday, July 9, 2010

Comments at Last!!!

Hey guys! In case you haven't noticed I FINALLY got caught up on the last 3 weeks worth of comments and questions. Sorry about that, but I promise to try to keep up from now on. In fact, I may ask my techno-nerd to try that "comment review" thing so I'm forced to review all of them when they come in. Plus, he can weed out the weirdos and the Russian porno spam for me.

So what do you guys think? Do you really care if my techno-nerd reviews and edits the comments or not? I know that we get a lot of good questions that way, so I don't want to turn anybody off.

One last thing before I say goodbye for the weekend... Maude pretty much leaves us alone, but there's one thing she nags us about - our clothes.

I mean, between the heatwave and our naturally slutty fashion tastes, we would pretty much be coming to work naked if we could . Maude put her foot down yesterday when Cindy came in wearing a wifebeater and no bra. Even I had to agree with her on that one. That shit may be fine for meeting your parole officer, but keeping undercover cops out of our parking lot - that's another story.

One trick I've been getting away with at work is wearing a baggy hoody around The Business, but with only a bra (or nothing) underneath. That way I'm only a quick zip away from a topless option. What can I say, I'm all about work.



geivets said...

Great to have you back, CJ. Funny thing about what you wear to work. The very prude and legal place I go to has the hottest and sluttiest blonde at the front desk. All the massueses are average looking and wearing scrubs. Is that bait and switch? Lol.

Advizor said...

I like the zipper hoodie idea. It's all about ease of use and making the workplace comfortable.

As for moderating blog comments? I think it's a necessary evil sometimes, especially when spammers get involved. Plus, I know your wonderful site attracts it's share of negativity. Keeping out the haters is fair game in my book

Anonymous said...

I like how in stupidville people with a differing opinion about being a whore are classified as "haters". "Like, omg why are you getting so upset about me jerking off people's husbands so I can sit on my ass all day?" You're such a HATER.

Out of a bottle said...

Cant wait for your techno nerd to hit the delete button on the 'haters'comments. Discussion and disagreement is great but I intensely irritated by the moronic behaviour of the people are obviously offended by you/what you do/your blog but keep on coming back to read and comment.

Anonymous said...

Well said, "Out of a bottle". Besides the part where you make no sense, that is.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way if you filter your coments your just a coward that wants to bury her head in te sand. I cant help but think that you would essentialy be living up to the stereotype put forth in this clip

Anonymous said...

Lol Techno nerds will save me.

You're a hore Face the facts

cj said...

Yes, we do bait and switch in this business too! LOL

It's the weird advertisements that bug me the most. Don't know if you saw the russian porno one. And other comments that try to sell stuff I delete immediately.

Does your mom know you use the computer to jerk off to handjob stories?

So that's one vote for using Eric to monitor the comments.

That was just really confusing.

I don't mind if you wanna plug youtube, but would you PLEASE use spell check first?


Anonymous said...

new reader--great that you respond to comments, but I have no idea how to read your comments unless I read each of your posts again. Some blogs have a comment role on the side of the posts that shows the recent comments (by the blog owner and the readers). Can you add this, or give me a hint as to how to find your comment postings? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, a confused "sex worker". First time in history that's happened, I'm quite sure. Btw, how are you planning to explaining to the IRS how you can afford to buy a tanning salon when all the money you've made is off the books?

Seriously though, you've got balls to have allowed these comments to be posted for as long as you have. It's really the one thing I find you worthy of respect for that has something to do with your character and not your tits. They really are some amazing flesh puppies you have there. I'm sure in real life I'd forgive you just about anything when faced with those babies. With a rack like that, who needs fundamental decency?

Novighs said...

Interesting. Being told their comments may soon be moderated, people feel they need to insult CJ and call her every name in the book while they still can...

I guess there's your answer CJ. It's a necessary evil being caused by the people who don't want you to do it so they can try and bash you over the internet.

If CJ's a coward for bringing up moderating her comments, what's a person posting offensive comments anonymously in the first place? A chicken shit?

Just Visiting said...

Moderating is overdue here - because of one guy... the same guy that wants to call CJ a coward, or a whore, or whatever gets his rocks off today.

While we're all very impressed by the moral standards of a guy who constantly attacks the rub-and-tug girl who's blog he can't stay off of, it's time to start moderating those posts. If he can't do it (and obviously he can't), CJ should.

Grown up opinion... I'm sure it'll go over his head :/

DavidB said...

I have no problem with people that may disagree with CJ's choice of employment, or people that agree with it and seek out like establishments in real life.

What I do think is a problem are those people that get in screaming name calling matches, rather than civil discourse either for or against.

I think that if a person who disagreed with CJ was willing to come on here and honestly and coherently debate the pros and cons, in an effort to help CJ "See the error of her ways", then that discussion would be welcomed.

I don't think that CJ only wants "yes" men as her commenters, but its the Trolls that suck.

Ocean Sailor said...

Do you ever have women come in for a massage? Have any ever wanted or hinted at a 'Happy Ending?'

nuff said...

Yes. I agree that open, fair, and at least somewhat respectful discussion and debate shouldn't be discouraged. Otherwise we're just a bunch of people commenting, "great post CJ, nice tits!"

Then again, no one is forcing us to read any of this.

The "you're a stupid lazy home wrecking coward bitch whore" (and that's just in the relatively tame comments from above) are uncalled for though.

By the way - great post CJ, nice tits!

Anonymous said...

Meh, I think if you wank people's hubbies for money you get what's coming to you if people call you a homewrecking skank.

GC85 said...

Moderated comments are fine by me, the only downside is that we can't laugh at anons feebly trying, What are swearing anons actually trying to achieve??

the uk really needs some of your weather!

Want2TryButScared said...

What happens to the customer when there is a crackdown on the business or an AMP etc when a session is going on?

Tigerfan411 said...

Novighs said...


"If CJ's a coward for bringing up moderating her comments, what's a person posting offensive comments anonymously in the first place? A chicken shit?"

Enough with this already. Do you think that because you name yourself "Novighs" that you're not also anonymous... as if "Novighs" obviously identifies you singularly out of the 6 billion+ people on the planet.

Because I choose to call myself "Tigerfan411," I must be from Detroit, right? LOLOLOL!

Btw, CJ, if you moderate comments, you're a coward, plain and simple. Yes, "anonymous" is sometimes annoying - although also sometimes amusing - but, guess what? What he (or she) says is no worse than what hundreds or even thousands of pissed-off wives would say to you if they knew what you were doing. If you want to do the work and then dish about it on the internet, you should be big girl enough to take the flak.

wait2cme said...

Don’t mind the moderator deal everyone hear pretty much know what’s going on. I hate spammers and litterbugs! If someone has an opposing opinion then state what you think in proper way not just going off half cocked.
One think CJ should do is having a mailing list and male some pics out once in a while; alright I had to throw that in! I would like to see the girls unfettered

Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought you were a Tiger Woods fan......

Anonymous said...

I think that DavidB said it best.
I disagree with CJ a lot on here, and I hope that I make people consider the other point of view, but insults are unnecessary.

Otherwise, angry wives? Angry about what? Masseuses like CJ don't grab their men off the street to force sex acts on the poor, weak-willed bastards. Men have to seek her out and come to her. If anyone's to blame, the masseuse or parlor are the last places to look.
Of course, when you don't want to take an honest approach to the problems in your relationship, it's easier to find a scapegoat and vilify the provider - what she's doing is illegal, after all.

Well, thank God for whores. I'm single and not conflicted in the least about giving them my money. What they do is only outlawed because our stuck-up society has its head up its ass and needs to control our sexual energy. The exaggerations about mob, human trafficking, STDs, and lost family values are just scare tactics to keep us out of the parlors. Ironic that CJ repeats some to protect her turf, BTW.

I do think that CJ could be a little more educational and respond to readers like Want2TryButScared. But it's her blog, so if she prefers to talk about her boobs or correct people and call them "breasts" when the whim strikes her, that's her deal.

And BTW, Want2TryButScared, be (a little) scared, brother. I've bumped into cops, pimps, and even a TV camera while trying to get into parlors. I patronized one that had been under police surveillance for months (uh-oh). And was also once approached by a nearby business owner (I was stepping out of my car) advising me that the place had just been raided and closed, and that I should find myself another neighborhood to get jerked off in. =)

Never been caught myself, but from extensive research, customers are usually released. Cops go after owners and providers in that order. But you will be questioned and intimidated, your photo might be taken, and in some extreme cases they'll put your name on a poster stuck on the door of a closed down joint, or even arrest you for soliciting.
Usually the cops will simply scare you into giving away intel on the parlor to make a case against them, however.

So know what you're getting into and keep your eyes open, especially if attached or if you can't afford embarrassement or arrest.
This being said, the risk is fairly low for a smart guy and it's just an awesome hobby that's cheaper than dating. I often say that now that I found where the pros are, I'll never deal with amateurs again. lol
Just don't fall in love with a provider because, as is in evidence here, even when articulate, they're not quite right in the head and some are downright bitchy. Hey, they have a tough job.